Government Gazette Of The State Of New South Wales

Author: New South Wales
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The Treaty Making Power In The Commonwealth Of Australia

Author: Günther Doeker
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9401195609
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In the relation of states, treaties are a matter of great importance. The law of treaties and the study of treaty-making procedures in municipal law systems have become both from a theoretical and practical point of view, subjects of increasing interest. The United Nations Legal Committee as well as the International Law Commission have published studies concerned with the relationship of international law and municipal law, emphasizing national practices concerning the conclusion of treaties. In the case of some countries, such as Great Britain and the United States, numerous studies of treaty making problems have been made, but much less has been published in the case of many other countries such as Australia, Canada or India. In the case of Australia, research on treaty-making has resulted in comparatively few published articles in scholarly and legal journals and only a few comments in general legal treatises. But no comprehen sive legal analysis of the subject has as yet appeared. This study aims to present a comprehensive survey and analysis of actual treaty making procedures and practices in Australia against the setting of the relevant constitutional and other legal norms of the Australian political system. The analysis of treaty-making will consider both normative and empirical legal aspects. Basic constitutional norms, legal principles derived from common and constitutional law and statutes will be discussed, as well as the actual practices and procedures used in the exercise of the treaty-making power.

The Agricultural Gazette Of New South Wales

Author: New South Wales. Department of Agriculture
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The Impact Of Digital Technology On Contemporary And Historic Newspapers

Author: Hartmut Walravens
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3598441266
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The papers brought together in this highly actual book are grouped around three themes. Not only the physical and digital preservation of newspapers are treated, but also the service and access models that are currently under development; examples are provided, with a focus on Southeast Asia. Moreover the dynamism of online newspapers is discussed. This volume contains cutting-edge information which is indispensable for the modern newspaper librarian. Also researchers, educators and journalists may benefit from the introduction to current aspects of the important medium.

The Treaty Of Waitangi

Author: T. Lindsay Buick
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108039960
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This 1914 work, reissued in its second edition (1933), examines how New Zealand joined the British Empire in 1840.

First Vintage

Author: Julie McIntyre
Editor: UNSW Press
ISBN: 1742241247
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First Vintage explores the forgotten history of the early Australian wine industry. Few people know that vine cuttings were brought to Australia on the First Fleet and planted in Governor Arthur Phillip’s garden at Circular Quay, or that botanist and champion of colonial development Joseph Banks encouraged plans to create a wine industry from the earliest years of the colony. Before the assisted migration of German vinedressers in the 1830s, any convict or free settler with a hint of vine growing or wine making expertise was quickly drafted to the cause. First Vintage reveals the people who dreamed of making Australia a wine-drinking country, including influential colonists Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson, Richard Windeyer, John Macarthur and Thomas Mitchell, who all had vineyards. It shows the challenges of choosing vine stock, the battles to protect against pests and diseases, and the innovation of new technologies which assisted small scale growers, many in wine regions which vanished from the landscape and memory for much of the twentieth century.

Curious Minds

Author: Peter Macinnis
Editor: National Library Australia
ISBN: 0642277540
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Curious Minds: The Discoveries of Australian Naturalists looks at the long line of naturalists who have traversed Australia in search of new plants and animals. Identifying and classifying the unfamiliar plants and animals was their biggest challenge - the early ones were frequently wrong but later naturalists were able to build on and learn from previous mistakes. In time, a new breed of homegrown naturalists emerged. This succession of curious minds would help to foster pride in a developing nation, as well an interest in the preservation of natural history. Curious Minds brings to life the stories of the naturalists and settlers who made the unfamiliar familiar and who contributed to developments in natural science. Among the names are Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin, Amalie Dietrich, Ludwig Leichhardt, Ferdinand von Mueller, Ellis Rowan, John Lewin and John and Elizabeth Gould. Beautifully illustrated with images from the collection of the National Library of Australia, the publication is a loving tribute to the courageous and inquisitive men and women who led by example.

Galignani S Repertory Or Literary Gazette And Journal Of The Belles Lettres

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Description Of The Colony Of New South Wales

Author: W. C. WENT WORTH
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Settler Self Government 1840 1900

Author: David Kenneth Fieldhouse
Editor: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313273261
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This volume focuses on the primary developments in the British empire's settlement colonies in the years leading up to the 20th century, and examines the changing relationship between British authority and colonial autonomy. In illustrating the larger theme of self-government, Madden provides sections on the British viewpoint of imperialism and self-government, the development of self-government in specific colonies, the extension of self-government beyond internal affairs, and the eventual federal governments and contiguous groupings of colonies.