Generative Scribing

Author: Arawana Hayashi
Editor: Pi Press
ISBN: 9780999717981
Size: 20,61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 346

The Cards are a Social Presencing Theater reflection tool, that offers a methodology to increase careful observation of experience and to employ a pattern language for reflecting on shifts in the social field from ego orientation to ecosystem creativity. The Cards advance the understanding of a unique social technology. It was written, and is being distributed, within educational contexts.

Generative Scribing

Author: Kelvy Bird
Editor: Pi Press
ISBN: 9780999717998
Size: 17,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 510

Today¿s great challenges call us to (re)arrange our interior dimensions to more adequately meet current, outer realities. Working from the inside out, by unpacking her own professional experience over thirty years, Kelvy Bird serves up generative scribing as one practice to aid with this larger cultural and personal transition.Scribing is a visual practice where an artist maps out ideas while people talk and can see the drawing unfold in front of their eyes. The drawing establishes connections within content, aids with insight, and supports decision-making. It¿s essentially a language that weaves words and pictures to facilitate group learning and cultural memory.¿Generative scribing¿ advances this practice by extending the range of the practitioner to an entire ecosystem and drawing with an attunement to energy. A generative scribe calls particular attention to an emerging reality that is brought to life by, and for, the social field in which it¿s created. This book is aimed at current and future scribes, with an aim to expand the possibility and impact of their efforts. It is for a broader audience, too, for those whose ¿pens¿ take shape as kitchen utensils, gardening rakes, community leagues, city planning, national policy-making¿you name it. This is a book for anyone who cares about how we exist together as human beings, for anyone who wants to explore their interior functioning, for anyone who seeks to approach the world anew.

Visual Collaboration

Author: Ole Qvist-Sorensen
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119611040
Size: 12,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 104

Have you ever felt stuck with methods, tools and skills that do not match the increasing complexity you are part of? Would you like to work in new ways that strengthen thinking, communication and collaboration? Visual Collaboration introduces a new and innovative way of working and collaborating that will help you successfully manage complexity for yourself, your team, and your entire organization. The method of this book unlocks any teams ability to collaborate in complex projects and processes. By using a systematic and proven approach to drawing and visualizing. Visual Collaboration is a unique visual business book that will enable you to develop visual languages to fit any scenario, create engaging and powerful questions to assist your visual process design and turn a white canvas into a visual template that can improve any meeting, project, or process. The core of the book - a practical and easy-to-follow method - THE FIVE BUILDING BLOCKS will most likely become your preferred way of working. The method is supported by plentiful examples, 4-color drawing, chapter summaries, and clearly defined learning objectives. Enjoyable and powerful, this book will help you: Use visualization as a tool to explore opportunities and challenges Translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand actions Engage employees and team members with effective strategic processes Incorporate drawing into your strategic organizational toolbox to strengthen communication and collaboration Develop and apply powerful visual literacy skills The authors, internationally-recognized experts in strategy communication and visual facilitation, have helped incorporate visual collaboration into more than 500 organizations such as LEGO, IKEA, the Red Cross, the United Nations, and many others. This book is the must-have resource for you to follow their example.

Arts Based Pathways Into Thinking

Author: Michael Crowhurst
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030375072
Size: 15,12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 635

This book, based on a critical/collective/auto/ethnographic research project, describes an assemblage of theoretically informed, arts-based methods that aim to promote multiplicity and thinking. It explores multiplicities of knowing, sensing, doing and being, generated by analyzing knowing frames, poetry, reading aloud, fableing, playwriting and other inventive, playful and scholarly ways of working with experiences and stories. By offering engaging and inspiring strategies that can disturb standardizations and interrupt cultural normativities, the book sheds light on the conditions that might be present in cultural contexts that enable diversity and creativity. The research project on which this book is based originated from a contradictory set of conditions characterized on the one hand by a marked interest in creative research methods and novel knowledge practices and, on the other hand, by a widespread concern that we live in increasingly standardized times, featuring systems that specify objectives ahead of time, demand compliance and narrow the possibilities for human action. The book takes readers on an arts-based journey designed to enhance the opportunities for imaginative and ethical professional practice in education, human services and the arts.

Visual Consulting

Author: David Sibbet
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119375347
Size: 14,74 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 849

Visualization—in your own imagination, on the wall, and with media—supports any consultant who is learning to design and facilitate transformational change, leadership development, stakeholder involvement processes, and making sense of complex challenges. This book, from leaders in the field, shows you how. Building on Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting, it explains how to visually contract and scope work, gather data, provide feedback, plan interventions, implement, and support on-going sustainability in organizational and community settings. Unlike Block’s work, Visual Consulting addresses the challenging problems of guiding organizational and social change processes that involve multiple levels and types of stakeholders, with interests in both local and global environments. It demonstrates how visualization and design thinking can be used to get more creative and productive results that are “owned” by everyone. The practices described apply to organizational as well as diverse, cross-boundary consulting projects. In this book, you will. . . Learn powerful visual tools for all key stages of the consulting process, including marketing your services Understand the predictable challenges of change and how to successfully guide organizations and communities through them Learn how to collaborate with clients to get sustainable results Find tools for using visualization comprehensively, for both inner and outer work Successfully guide change in both organizations and communities The fourth installment in the Visual Facilitation series, this book teaches you how to activate the full range of visual tools, methods, and models to support stepping into successful, contemporary consulting relationships.

The Essentials Of Theory U

Author: C. Otto Scharmer
Editor: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1523094419
Size: 17,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 271

Creating a Better Future This book offers a concise, accessible guide to the key concepts and applications in Otto Scharmer's classic Theory U. Scharmer argues that our capacity to pay attention coshapes the world. What prevents us from attending to situations more effectively is that we aren't fully aware of that interior condition from which our attention and actions originate. Scharmer calls this lack of awareness our blind spot. He illuminates the blind spot in leadership today and offers hands-on methods to help change makers overcome it through the process, principles, and practices of Theory U. And he outlines a framework for updating the “operating systems” of our educational institutions, our economies, and our democracies. This book enables leaders and organizations in all industries and sectors to shift awareness, connect with the highest future possibilities, and strengthen the capacity to co-shape the future.

De Scribing Elections

Author: Myrna J. Alejo
Size: 13,27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 750