Growing Up Gracefully 4

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Growing Up Gracefully

Author: Gratian Vaz
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Aging Gracefully With Dignity Integrity Spunk Intact Aging Defiantly Including Ten Tips To Keep People Off Your Back

Author: Norma Roth
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The "Golden Rule" not withstanding the catastrophe of 9-11, the world has been thrown into chaos. Here, upon the shores of U.S. America, have the people experienced the certain effects of this chaos: *Constitutional Rights curtailed *Religious Freedom maligned *Economic instability realized *Overall Health Care eroded *Public Education jeopardized Mr. Jackson's follows the footprint of his earlier work, takes a close up look at the weavings leading up to the present condition experienced in the world. It presents this close-up expose through a blend of poetry and frank discourse. Its unique viewpoint is set around the concerns of U.S America's Black population and the American Dream. Presently, the prevailing spirit has made it difficult for the Spirit of Truth to reside, to intercede. We award accolades and we garner congratulatory wreaths where might we should urge patience and exercise humility. Thus, have we slid into an era of

Suzy S Case

Author: Andy Siegel
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This wild ride of a debut thriller is packed with insider details that reveal the fascinating world of a New York lawyer who’ll stop at nothing to secure justice. Introducing Tug Wyler, a dogged and irreverent New York City personal injury and medical malpractice attorney. He is as at home on the streets as he is in the courtroom, and larger than life in both places. Once you’ve met him, you won’t ever forget him. When Henry Benson, a high-profile criminal lawyer known for his unsavory clients, recruits Tug to take over a long-pending multimillion-dollar lawsuit representing a tragically brain-damaged child, his instructions are clear: get us out of it; there is no case. Yet the moment Tug meets the disabled but gallant little Suzy Williams and June, her beautiful, resourceful mother, all bets are off. With an offbeat, self-mocking style, Tug Wyler’s a far cry from your ordinary lawyer. Unswerving in his dedication to his mostly disadvantaged clients, he understands only too well how badly they need him with the system stacked against them. Tug is honest about his own shortcomings, many of them of the profoundly politically incorrect variety, and his personal catchphrase, handy in all situations, is “At least I admit it.” When his passionate commitment to Suzy’s case thrusts him into a surreal, often violent sideshow, the ensuing danger only sharpens his obsession with learning what really happened to Suzy. Blending razor-sharp intuition, intellectual toughness, and endlessly creative legal brinkmanship, Tug determinedly works his way through a maze of well-kept secrets—encountering a cast of memorably eccentric characters along the way—to get to the truth. Among the many fresh-to-the-genre pleasures of Suzy’s Case is its eye-opening portrait of the brutally tough world of medical malpractice law in New York City, an aggressive, very-big-bucks, winner-takes-all game in which lawyers relentlessly cut corners, deals—and throats. With Andy Siegel as the expert guide to his daily home turf, that largely unseen medicolegal universe, where life—and death—always have a price, you’ll experience its addictive, risk-taking reality. The result is a stunning debut as gripping as it is unexpected, as rollicking as it is compassionate, revealing Andy Siegel to be a bright new voice of remarkable energy, wit, and style.

Surviving Energy Prices

Author: Peter C. Beutel
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Swift fluctuations in the energy markets often have a brutal effect on the company bottom line. In his concise and comprehensive book, hedging guru Peter C. Beutel gives readers the tools they need to play the energy price volatility game and win.

Gender Inclusive Treatment Of Intimate Partner Abuse

Author: John Hamel, LCSW
Editor: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826197368
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This breakthrough handbook for mental health professionals and educators offers practical, hands-on information for conducting assessments and providing treatments that take the entire family system into account. Rich with research that shows women are abusive within relationships at rates comparable to men, the book eschews the field's reliance on traditional domestic violence theory and treatment, which favors violence interventions for men and victim services for women and ignores the dynamics of the majority of violent relationships. Thus, the author identifies and measures protocols that help practitioners make accurate assessments for both men and women and then carefully selects the treatment modality and curricula for group, couples, and/or individual work that will help clients break their particular cycle of violence while ensuring victim safety.

The Daisy Chain

Author: Muril Hart
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The Daisy Chain is a three-part book.Part one is the story of Daisy Petty McIntyre, a courageous mother of four children. Widowed in 1912 in her early 30s, she was forced by circumstances to leave her cozy home in the Ozark Hills of Northwestern Arkansas, where she was surrounded by family and friends to wrest out a living in a large city where she knew few people.She soon learned that the many skills that served her well in the Ozarks had little financial value in earning a living for herself and her children in Kansas City. Daisy faced hardships and destitution, but she did it with great heart and fortitude, never letting her children see the fears and desolation she felt on an almost daily basis. Part two is the author's experiences growing up in the Great Depression years. Part three is a family genealogy.

Broadcast Announcing Worktext

Author: Alan Stephenson
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Morality One

Author: James West
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IRAQ´s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction contained one that would wipe out hundreds of thousands if only they could find the right dekivery vechicle. The author takes the reader through firefights, breaking codes and a romance which produces sparks. France, Algeria, and Iraq are the settings for this exciting spy thriller. The ending will surprise you and maybe leave you questioning your own safety for some time.

Buttermilk Bottom

Author: H. Victoria Hargro Atkerson
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Buttermilk Bottom was a real place. It existed for many years in the shadows of Atlantas business district and was considered a festering eyesore. Many generations of black families lived there in almost total seclusion because of it geographic location, which was a sunken community riddled with poverty, crime, rodents, and economic depression that was legally imposed by the separate but unequal Jim Crow laws that devastated the lives of thousands of black families throughout the South. This is a fi ctionalized account of the people who lived in The Bottom and their lifestyle during the 50s and the early 60s. Buttermilk Bottom had a notorious reputation because of its delapadated wooden framed apartment houses, high crime rate, extreme poverty, and its isolation from the rest of the city. The reader will glimpse the living conditions, the mindset of the people, and the political atmosphere that devastated their lives on a daily bases. You will meet and be charmed by the handsome, dangerous ex-con Cameron Fielding, the local number writer. The smart and very attractive school principal, Grace, Camerons long-time sweetheart is helplessly trapped in her passion for Cameron despite the pressures of her peers and her professional life. You will be amused by the intelligent and funny storyteller, Cripple Jake. The forbidding Voodoo Priestess will makes you wonder, while her beautiful daughter, Jazmine, will captivate you. The popular and well-endowed Queenie, the madame and co-owner of the local juke joint is unforgetable, along with Lucille, who you will remember and laugh about for a lifetime. In Buttermilk Bottom soul food never tasted so good, the blues never sounded so low down, and the intimacy in love relationships of the characters will sizzle in your dreams long after you put this remarkable story down and re-read for years to come. Buttermilk Bottom is a pictorial in words and the storytelling is brilliant.

Lost And Found

Author: Mary Lou Quinn
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Margaret Mary Murphy was running away from herself again. She didn’t realize she had embarked on a dangerous journey of discovery that would start and end in a quaint little village nestled on the coast of Maine. Margaret had just buried her father, the last of her family ties, and needed to escape her life and memories, although memories of her father’s comments drew her to Mundy. It was a small village with a long memory of its own. In small towns, everyone is tied to everyone else by blood, marriage, or friendship, and Mundy was no exception. It held more secrets than serenity for Margaret, and it was a place where the past shielded the shenanigans and illegalities of the present. It would prove to be a volatile and lethal sea of deception to which Margaret had escaped to.


Author: Joan Bauer
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Imagine having a personal cupid--an actual winged being--pop into your life and offer to make your dreams come true. The catch is he can help you in only one way: artistically, academically, or romantically. That's what happens to aspiring photographer Allison Jean (A. J.) McCreary. A. J. knows she should concentrate on getting into a top-notch art school. But she's spent five torturous months obsessed with handsome hunk, Peter Terris. Just one shot from the cupid's bow and thownk, A. J. will have the undying devotion of handsome Peter...forever.

Hands On Internet

Author: David Sachs
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Provides online tutorials that demonstrate how to use the Internet to send e-mail, participate in mailing lists and newsgroups, and access files on computers around the world

The Spirit Of Getting Organized

Author: Pamela Kristan
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Discover how transforming your space can also transform your soul, with this unique guide from a longtime professional organizer. Most people think getting organized is simply about sorting papers or using file folders. But after years in the field of professional organizing, Pamela Kristan has learned that organizing is a doorway, an opportunity to find personal power and meaning. Organizing is an intimate encounter with life’s everyday details that has the power to engage us profoundly with our soul, with our world, and even with the grand patterns of Nature. Rather than being a mundane chore that pulls us away from spiritual work, organizing can draw us into the cosmos. The Spirit of Getting Organized is a different kind of guide—helping us develop order both internally and externally, and revealing how you can transform a dreadful chore like cleaning out your closet into an opportunity for an intimate encounter with your true self.

The Personal Organizing Workbook

Author: Meryl Starr
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Thanks to Meryl Starr—author of the best-selling Home Organizing Workbook and go-to gal for Real Simple, InStyle, and a host of premier media outlets—organizing those buried desks, overstuffed handbags, and mysterious-yet-important papers wedged in the glove box is only a book away. The Personal Organizing Workbook teaches the fundamentals of managing time and clutter, offering tips, quizzes, and checklists to help create a personalized organization system that will really see some use (unlike that pricey PDA now gathering dust). It also outlines skills for sticky situations such as declining a post on the PTA or being honest with a time-hogging friend. Under Meryl's guidance, dreams and priorities finally get their due, old friends are seen more than once a year, and Christmas cards beat Santa to the door. And because being organized means staying organized, there's a special section dedicated to getting back on track. Packed with information and brimming with gorgeous photography, The Personal Organizing Workbook will inspire readers to take control of their time, their stuff, and their lives.

Advertising And Selling

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Chiefs A Novel 25th Anniversary Edition

Author: Stuart Woods
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393063534
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The Edgar Award-winning mystery that launched the career of bestselling novelist Stuart Woods. In the bitter winter of 1920, the first body is found in Delano, Georgia; the naked corpse of an unidentified teenager. There is no direct evidence of murder, but the body bears marks of what seems to be a ritual beating. The investigation falls to Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer newly appointed as Delano's first chief of police. Lee's obsession with the crime begins a story that weaves through the decades, following the life of a small southern town and the role of three police chiefs in unraveling the crime. Chiefs is the best kind of thriller, where the investigation plays out against the drama beneath the surface of a seemingly placid community, seething with the pressures of race, love, hate, and; always; political power, extending from the town fathers all the way to Washington, DC. Includes a new foreword by the author on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its publication.

Almost Famous Women

Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476786577
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From a prizewinning, beloved young author, a provocative collection that explores the lives of colorful, intrepid women in history. “These stories linger in one’s memory long after reading them” (Star Tribune, Minneapolis). The fascinating characters in Megan Mayhew Bergman’s “collection of stories as beautiful and strange as the women who inspired them” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) are defined by their creative impulses, fierce independence, and sometimes reckless decisions. In “The Siege at Whale Cay,” cross-dressing Standard Oil heiress Joe Carstairs seduces Marlene Dietrich. In “A High-Grade Bitch Sits Down for Lunch,” aviator and writer Beryl Markham lives alone in Nairobi and engages in a battle of wills with a stallion. In “Hell-Diving Women,” the first integrated, all-girl swing band sparks a violent reaction in North Carolina. Other heroines, born in proximity to the spotlight, struggle to distinguish themselves: Lord Byron’s illegitimate daughter, Allegra; Oscar Wilde’s wild niece, Dolly; Edna St. Vincent Millay’s talented sister, Norma; James Joyce’s daughter, Lucia. Almost Famous Women offers an elegant and intimate look at artists who desired recognition. “By assiduously depicting their intimacy and power struggles, Bergman allows for a close examination of the multiplicity of women’s experiences” (The New York Times Book Review). The world wasn’t always kind to the women who star in these stories, but through Mayhew Bergman’s stunning imagination, they receive the attention they deserve. Almost Famous Women is “addictive and tantalizing, each story whetting our appetite for more” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Hiv Mental Health For The 21st Century

Author: Mark G. Winiarski
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814793126
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Outstanding Academic Title from 2011 by Choice Magazine While newly arrived immigrants are often the focus of public concern and debate, many Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans have resided in the United States for generations. Latinos are the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and their racial identities change with each generation. While the attainment of education and middle class occupations signals a decline in cultural attachment for some, socioeconomic mobility is not a cultural death-knell, as others are highly ethnically identified. There are a variety of ways that middle class Mexican Americans relate to their ethnic heritage, and racialization despite assimilation among a segment of the second and third generations reveals the continuing role of race even among the U.S.-born. Mexican Americans Across Generations investigates racial identity and assimilation in three-generation Mexican American families living in California. Through rich interviews with three generations of middle class Mexican American families, Vasquez focuses on the family as a key site for racial and gender identity formation, knowledge transmission, and incorporation processes, exploring how the racial identities of Mexican Americans both change and persist generationally in families. She illustrates how gender, physical appearance, parental teaching, historical era and discrimination influence Mexican Americans’ racial identity and incorporation patterns, ultimately arguing that neither racial identity nor assimilation are straightforward progressions but, instead, develop unevenly and are influenced by family, society, and historical social movements.