Heart Of A Student Athlete

Author: Karl Mecklenburg
Editor: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 0984147519
File Size: 20,48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The game of football teaches lessons that are as applicable on the playing field as they are in the classroom, workplace, and in our relationships with those around us. In Heart of a Student Athlete, Karl Mecklenburg—former all-pro captain of the Denver Broncos—offers young athletes and their families inspirational advice about how to dream, achieve, and overcome obstacles on their way to success. Mecklenburg's candid, anecdotal counsel will motivate student athletes to aim high, work hard, and avoid the numerous challenges that they may face—including pressure to perform in the game, emphasis on sport over study, and the temptation of illegal drugs. In addition to sharing the incredible story of his unlikely rise from amateur athlete to Super Bowl Championship competitor, Mecklenburg outlines his template for success and reveals its six key components: teamwork, courage, honesty and forgiveness, desire, dedication, and goal setting. Accessible and brimming with enthusiasm, Heart of a Student Athlete explains these keys and empowers athletes, parents, and coaches with the tools they need to achieve success and foster it in the young athletes in their lives.

Stipends For Student Athletes

Author: Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Energy and Commerce
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This hearing transcript presents testimony on National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules related to payments to student athletes. Testimony was heard from individuals and groups concerned with the influence of money on college athletics, unethical and illegal payments to college athletes, the exploitation of college athletes by colleges and universities, and the issue of whether institutions should pay stipends to college athletes. Testimony was heard from: (1) Representative Cardiss Collins; (2) the president of Florida State University (FSU); (3) a former student athlete at Auburn University (Alabama); (4) the co-founder of Student Athlete Incentive Gifts; (5) the president of the Organization for Understanding and Reform; (6) two Florida attorneys; (7) the president of the Sports Lawyers Association; (8) the NCAA; and (9) two FSU football coaches. (MDM)

Student Athlete S College Recruitment Guide

Author: Ashley B. Benjamin
Editor: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438126271
File Size: 75,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Student-Athlete's College Recruitment Guide explores this behind-the-scenes information, giving students and their families an insightful look at the world of college athletics. This in-depth resource examines the many aspects of the college athletic recruitment process, including what to look for when choosing a program to best fit a student's abilities and needs, both athletically and academically. Expert interviews with top coaches reveal what they believe student athletes need to "make it" in this ultracompetitive realm and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can hinder a student athlete's performance. This new book is a valuable tool for high school students navigating the recruiting process. Chapters include: -Why Play? -Considering a University -Getting Seen -Scholarship Negotiation -Unsafe Practices -Gender Issues -Racial Issues.

Student Athlete Success

Author: Carl I. Fertman
Editor: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763750442
File Size: 33,78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This reader-friendly text provides comprehensive coverage of the many challenges student-athletes will face and the skills needed to address their unique needs and anxieties. Utilizing a positive voice, the author focuses the text on student-athletes' personal capabilities and accomplishments in the classroom and during athletic competition before discussing different types of challenges student-athletes are likely to encounter.

Acute And Emergency Care In Athletic Training

Author: Michelle Cleary
Editor: Human Kinetics, Incorporated
ISBN: 1492587168
File Size: 44,33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Athletic trainers are often the first ones on the scene when an individual sustains an acute injury. Therefore, knowing how to assess injuries and illnesses and begin treatment quickly is of vital importance for aspiring athletic trainers. Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training With Web Study Guide teaches students how to recognize and manage emergency conditions so they can provide appropriate patient care between the field and the emergency department. Authors Michelle Cleary and Katie Walsh Flanagan take an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from literature, position statements, and guidelines from numerous professional health care organizations to offer current evidence-based clinical best practices. The book’s comprehensive coverage adheres to and incorporates guidelines from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and the Board of Certification (BOC), and it is one of the first textbooks to align with the competencies outlined in the CAATE 2020 standards. To prepare students to effectively provide appropriate care before getting an injured or ill athlete to the hospital, Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training includes the following learning aids: • Case studies in the web study guide offer practical scenarios that will facilitate critical thinking and decision-making skills. • Clinical Skills sidebars guide students through the process of completing specific tasks such as splinting, wound care, and airway maintenance. • Red Flag sidebars indicate areas where significant caution is warranted. • Decision-making algorithms and decision trees lead students through selecting the most appropriate treatment option based on a patient’s signs and symptoms. • Key terms are boldfaced in the text and are defined in the glossary section. With a full-color presentation and more than 280 photos and illustrations, the text takes a systematic approach to acute and emergency care, with the content divided into two parts. Part I provides critical information on prevention and risk management strategies, including developing an emergency action plan, conducting an emergency examination, and administering emergency medications. Part II then provides the basics of emergency evaluations, describing how to examine, treat, and manage common acute injuries and illnesses to limit the severity of these potentially life-threatening conditions. To aid instructors using Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training in the classroom, there is a full array of ancillaries, including a test package, an instructor guide with sample answers to the case study questions, and a presentation package plus image bank. When an athlete is injured on the field of play, time is of the essence. Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training is an invaluable resource for training and preparing the initial responders to recognize critical situations and treat the acutely injured or ill patient.

The Quality Of Effort

Author: Reggie Marra
Editor: From the Heart Press
ISBN: 9780962782855
File Size: 61,57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you've been waiting for a book on youth, interscholastic and intercollegiate sport that honors and addresses the need for cooperation among student-athletes, parents and coaches, and that embraces physiology, philosophy, and ongoing development-with a focus on what's best for the student-athlete, welcome home. The 2013 editions of "The Quality of Effort" and "The Quality of Effort Workbook" invite student-athletes, parents and coaches to observe and explore their unique and necessary roles in bringing about a healthy athletic experience. Reggie Marra writes through the soul of a poet-athlete-teacher-caregiver, and kid who got cut from the team he later went on to coach. He takes us by the hand and challenges us to inquire into our own values, behaviors, and relationships. If we're willing to take up the challenge, this inquiry helps us see ourselves and all those heroes and villains out there from increasingly comprehensive and balanced perspectives. "Preaching" only what he practices, in "The Quality of Effort," Reggie Marra authentically engages each of us to become increasingly more aware of our stories-the interpretations we choose, and how they affect, and even effect, what we do next as parents, coaches, student-athletes and human beings. Early Praise "As a former college athlete and longtime leader of high-performance military units, I recommend Reggie Marra's work with unbridled enthusiasm.... Following this comprehensive approach to training will not only produce better athletes, but also happier and healthier citizens as our youth grow and take their place in the world." -Fred Krawchuk, Retired U.S. Special Forces Colonel and RAND Consultant .."..Reggie Marra offers a blueprint that encourages our children to become not only better athletes but better people. He delivers a powerful message filled with humanity and honest answers to questions that we sometimes think but may not want to ask." - Anthony Perrone, VP, Challenger Division, Cortland American Little League ""The Quality of Effort" has helped me reinterpret my career as a professional athlete-providing both relief and direction....Reggie Marra offers a map to tomorrow's competitive edge, a map that requires effort-not necessarily in doing more drills or pushups, but in taking responsibility for all aspects of your approach to life." - Ryan Leech, Professional Mountain Biker (Retired) and Professional Integral Coach - http: //ryanleech.com .."..Sports can and does play an instrumental role in the healthy unfolding of a human life. If we take advantage of Reggie's frame of understanding-highlighting the role of effort, in relationship to talent and results, as an equally important consideration in our definition of success-we have a grand opportunity from which we can chart a significantly improved learning and developmental pathway for generations of student-athletes to come." - Cherie Beck, Cultural Technologist - http: //about.me/CherlynnGrace ""The Quality of Effort" is a profound embrace of Emerson's reminder that 'Life is a journey, not a destination'.... The book is an incredibly personal gift from Reggie to the reader, written through and with his bountiful, open heart." - Tom Rubens, Founder, The Accountability Factor - http: //theaccountabilityfactor.com ""The Quality of Effort" is an incredibly insightful guide for how to bring integrity and passion into sport as well as into life. Mr. Marra takes a truly integrated approach to the role of sport in life and along the way lays out what is necessary to get the most out of being an athlete-at any level. An added bonus here is that he is a brilliant and witty storyteller who clearly speaks from the heart." - Michael Sallustio, Parent, Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer - http: //annapolis-nutrition-fitness.com/

Rip S Roundball And Redemption

Author: Phil Ripton
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452065233
File Size: 78,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 2029

It is my intent in the writing of this book to reveal a few of the many lessons (in life) that should be taught to our student athletes. We must be able to reach each individual's heart and mind through the understanding of these methods, concepts and ideas. I firmly believe we must develop the character of the student athlete first in order for them to achieve success in life and through this development of character the student athlete will establish a firm foundation on which to make sound decisions. The coaching of basketball allows an opportunity to teach and establish positive morals and values and in doing so will allow the student athlete a foundation from which they can reasonably expect success. We as coaches, parents and educators must help to develop the minds and hearts of our young student athletes if we are to succeed and flourish as a nation. It is my belief that through a successful sports program, such positive ideas, concepts and methods can be taught and expressed. I believe such ideas as setting goals, the development of a positive attitude and self-discipline are essential in the growth and well-being of our student athletes and our nation. Hopefully, through the teaching of these ideas and methods, individual growth will continue and with an expanded self awareness, selfishness will be replaced by selflessness. When this transformation of the heart and mind is complete and when we, as individuals, turn from selfishness to selflessness, all mankind will begin to fully understand the meaning of God's love. It is through the acceptance of God's love, we as His creation are drawn to Jesus Christ. For God is love and it is only through knowing Jesus Christ that love truly lives. I wholeheartedly believe, that with this new found knowledge of Christ, will come eternal truth, faith, hope and salvation. (John 3:16) Respectfully, Phil Ripton

The Student Athlete College Recruiting

Author: Rick Wire
Editor: Athletic Guide Pub
ISBN: 9781880941867
File Size: 31,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1310

A comprehensive guide for parents and student atheletes to help with applying to college as student athlete.

Sports And The Law

Author: Timothy Davis
File Size: 29,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sports law literature has evolved over the last twenty years as writers have successfully grappled with the myriad of legal and quasi-legal issues that arise in the context of sports. As a result of their efforts, scholars addressing these topics have heightened our understanding of the complex factual, legal, and social issues that sports matters generate. This anthology seeks to continue this development. It includes excerpts, primarily of law review articles, that address the broad dimensions of sports and the law.Rather than simply explain the law, the excerpts contained in Sports and the Law seek also to examine the multiple variables that have influenced the development of the law of sports. After presenting contrasting views on whether sports law represents a discrete substantive area of law, the anthology explores several sports settings and the application of legal rules to them. These include: business and economic (e.g., antitrust, taxation, intellectual property, and franchise relocation); institutional relationships (formation and governance of sports leagues and student athlete/university relationships); labor (collective bargaining); constitutional (right to participate and drug testing); social and ethical (racism, gender equity, agent regulation, and ADA); and torts (educational and medical malpractice, assumption of risk, and workers' compensation).This anthology makes accessible articles that enhance the reader's understanding of topics traditionally covered in sports law classes, as well as topics that typically escape class coverage.

Training Conditioning

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Atherosclerosis Vi

Author: F. G. Schettler
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9783540114505
File Size: 15,91 MB
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Read: 1059

In 1982 Berlin was host for the second time to the International Symposium on Atherosclerosis. In 1973 the third symposium was held there, following the first in Athens -opened by the unforgettable Paul D. White -and the second in Chicago, where the great gentlemen of atherosclerosis research - Louis Katz and Irving Page - left their special imprint on the meeting. Since the third symposium in Berlin impressive advances have been made in the field of atherosclerosis. The symposia in Tokyo in 1976 and in Houston in 1979 introduced important new knowledge from current research, stimulating worldwide interest; Berlin highlighted the latest developments. The International Atherosclerosis Society (lAS) provides an international forum for the entire field of atherosclerosis research. Its main purpose is to apply the results of basic research to clinical medicine, and thereby to benefit the practitioner. Prevention and rehabilitation are of special importance. Intensified international cooperation is urgently needed at all levels. A declared goal of the lAS is contact between young investigators and between international research and work groups. Participating in the Berlin meeting were 1400 researchers from 42 nations. This illustrates the growing interest in atherosclerosis as the leading cause of death in "developed" societies. However, the incidence of atherosclerosis is increasing worldwide, although there are national differences in the pattern and appearance of the disease; this was documented at the Berlin Symposium.

Prediction Of Freshman Retention Among Collegiate Student Athletes

Author: Rebecca Mitchell Malmo
File Size: 13,13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Communication And Contradiction In The Ncaa

Author: Mike Milford
Editor: Peter Lang Incorporated, International Academic Publishers
ISBN: 9781433164965
File Size: 33,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 6808

Communication and Contradiction in the NCAA: An Unlevel Playing Field is a critical examination of the contradictory nature of the NCAA, and how the inherent contradictions impact the communication activities of its constituents, supporters, and challengers. At the heart of the NCAA is the student-athlete, born out of an idealistic collection of communal values that is often at odds with institutional practices. The rhetorical negotiation of the student-athlete's identity informs and confuses communication practices on a number of levels, from interpersonal interactions to organizational apologia. Because the student-athlete is critical to maintaining the collegiate athletics orientation, the NCAA works overtime in promoting, maintaining, and defending it in the face of public scrutiny. The NCAA and its member institutions, like any organization, are compelled to answer public accusations, often working to defend inconsistent policies to an increasingly hostile audience. In an effort to solidify its power, the NCAA uses public discourse to maintain its position by establishing and enforcing proper codes of conduct for participants, and rationalizing unfair labor practices, athletics budgets, and rising tuition costs designed to boost athletics. In response they often rely on familiar rhetorical and organizational practices, such as branding, mascots, and heroic stories of student-athletes, all of which come with issues of their own. All of these communication phenomena, from interpersonal support-seeking to organizational scapegoating, are informed by the central student-athlete mythos. This puts the NCAA at a contradictory crossroads as they work to reconcile inconsistent practices and messages.

Athletic Scholarships For Dummies

Author: Pat Britz
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471927501
File Size: 17,16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2295

Get insider tips on navigating the recruitment process Find the right school, the right program, the right coach, and themost money You're prepared for challenges on the athletic field. But are youprepared for the challenges of winning an athletic scholarship? Letthis friendly guide be your coach. It explains what kind ofscholarships are out there, how to promote yourself and deal withrecruiters, and how to survive possible snags after you've won yourscholarship. Discover how to * Get yourself noticed and recruited * Make the most of college visits * Negotiate a contract and make a commitment * Understand redshirting * Know when and how to transfer schools

A Student Athlete S Guide To College Success

Author: Trent A. Petrie
Editor: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780534569990
File Size: 45,82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6680

A workbook style text that includes extensive coverage of mainstream college success topics with a focus on the unique challenges facing student athletes.

The Student Athlete Survival Guide

Author: Marc Isenberg
Editor: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
File Size: 61,87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 9520

Praise for the First Edition "I was happy to contribute to this book because it's packed with vital information about what it takes to succeed in sports, school, and, more importantly, life."--Ronnie Lott, Fox Sports, former NFL star "Complete, comprehensive, and easy to read. A great benefit to any young athlete considering playing sports in college."--Rick Telander, ESPN The Magazine "If you're interested in becoming eligible, read the NCAA Guide. If you're interested in getting a meaningful education, read this book."--Dale Brown, former college basketball coach "This book reveals the inner workings of college sports so that athletes can take charge of their lives. Our young people are in trouble. Parents should read this desperately needed book to help their kids."--Bill Walton, NBC Sports, former NBA star "Excellent insights into recruitment, including rarely stated truths: a must-read for prospective student-athletes."--Janet M. Justus, former NCAA Director of Education Outreach "Athletes must prepare for college success in high school. This book shows them how--in an entertaining, inspiring way."--Dr. Kathleen Gabriel, academic advisor, University of Arizona "Every potential student-athlete should read this book prior to picking a college or university. This is one of life's most important decisions; the book helps athletes choose a place and setting where they will be happy and productive and not just consider sports. I will definitely have my sons read this guide when they reach college age."--Darrin Nelson, assistant athletic director, Stanford University "Finally, a book for student-athletes and their parents that cuts through the hype to address the real issues. Read this book before you make any decisions about college."--Bob Corb, Ph.D., sports psychologist "If an athlete doesn't want to be exploited or taken advantage of, the first step is to read this book. Then they need to take action."--Joel Corry, sports agent "This book is right on target. It helps athletes make informed decisions about all the critical issues they face from the time they enter high school through their college years and beyond."--Bob Bender, head basketball coach, University of Washington "The writing and the cartoons express key points in a way that high school and college athletes will enjoy."--Joseph Halper, former Commissioner of Recreation of New York City "This book is an excellent motivational tool for high school and college athletes who want to succeed. The book tells you exactly what you need to know and what actions you need to take."--Krista Blomquist, pro beach volleyball player "I've been involved in high school and college basketball as an athlete, coach, and parent. This book sets forth outstanding guidelines for recruiting and preparation for college."--Bill Donlon, basketball coach, Lake Forest High School "This is the most comprehensive guide to recruiting ever written. Must reading for prospective student-athletes and their families--and even coaches."--Jerry Wainwright, head basketball coach, University of North Carolina--Wilmington "Is this book had been around when I was in high school, it would have saved me a lot of grief."--Dan Kreft, pro basketball player and Web site designer "After years of interviewing athletes, I have found that the ones who are the most grounded understand self-accountability. This book teaches this important lesson."--Chris Myers, Fox Sports"This book provides a tremendous game plan for high school and college athletes to succeed on the field and in the classroom. You know if Ronnie Lott is involved, it's going to be first-rate."--Eric Allen, NFL Pro Bowl cornerback

The Cartel

Author: Taylor Branch
Editor: Byliner, Inc
ISBN: 1614520135
File Size: 43,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2874

"College athletes are not slaves," writes Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Taylor Branch in "The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA." "Yet to survey the scene-corporations and universities enriching themselves on the backs of uncompensated young men, whose status as 'student-athletes' deprives them of the right to due process guaranteed by the Constitution-is to catch the unmistakable whiff of the plantation." Branch, best known for his award-winning trilogy about the civil rights movement, "Parting the Waters," argues that decades of greed and self-interest have finally caught up with the NCAA and that the organization is poised to collapse under the weight of its own hypocrisy. From Reggie Bush and Cam Newton to Ohio State and the University of Miami, it's been one big sports scandal after another. But the true scandal, argues Branch in this gripping, deeply reported narrative, is the parasitic structure of college sports, a business that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year yet fails to provide even workers' compensation for its young performers. The outrage, he writes, is "not that students are getting illegally paid or recruited, it's that two of the noble principles by which the NCAA justifies its existence-'amateurism' and the 'student-athlete'-are cynical hoaxes, legalistic confections propagated by the universities so they can exploit the skills and fame of young athletes. The tragedy at the heart of college sports is not that some college athletes are getting paid, but that more of them are not." A portion of "The Cartel" was first published in different form in the October 2011 issue of "The Atlantic," and it set off a firestorm of controversy and an avalanche of praise. "Sports Illustrated's" Frank Deford, speaking on National Public Radio, said Branch's story "may well be the most important article ever written about college sports." Now the full, landmark story is available. "The Cartel" is classic investigative journalism of the highest order, by one of America's most admired historians. "The Cartel" is published by Byliner through a partnership with "The Atlantic." ABOUT THE AUTHOR Taylor Branch is the author of the three-volume history of the civil-rights movement, "America in the King Years," for which he won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Among his many other books are "The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President" and "Second Wind" (with Bill Russell).

Proceedings Of The Annual Convention Of The National Collegiate Athletic Association

Author: National Collegiate Athletic Association
File Size: 56,23 MB
Format: PDF
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Risk Management In Sport

Author: Herb Appenzeller
File Size: 36,13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 604

Risk management is one of the hottest topics in sport today, and a relatively new companion to sport law. Risk management has important implications for businesses, the insurance and medical industries, and other areas of sport management where minimizing loss exposure is critical to the avoidance of expensive lawsuits in this unprecedentedly litigious age.The list of authors is a who's who in risk management in sport. They share their knowledge of their areas of expertise in forty-three chapters, including ten new chapters covering playground safety, fitness center safety, automated external defibrillators, a risk management checklist for sport administrators, an update on Title IX, liability of property owners association and recreation programs, and trends in risk management for physical activity programs. The material in the first edition has been updated where appropriate, and this unique text covers a multitude of risk management issues and strategies to deal with them. Risk Management in Sport is an important addition to the Carolina Academic Press series of sport management and risk management texts. It is an essential book for the sport administrator, and a valuable resource for all associated with sport.

Simple Writings Of A Student Athlete

Author: Caleb Green
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480984205
File Size: 62,92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6416

Simple Writings of a Student Athlete By: Caleb Green As it’s been said, “Let your pain be your inspiration, because that is something people can believe in.” Simple Writings of a Student Athlete is author Caleb Green’s way to inspire people to learn that no matter how old, how young, how gifted or not gifted, where you started, where you are going, rich or poor, you can fight and survive the struggles that you are going through. If you keep working and pushing ahead, if you keep your eyes on the goal and on God, you can accomplish what you set your goal to be.