Handmade Colouring Books Exotic Cars

Author: Ted Barber
ISBN: 9781716415920
File Size: 36,33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ever since early childhood, the motor car has been my greatest interest, not the mechanicals, but the style, design and aesthetics. From growing up around the curves of the Mark Three Cortina to the classical lines of the immaculate Jaguar SS100 tucked away towards the back of the showroom at the long gone Aberdeen Motors. Those days in the seventies, touring car showrooms as my father searched for the next good deal for his next car. Showrooms which not only held the latest "taxi friendly" saloon cars, but stylish luxury models, sports cars and the odd foreign exotic. Motor cars which I used to go home, sit in my room, get out the paper and start drawing. This colouring book contains a series of illustration which have been specifically created by hand for this publication. Each one is printed on an odd page, allowing for the back to remain blank and allow for page removal so you can colour with pencil, crayon, pen or even paint if you so wish. Every vehicle illustrated in this edition is an exotic car, a car with doors which open up rather than out and yes they are all open. I am planning more of these books, but for now all I can say is browse, colour and enjoy.