Freud And Man S Soul

Author: Bruno Bettelheim
ISBN: 9780140147575
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Plato And Freud Statesmen Of The Soul

Author: Gerard M. Gallucci
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462835331
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Though some might dispute it, Freud -- along with Marx, Darwin and Einstein -- ranks among the intellectual fathers of the 20th century. We all talk about the meaning of our dreams, make "Freudian" slips, appreciate the power of unconscious desires and accept the influence of childhood experiences on adult behavior. Nevertheless, despite his pervasive influence and all the words that have been written about him, the real importance of Freud´s work has been obscured. He asks what may be the most pressing question of the age that we live in: how can we win power in our own soul? As we move through the first years of a new millennium, it sometimes appears that the world has become too large, too complex and more dangerous and inhospitable every day. We seem beset by nightmares: fascism, communism, tribalism, nationalism, racism and the other -isms that have prevented us, as individuals and as societies, from thinking clearly and acting with humanity. We paid dearly for our nightmares in the 20th century and the end is not in sight. We feel increasingly challenged to preserve -- or gain -- a minimum sense of community, security and well being in the midst of the globalized struggle of billions of others to do the same. In this struggle, our political systems -- the governments that oversee our domestic and foreign affairs and the organizations that connect us internationally -- often seem overwhelmed by the effort to stave off ever-threatening crises and disasters of one kind or the other. No place, no one, no system appears immune to difficulty. At a time when the major ideological and systemic competitors to Western liberal-democracy and free-market capitalism have collapsed, neither democracy nor the market appear to offer, by themselves, the answers we need to our many problems. Freud offers a way to understand ourselves that makes clear the need for a revolution within the soul if we are to rid ourselves of the nightmares and gain the capacity to live our lives with reason and humanity. His focus on helping the individual banish the irrational has roots deep in Western civilization in the classic Greek concern with "living the good life." Freud approaches this ultimately practical question from the perspective of one who wishes to help the individual achieve psychic health. Freud does not define health as "happy" or "well-adjusted." Nor is it contingent on physical well being. Health is the capacity to determine, consciously and rationally, one´s own approach to life -- our relationship to the external world around us and to the internal wellsprings of our individual mental and emotional existence. Psychic health is a prerequisite to living the good life, to using what we have at hand -- to the best of our ability -- to complete our existence as human beings. Plato and Freud: Statesmen of the Soul seeks to show how Freud´s work recalls Socrates´ invitation, in the Republic, to establish within ourselves the rule of reason without which we cannot live well and achieve just and well-ordered societies. Plato showed Socrates engaging individuals in dialogue one by one in order to help them understand the need to reorder their souls and subject the disorder within to the control of intellect and reason. Plato´s Socratic dialogues offer a powerful model of political change through changing individuals, soul by soul. For Plato, the nature of the soul was intrinsically a political matter. He sought to put political power into the hands of intellect, and thereby into the hands of those individuals whose souls are justly ordered by intellect. Those thus ordered would be "philosophers" -- which in Greek meant simply "lovers of wisdom." Through the ability of these "philosophers" to perceive the good and, consequently, to act rightly, the state too would be guided by the good. Plato and Freud: Statesmen of the Soul seeks to escape the previous mistranslations and misunderstan

On Losing The Soul

Author: Richard K. Fenn
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791424933
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This book introduces the notion of the soul and explores some of the indications, causes, and consequences for its being missing, especially in discussions of individuality.

Paradise Mislaid

Author: Jeffrey Burton Russell
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195347791
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The Christian concept of heaven flourished for almost two millennia, but it has lost much of its power in the last hundred years. Indeed today even theologians tend to avoid the topic. But heaven has always been a central tenet of the Christian faith, writes Jeffrey Burton Russell. If there is no heaven, no resurrection of the dead, the entire Christian story makes no sense. In this stimulating book, Russell sets out to rehabilitate heaven by forcefully attacking a series of ideas that have made belief in heaven, not to mention belief in God, increasingly difficult for modern people. Russell provides elegant and persuasive refutations of arguments ranging from the idea that science has disproved the existence of the supernatural, to the notion that biblical criticism has emptied the scripture of meaning. Along the way, as Russell looks at the ideas of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, Mark Twain and Alfred Lord Tennyson, Marx and Freud, and a host of others, he sheds light not only on the history of Christian thought, but on the process of secularization in the West. One by one, Russell refutes these anti-religious ideologies, pinpointing the deficiencies of their reasoning. Throughout the book, Russell invites the reader, whatever his or her beliefs, to take the concept of heaven seriously both as a worldview in itself and as one with enormous influence on the world. It is a book that will be welcomed by thinking Christians, who often feel beleaguered by the forces of modernity and sometimes find it hard to defend their own beliefs.

Oxford Handbook Of Palliative Care

Author: Max Watson
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191024384
Size: 19,69 MB
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The Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care covers all aspects of palliative care in a concise and succinct format suited to busy professionals who need to access key information in their daily care of patients. This new edition is revised throughout, with an additional emphasis on the nursing aspects of Palliative Care. The authors have included new sections on international palliative care, self care and liaison palliative care in acute hospitals. There is also extended material on the use of antibiotics, palliative care research and quality of life issues. The second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care continues to be an invaluable resource for all health professionals working with adults, children and families with palliative care needs.

Freud A Life For Our Time

Author: Peter Gay
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393072347
Size: 18,38 MB
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A national bestseller "A magisterial contribution to the history of ideas. A fresh, illuminating perspective on one of the pivotal figures of our time." —J. Anthony Lukas "[This] remarkable biography… briskly traces the story of Freud's life and education, deftly weaving the familiar narrative with a style that makes it seem fresh and lively." —Chicago Tribune

Freud S Moses

Author: Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi
Editor: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300057560
Size: 19,87 MB
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Contends that Freud's "Moses and Monotheism" is a psychoanalytic history of the Jews and Judaism - his attempt to define the meaning of Jewishness under the threat of Nazism. Argues that, for Freud, Christianity, antisemitism, and Gentiles overlapped. While Freud felt a sense of otherness vis-a-vis non-Jews, he courted Gentiles professionally in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to prevent psychoanalysis from being attacked as a "Jewish science." Surveys the antisemitic attitudes of some of Freud's followers. Contends that Freud viewed antisemitism as endemic to Christianity, especially because of its unconscious component.

Eros And Inwardness In Vienna

Author: David S. Luft
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226496474
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Although we usually think of the intellectual legacy of twentieth-century Vienna as synonymous with Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic theories, other prominent writers from Vienna were also radically reconceiving sexuality and gender. In this probing new study, David Luft recovers the work of three such writers: Otto Weininger, Robert Musil, and Heimito von Doderer. His account emphasizes the distinctive intellectual world of liberal Vienna, especially the impact of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche in this highly scientific intellectual world. According to Luft, Otto Weininger viewed human beings as bisexual and applied this theme to issues of creativity and morality. Robert Musil developed a creative ethics that was closely related to his open, flexible view of sexuality and gender. And Heimito von Doderer portrayed his own sexual obsessions as a way of understanding the power of total ideologies, including his own attraction to National Socialism. For Luft, the significance of these three writers lies in their understandings of eros and inwardness and in the roles that both play in ethical experience and the formation of meaningful relations to the world-a process that continues to engage artists, writers, and thinkers today. Eros and Inwardness in Vienna will profoundly reshape our understanding of Vienna's intellectual history. It will be important for anyone interested in Austrian or German history, literature, or philosophy.

Back To Freud S Texts

Author: Ilse Grubrich-Simitis
Editor: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300066319
Size: 11,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book blazes a trail in Freud research. Ilse Grubrich-Simitis, a prominent authority on Freud, examines and deciphers Freud's original manuscripts--which had remained disregarded for decades. From these she analyzes Freud's method of working and points out what the writings reveal of his psychological states, the events in his life, and the development of his thinking over time. The book is at once a study of Freud's creativity as a scientist and writer, an important reference on the texts themselves, and a commentary on previously unexplored aspects of Freud's life and work. Examining many hitherto unknown texts, Grubrich-Simitis provides a fresh and authentic picture of the discoverer of the unconscious at work: observing, listening to his patients, gathering the raw material for his oeuvre, fantasizing, drawing conclusions, drafting, rewriting, and correcting. She refutes the legend of the facility of Freud's production, for the notes, drafts, fair copies, and variants she identifies bear witness to the fact that almost every work actually came into being by a process of consuming hard labor. Grubrich-Simitis's analysis of Freud's manuscripts is flanked by two shorter sections on Freud's printed texts: in one she recounts the history of the editions from the beginnings in Vienna to the present day, and in the other she offers a detailed plan for a new historical-critical edition of his works.

The Spiritual Dimension Of The Enneagram

Author: Sandra Maitri
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101562684
Size: 14,35 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A groundbreaking exploration of the spiritual dimension of working with the enneagram by one of its earliest students and teachers in America. Here is one of the first books to explore in an authentic and comprehensive way the original spiritual dimension of the enneagram. Among the most knowledgeable teachers of the enneagram in America, Sandra Maitri shows how the enneagram not only reveals our personalities, but illuminates a basic essence within each of us. She shows how traversing the inner territory particular to our ennea-type can bring us profound fulfillment and meaning, as well as authentic spiritual development.