Hippocrates Shadow

Author: David H. Newman
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416551549
Size: 11,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An emergency physician discusses the importance of a doctor's honesty and communication as part of connecting personally with patients, in an account that challenges popular opinions about such topics as pharmaceuticals, standardized testing, and CPR. Reprint.

Hippocrates Now

Author: Helen King
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350005908
Size: 18,51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is available as open access through the Knowledge Unlatched programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. We need to talk about Hippocrates. Current scholarship attributes none of the works of the 'Hippocratic corpus' to him, and the ancient biographical traditions of his life are not only late, but also written for their own promotional purposes. Yet Hippocrates features powerfully in our assumptions about ancient medicine, and our beliefs about what medicine – and the physician himself – should be. In both orthodox and alternative medicine, he continues to be a model to be emulated. This book will challenge widespread assumptions about Hippocrates (and, in the process, about the history of medicine in ancient Greece and beyond) and will also explore the creation of modern myths about the ancient world. Why do we continue to use Hippocrates, and how are new myths constructed around his name? How do news stories and the internet contribute to our picture of him? And what can this tell us about wider popular engagements with the classical world today, in memes, 'quotes' and online?

Undertaker 4 The Shadow Of Hippocrates

Author: Xavier Dorison
Editor: Europe Comics
Size: 13,34 MB
Format: PDF
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Dr. Jeronimus Quint has an unusual business model that Hippocrates would frown upon: he creates his own patients by injuring people whose lives then depend on him. His latest victims are Jonas Crow, Undertaker, and Rose, his English companion. Without the best medical attention—i.e. Quint's—each might lose a limb, or even die, from gangrene. He's kidnapped Rose and is withholding his sado-surgical skills while Jonas and his cohort Lin pursue him and his captive. With ferrymen and lumberjacks in front, angry lawmen behind, and a leg killing him from within, the Undertaker hopes to survive long enough to make Jeronimus Quint his next customer.

The Free Market In Medical Care

Author: Leo Ray Ingle, M.D
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503558843
Size: 14,91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The most prominent theme of “Take Back Our Health Care” is the restoration of a genuine free market in medical care—not the “market” touted by corporations, but a market more akin to the traditional free market and to the systems of Greek and Medieval medical care. The amazing scientific and technological advances in medicine and the effect of those advances changed the role of physicians and increased the costs of care. Increased governmental and corporate control of medicine threatens us all. A genuinely free market is described, as well as the challenges facing those markets. Doctors are in the position of Aesculapius, who, in the cover graphic, represents medicine. His choice is between mercury (merchants) and the three graces (medicine, hygiene, and panacea). Aesculapius treated patients; merchants make deals with clients. The book focuses on the solution.

Dung For Dinner

Author: Christine Virnig
Editor: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
ISBN: 1250246806
Size: 20,74 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 196

Discover the stomach-churning truth about the animal poop, pee, vomit, and secretions that humans have eaten throughout history—and sometimes still do—in Christine Virnig's laugh-out-loud middle-grade nonfiction debut. Dung for Dinner is illustrated by Korwin Briggs. From Roman charioteers scarfing wild boar dung to astronauts guzzling their own pee to today's kids spreading insect vomit on their toast, this humorous compendium is chock-full of history, science, and fascinatingly gross facts. Bug secretions coating your candy corn? Rodent poop in your popcorn? Physicians tasting their patients' pee? It’s deliciously disgusting!

You And Your Doctor

Author: Tania Heller, M.D.
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 078648974X
Size: 16,54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Changes in the healthcare field have threatened the once sacred relationship between patient and physician. While much has been written for physicians and other healthcare providers on the subject of the doctor-patient relationship, information tailored for patients remains lacking. This volume offers practical information to help patients make the most of their interaction with their doctors. Among the topics are finding the right physician, gaining telephone access, ensuring good communication between health care providers, protecting personal information, seeking a second opinion, and using walk-in clinics. In-depth interviews with primary care physicians and medical specialists provide a unique perspective on issues of importance to patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

The New Medicine

Author: Nigel M. De S. Cameron
Editor: Bioethics PressLlc
ISBN: 9780971159907
Size: 20,76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The New Medicine addresses the current crisis in medicine that stems from the steady collapse of the Hippocratic tradition of professional medical practice. Side by side growing support for abortion and euthanasia, both forbidden in the Hippocratic Oath, we see a shift toward the "relief of suffering" as the goal of medicine - a weasel concept that has been broadened to include the "suffering" of relatives, physicians, and society at large. The evils of medicine and science under the Nazis illustrated how rapidly the humane medical tradition could be subverted and medical skills put to terrible purposes. As we seek in the 21st century to rebuild the professional character of medicine, and to develop a policy framework for bioscience and related technologies, there has never been wiser counsel than that of Hippocrates. And that this pagan physician should have been endorsed by Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and perhaps most notably in the 20th century by Margaret Mead, doyenne of anthropologists and one of the century's most influential liberal figures, suggests that his vision for medicine is as relevant to tomorrow as it was in the distant days of late antique Greece.

The Publishers Weekly

Size: 18,47 MB
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Medicaid Everyone Can Count On

Author: Thomas W. Grannemann
Editor: A E I Press
ISBN: 9780844743110
Size: 18,20 MB
Format: PDF
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A comprehensive policymaker's guide to the Medicaid program, Medicaid Everyone Can Count On offers unique insights into the complex interactions among stakeholders in America s state-based public health care programs. In an era of national health care reform, this volume is an invaluable resource for federal and state lawmakers and program analysts tasked with crafting policies that balance the distinct needs of taxpayers, providers, and the poor. Working from theory to practice, Thomas W. Grannemann and Mark V. Pauly develop an approach to Medicaid policy based on a keen understanding of the forces that have shaped the program. They begin by examining the program s intellectual foundations American altruism and the principles of equity, efficiency, and democracy. They then ask the question: What are the inherent strengths and weakness of the American approach to financing medical care for the poor? The answers it turns out have direct implications for how best to approach implementing health reforms that would extend eligibility, control costs, and provide better value both to program recipients and to taxpayers. Building on the theory of public choice and economic analysis, the authors offer new perspectives on the program and its flaws, including unequal benefits among the states, federal funding that is poorly matched to state needs and resources, and disparities in payment to health care providers. To correct these flaws reform initiatives need to focus on two leverage points federal financing and provider payment that control the flow of resources and influence the behavior of states and medical care providers. The authors offer suggestions for using these tools to address policy issues in areas such as eligibility, benefits, care management, provider incentives, and federal assistance to the states. At this transitional point in the program s history, Grannemann and Pauly provide a consistent framework for thinking about Medicaid policy, one which has many practical implications for policy"


Size: 16,38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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