Growth Of The International Economy 1820 2015

Author: Michael Graff
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135010641
Size: 19,17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kenwood and Lougheed’s classic book has been the benchmark introduction to the development of the global economy for decades. For this fifth edition, Michael Graff has brought the story up to date to include events from the early part of the twenty first century – continued globalization, the emergence of Asia as an economic power and the greater role played by business on the international scene. Beginning with the industrial revolution, the book charts the long nineteenth century, the impact of colonialism, the fast pace of technology growth and the impact of global wars. New features to this edition include: a prologue explaining the initial conditions faced by the world economy in 1820, detailing the beginnings of international trade and the influence of slavery greater coverage of developing countries increased coverage of World Wars I and II and of the twentieth century a number of appendices outlining the economic concepts and theories underlying the text This new edition of Growth of the International Economy provides the reader with a clear understanding of the factors which have been instrumental in creating the economic environment we face two hundred years after the industrial revolution.

State Of The World 2001

Author: The Worldwatch Institute
Editor: Island Press
ISBN: 1610916387
Size: 17,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the thinning of the Arctic sea ice to the invasion of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, State of the World 2001 shows how the economic boom of the last decade has damaged natural systems. The increasingly visible evidence of environmental deterioration is only the tip of a much more dangerous problem: the growing inequities in wealth and income between countries and within countries, inequities that will generate enormous social unrest and pressure for change.

Journal Of Economic Literature

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How It All Began Routledge Revivals

Author: W. W. Rostow
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317805623
Size: 15,65 MB
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First published in 1975, this book traces the origins of our modern economy, showing the routes by which nations have either achieved wealth or have been impoverished. W. W. Rostow brings together issues of public policy, international trade and the world of science and technology, arguing that conventional economic thought has failed to relate scientific innovation to the economic process. Chapters consider the politics of modernization, the Commercial Revolution and the development of the world economy between 1783 and 1820.

The Analysis Of Economic Environment

Author: María Teresa Freire Rubio
Editor: ESIC Editorial
ISBN: 841791417X
Size: 20,72 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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When analysing the economic environment, whatever our field of study is, the approach should be directed to the understanding of the framework in which our activities are taking place, and therefore, knowing to what extent the issues such as the economic situation of the country, the functioning of the markets or the value of the CPI influence decision-making within the company. We will begin with the most detailed analysis of the economy, that is, the microeconomic analysis, in order to see how the markets of goods and services work, where the individual decisions of buyers and producers take place and how both reach an agreement based on the price mechanism. Once the criteria for individual economic decisions have been defined, we will move on to describe how the main economic problems are measured at an aggregated level, that is, at the macroeconomic level, to see how to calculate the inflation rate; the unemployment rate and the growth rate of an economy. Next, we will carry out an economic analysis with direct references to the case of Spain to see how the country achieves economic growth and establishes production factors, economic sectors and institutional aspects determining economic growth. Finally, and within the framework of current globalization and increasing internationalization of economic relations, we will review the main issues and problems of the current international economy. To start with the analysis of economic decision-making, we will begin by raising some basic questions in order to understand the economic reasoning and will propose the definition of “economics”, which will serve as the starting point for the analysis of the economic environment.

International Business Strategy

Author: Peter J Buckley
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317906640
Size: 18,83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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With stagnated demand in many home economies, the need to internationalize and exploit foreign market opportunities has never been more paramount for businesses to succeed at a global level. However, this process raises a number of questions, such as: can firms use their knowledge of one market in the next? Can firms pursue internationalization on several fronts at the same time? How should firms handle cultural and institutional differences between markets? This textbook provides students with the core research in international business and strategy, including organization, efficiency, external relationships and the challenges found in an increasingly multicultural world. Each part begins with a presentation of the issues and controversies faced in that particular area, followed by a synthesis of the research which provides avenues for future research. To facilitate and encourage further debate and learning, each part also includes at least one original case study. Compiled by two of the World's leading scholars of international business, and supplemented with critical commentaries and a range of integrative case studies, this comprehensive textbook provides advanced students of international business and strategy with a resource that will be invaluable in their studies and beyond.

An Economic History Of The United States

Author: Mark V. Siegler
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137393963
Size: 10,93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An Economic History of the United States presents an engaging way of studying this fascinating field. Mark V. Siegler takes a thematic approach, and provides both the theoretical foundations and historical background needed to gain an in-depth understanding of the history of important economic issues in the U.S. Every chapter examines a specific topic, and the chapters are linked to each other to provide an overall view. The chronological approach is represented with a useful timeline as an appendix to show where the specific topics fi t in the chronology. Chapter topics include: long-run causes of economic growth; economic history of income and wealth inequality; slavery, segregation, and discrimination; immigration and immigration policies; and an economic history of recessions and depressions. The book: integrates classic and recent scholarship emphasizes international and comparative elements that link current economic issues in the U.S. to the longer history applies the tools of economics throughout includes helpful features, such as Economic History in Action boxes and end-of-chapter questions.

North And South In The World Political Economy

Author: Rafael Reuveny
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444302949
Size: 14,17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A broad yet distinctive analysis of the growing political, economic, and social gap existing between the world’s northern and southern hemispheres. Featuring papers selected by the ISA President from the 2006 annual meeting, this upper-level volume examines the genesis of the North-South divide, the ongoing policy problems between developed and lesser developed states, and how these issues influence current and future world politics. An upper-level text ideal for academic libraries, think tanks, and libraries of policy institutions Organized into three distinct focus clusters: Problems afflicting the global South -- trade, development, financial crises, structural adjustment, democratization, human rights, disease; Specific conflicts between North and South -- energy, terrorism, weak states, nuclear weapon proliferation; Solutions to reduce the North-South gap -- foreign aid programs, global media, democratization, political power in the United Nations, the emerging powers phenomenon, transnational social movements, and Northern foreign policy adjustments Tackles the tough questions likely to dominate international relations discourse for decades to come

Selling Textiles In The Long Eighteenth Century

Author: J. Stobart
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 113729521X
Size: 15,23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Textiles are a key component of the industrial and consumer revolutions, yet we lack a coherent picture of how the marketing of textiles varied across the long 18th century and between different regions. This book provides important new insights into the ways in which changes in the supply of textiles related to shifting patterns of demand.

Evolution Of Central Banking

Author: Roland Uittenbogaard
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319106171
Size: 15,52 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 658

The book analyses the establishment of De Nederlandsche Bank and its early development as a case study to test competing theories on the historical development of central banking. It is shown that the establishment of DNB can be explained by both the fiscal theory and the financial stability theory. Later development makes clear that the financial stability role of DNB prevailed. DNB ́s bank notes were not forced onto the public and competition was fierce. A prudent and independent stance was necessary to be able to play its intended role. This meant that DNB played a modest role in the Amsterdam money market until 1852. By 1852 it had established itself to become the central bank. By then its bank notes had become generally accepted and it could start to operate as a reserve bank. Also the market context had changed dramatically, its competitors had been driven out of the market and several credit institutions had become customers of DNB. "On the occasion of the Nederlandsche Bank's 200th Anniversary, it is good to have a new, and an extremely good, history of its founding and first fifty years of operation. The only previous account of this period of the DNB's history was legalistic and did not sufficiently place the Bank ́s development in its wider context. Uittenbogaard's book provides a much broader, and better, story of the personnel, economics, and finance of the DNB at this juncture." - Charles Goodhart, LSE.