Introduction To Natural Healing Letting Your Body Heal Itself

Author: Dueep Jyot Singh
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Table of Contents Introduction to Natural Healing Letting your Body Heal Itself Introduction Principles of Natural Healing Earth Massages Massaging Process Mud Therapy Mud Baths Water Hydrotherapy Hip Baths Steam Baths Hot Foot Baths Hot Water Fomentation Air Sunlight Ether Knowing More about “Fasting” Difference between Fasting and Starving Yourself Deliberately Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Why are more people all over the world looking towards natural cures and natural alternate methods of medicine in order to cure themselves? The day of fast drug-induced cures and relief is slowly fading and giving weight to alternative medicines and therapies in order to cure the body. These ancient remedies and therapies have been in existence all over the world for millenniums. The ancients swore by them but then they did not have powerful drugs, having a detrimental effect on their biochemical system. That was the time when they believed in not overloading their systems with pills, drugs and medicines, which supposedly cured them of their body’s ills. Thanks to this dependency since childhood on medicines, because we see our elders eating them by the handful, is it a wonder that a number of us have lost the capacity of getting cured naturally? Much before powerful drugs came onto the scene, Mother Nature was already providing her living creations with excellent rejuvenating and healing systems which would replenish the wounded and damaged cells with healthier tissue and heal the body on its own.