From A Log Cabin To The Stars

Author: Ronald Olsen
ISBN: 9780595452286
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During his three terms as State's Attorney Dr. Olsen prosecuted many criminals, and he was elected president of the State's Attorney's Association. He was later elected president of the Alabama Federal Bar Association, President of the Arizona Federal Bar Association, and national secretary of the Association of Federal Investigators. As Attorney-Advisor General with the U. S. Air Force Dr. Olsen was named the Civil Servant of the Year at Ellsworth AFB. He was instrumental in closing a road that ran through a nuclear warhead storage area so civilians would be unable to access it. The north half of Ellsworth AFB is located in Mead County. One of the Missile Control centers is located next to his grandfather's ranch where Dr. Olsen was born in the log cabin. Dr. Olsen invited the Mead County Commissioners to meet at the Officers Club on the base. In turn, Dr. Olsen, General Neeley, the Aerospace Division Commander, Col. Cordingly, the Staff Judge Advocate, and Col. Petrul, the Base Commander were invited to a steak fry at a cabin in the woods owned by the State Senator from Mead County. After the Shuttle Challenger explosion, Dr. Olsen reviewed the contract for the Solid Rocket Booster, and found that the contract specifications for the "O" rings required that they perform normally at temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero. It therefore appears that either the "O" rings were not manufactured in accordance with the contract specifications, or there was sabotage. While conducting and supervising investigations at the Johnson Space Center, Dr. Olsen was involved in a shooting at his motel. There were no injuries, but Dr. Olsen's rental car had 3 or 4 bullet holes. Just before the start of a Federal criminal trial of a lady accused of stealing gold salvaged from surplus rocket engines, a key witness was found murdered. The U. S. Attorney refused to get involved, saying that murder was a state offense. Dr. Olsen could not convince him that he could charge her with tampering with a federal witness.

Beyond The Stars Themes And Ideologies In American Popular Film

Author: Paul Loukides
Editor: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879727017
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The essays in Beyond the Stars 5 examine a small but important sample of the conventional themes and ideologies treated in popular film. Among the topics covered are family, social class, gender roles, politics, warfare, hedonism, and the 1960s.

The American Flag An Encyclopedia Of The Stars And Stripes In U S History Culture And Law

Author: John R. Vile
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 144085789X
Size: 18,26 MB
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At a time when the U.S. flag is both a source of both pride and controversy, this volume provides the first encyclopedic A-to-Z treatment of the U.S. flag in American history, culture, and law. • Offers the only encyclopedic A-to-Z treatment of the U.S. flag • Features essays on important flag-related topics by leading historians • Includes a timeline, a bibliography, and an index for ease of reference • Provides cross references and resources for further research in each entry

Oh My Stars

Author: Kenneth Carlson
ISBN: 055728757X
Size: 11,44 MB
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The biographies of Gunnar and May Carlson, a couple from Moline, Illinois whose wedding included Ronald Reagan, who lived through the Depression, served in World War II through Vietnam and became a general and his lady.

Star Lore Of All Ages

Author: William Tyler Olcott
Editor: Health Research Books
ISBN: 9780787310967
Size: 10,23 MB
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1911 a Collection of Myths, Legends, and Facts Concerning the Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere - with 50 text illustrations & 64 full page illustrations. Contains an extensive bibliography and appendix, index to constellations.

From Log Cabin To The Pulpit

Author: William H. Robinson
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The Log Of A Snow Survey

Author: Patrick Armstrong
Editor: Abbott Press
ISBN: 145821799X
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Snow surveyors throughout the world get to see what most of us only dream about: stunning terrain, birdlife and animals rarely seen in lower elevations, and stars that seem close enough to grab. Patrick Armstrong reveals the little-known world of a snow surveyor in this fascinating account, transporting readers into the remote winter world of the Sierra Nevada in California. High in the mountains, Armstrong and his companions must cross twelve-thousand-foot passes and dig through snow to gain entrance to rock or log cabins for shelter at night. Traveling on skis, they often traverse more than a hundred miles each month during the winter and in the process climb and descend twenty or thirty thousand feet. This account also provides important and practical information on topics such as safe winter travel on skis, avalanche prediction and avoidance, cabin life, cooking on and maintaining wood-burning stoves, wildlife, and birdlife. Whether you’re involved in snow surveying and snowmelt water management or you’re just someone who enjoys the winter, wilderness, and the mountains, prepare yourself to enter a beautiful and remarkable winter world that has its dangers and sublime beauties.

From Log Cabin To The White House

Author: William Makepeace Thayer
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Songs From The Stars

Author: Norman Spinrad
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575117249
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He was Clear Blue Lou, perfect master of the Clear Blue Way, at one with the law of muscle, sun, wind and water governing Aquaria. She was Sunshine Sue, always in a hurry in a world that was too slow, Queen of Word of Mouth. Their meeting had been arranged - but by whom? and why? Beyond the beginning of where the world ended, beyond the highest peaks of its primeval majesty, lay a radio active hell and the lairs of the black sorcerers, the Spacers. The black scientists had not forgotten man's old dream of touching the stars: they wanted the Age of Space reborn. But they needed a little help.

Knowledge From The Stars

Author: Wesley H. Bateman
Editor: Light Technology Publishing
ISBN: 1622335635
Size: 13,55 MB
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The author of Dragons and Chariots and the four Ra Books shares his thirty-year adventure as a Federation telepath, and the wisdom brought to Earth through his telepathic connections.