Hitler S Furies

Author: Wendy Lower
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547863381
Size: 15,24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 796

A history of German women in the Holocaust reveals their roles as plunderers, witnesses, and actual executioners on the Eastern front, describing how nurses, teachers, secretaries, and wives responded to what they believed to be Nazi opportunities only to perform brutal duties.

Sources Of Holocaust Insight

Author: John K. Roth
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532674201
Size: 16,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 373

Sources of Holocaust Insight maps the odyssey of an American Christian philosopher who has studied, written, and taught about the Holocaust for more than fifty years. What findings result from John Roth’s journey; what moods pervade it? How have events and experiences, scholars and students, texts and testimonies—especially the questions they raise—affected Roth’s Holocaust studies and guided his efforts to heed the biblical proverb: “Whatever else you get, get insight”? More sources than Roth can acknowledge have informed his encounters with the Holocaust. But particular persons—among them Elie Wiesel, Raul Hilberg, Primo Levi, and Albert Camus—loom especially large. Revisiting Roth’s sources of Holocaust insight, this book does so not only to pay tribute to them but also to show how the ethical, philosophical, and religious reverberations of the Holocaust confer and encourage responsibility for human well-being in the twenty-first century. Seeing differently, seeing better—sound learning and teaching about the Holocaust aim for what may be the most important Holocaust insight of all: Take nothing good for granted.

Women And National Socialism In Postwar German Literature

Author: Katherine Stone
Editor: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 157113994X
Size: 16,62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 106

Investigates why women's complicity in National Socialism has struggled to capture the collective imagination, examining how a variety of female authors have conceptualized women's role in the Third Reich

The Holocaust And The Germanization Of Ukraine

Author: Eric C. Steinhart
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131624041X
Size: 12,78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 494

The German invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War was central to Nazi plans for territorial expansion and genocidal demographic revolution. To create 'living space', Nazi Germany pursued two policies. The first was the systematic murder of millions of Jews, Slavs, Roma, and other groups that the Nazis found undesirable on racial, religious, ethnic, ideological, hereditary, or behavioral grounds. It also pursued a parallel, albeit smaller, program to mobilize supposedly Germanic residents of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union - so-called Volksdeutsche or ethnic Germans - as the vanguard of German expansion. This study recovers the intersection of these two projects in Transnistria, a portion of southern Ukraine that, because of its numerous Volksdeutsche communities, became an epicenter of both Nazi Volksdeutsche policy and the Holocaust in conquered Soviet territory, ultimately asking why local residents, whom German authorities identified as Volksdeutsche, participated in the Holocaust with apparent enthusiasm.

The Holocaust As Colonial Genocide

Author: C. Kakel
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137391693
Size: 15,63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 734

Based on an exploration of both pre-Nazi and Nazi theory and practice, Pete Kakel challenges the dominant narrative of the murder of European Jewry, illuminating the Holocaust's decidedly imperial-colonial origins, context, and content in a book of interest to students, teachers, and lay readers, as well as specialist and non-specialist scholars.

The Ravine

Author: Wendy Lower
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544828712
Size: 17,22 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 202

A single photograph—an exceptionally rare “action shot” documenting the horrific final moment of the murder of a family—drives a riveting process of discovery for a gifted Holocaust scholar In 2009, the acclaimed author of Hitler’s Furies was shown a photograph just brought to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The documentation of the Holocaust is vast, but there are virtually no images of a Jewish family at the actual moment of murder, in this case by German officials and Ukrainian collaborators. A Ukrainian shooter’s rifle is inches from a woman's head, obscured in a cloud of smoke. She is bending forward, holding the hand of a barefooted little boy. And—only one of the shocking revelations of Wendy Lower’s brilliant ten-year investigation of this image—the shins of another child, slipping from the woman’s lap. Wendy Lower’s forensic and archival detective work—in Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, and the United States—recovers astonishing layers of detail concerning the open-air massacres in Ukraine. The identities of mother and children, of the killers—and, remarkably, of the Slovakian photographer who openly took the image, as a secret act of resistance—are dramatically uncovered. Finally, in the hands of this brilliant exceptional scholar, a single image unlocks a new understanding of the place of the family unit in the ideology of Nazi genocide.

The Diary Of Samuel Golfard And The Holocaust In Galicia

Author: Wendy Lower
Editor: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 0759120803
Size: 17,34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 600

The Diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia examines the contents and context of a rare diary written by a Jewish man from Nazi-occupied Poland. Serving as both a record and an artifact of Samuel Golfard’s life, the diary details his attempt to make sense of and resist the event that ultimately destroyed him. Wendy Lower integrates photographs, newspaper articles, documents, and testimonies to create a more complete picture of Golfard’s experiences and writings. She also traces the diary’s own journey after Golfard’s death, from 1943 Poland to the present day.

Ancient Furies

Editor: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1612346340
Size: 14,30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 391

Wealth and family privilege are no match for the brutal forward march of two armies intent on eliminating each other. As a teenager, Anastasia Saporito discovered just that truth as she and her family found themselves exiled, vulnerable, and no longer able to call on their societal standing and accumulated riches as the Soviet and German armies converged during World War II. Saporito recounts in vivid detail the difficulties of her childhood as the daughter of White Russian aristocrats forced to flee their native Russia for refuge in Yugoslavia. In Ancient Furies/i

Surviving The Forgotten Genocide

Author: John Minassian
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1538133717
Size: 16,74 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 371

"This rare testimony of a survivor of the Armenian genocide tells the dramatic story of John Minassian, a young man who witnessed the loss of his family and friends but managed to escape with his life by concealing his identity and connecting with an underground network of survivors, ultimately building a new life in the United States."--

The Furies

Author: Arno J. Mayer
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691090153
Size: 15,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 256

Exploring the role of mass violence and terror in the French and Russian Revolutions, the author demonstrates that the upheaval stemmed not from ideology but from the chaos that both events produced in each society.