Home Front Posters

Autore: Susannah Walker
Editore: Shire Publications
ISBN: 9780747811428
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From Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases to Keep Calm and Carry On, the Home Front posters from the Second World War have become part of British culture. Some were design classics, others more prosaic, but together they give a fascinating insight into the trials and tribulations of living through World War Two. This was the first total war, with civilians as essential to the war effort as soldiers. So posters instructed people on everything from cooking and salvage to how to speak, and even think, about the war. This book tells the story behind these posters: how they were designed and produced, what they wanted to achieve, and what the British public really thought of them. Looking at famous images and forgotten gems, it is essential reading for anyone interested in both life on the Home Front and the design of the times.

Design For Victory

Autore: William L. Bird
Editore: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 9781568981406
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The poster - inexpensive, colorful, and immediate - was an ideal medium for delivering messages about Americans' duties on the home front during World War II. Design for Victory presents more than 150 of these stunning images - many never reproduced since their first issue - culled from the collections of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. William L. Bird, Jr. and Harry R. Rubenstein delve beneath the surface of these colorful graphics, telling the stories behind their production and revealing how posters fulfilled the goals and needs of their creators. The authors describe the history of how specific posters were conceived and received, focusing on the workings of the wartime advertising profession and demonstrating how posters often reflected uneasy relations between labor and management.

Fit Men Wanted

Autore: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 9780500290552
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This book reproduces the best of the Imperial War Museums collection of over 30,000 British Government wartime posters and proclamations, mostly from the First and Second World Wars, and most forgotten after their initial use. 100 eye-catching posters (with 62 perforated and detachable) contain stirring messages that once exhorted citizens to do their bit for the war effort: Eat Greens for Health, Beer: A Necessity to the Strength of Britain, Fit Men Wanted, Victory is in the Kitchen, The Supreme Test of British Womanhood Comes Now. Today they seem charmingly innocent, quintessentially British, and often very funny. The posters that bear them are a treasury of vintage graphics. Like the much-loved Keep Calm and Carry On poster, these proclamations are just what we need to keep a stiff upper lip and a sense of humour in our own troubled times.

Planning Design And Reception Of British Home Front Propaganda Posters Of The Second World War

Autore: Rebecca Mary Lewis
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British Posters Of The First World War

Autore: John Christopher
Editore: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445633302
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Feel the full force of the propaganda that surrounded the British public during the First World War in this full-colour book exploring the art, themes and psychology of over 200 authentic posters from the period.

The Home Front Encyclopedia

Autore: James Ciment
Editore: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1576078493
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An encyclopedia of life on the home front during the two world wars provides biographical profiles, articles on all aspects of life during the era, chronologies of important events, and primary source documents.

Home Front Heroes Three Volumes

Autore: Benjamin F. Shearer, ed.
Editore: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0313047057
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Picture This

Autore: Pearl James
Editore: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803226950
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Essays by Jay Winter, Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Jennifer D. Keene, and others reveal the centrality of visual media, particularly the poster, within the specific national contexts of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States during World War I.℗¡Ultimately, posters were not merely representations of popular understanding of the war, but instruments influencing the.

World War Ii Home Front Dba

Autore: Social Studies School Service
Editore: Social Studies
ISBN: 156004120X
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Posters For Peace

Autore: Thomas W. Benson
Editore: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271067314
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By the spring of 1970, Americans were frustrated by continuing war in Vietnam and turmoil in the inner cities. Students on American college campuses opposed the war in growing numbers and joined with other citizens in ever-larger public demonstrations against the war. Some politicians—including Ronald Reagan, Spiro Agnew, and Richard Nixon—exploited the situation to cultivate anger against students. At the University of California at Berkeley, student leaders devoted themselves, along with many sympathetic faculty, to studying the war and working for peace. A group of art students designed, produced, and freely distributed thousands of antiwar posters. Posters for Peace tells the story of those posters, bringing to life their rhetorical iconography and restoring them to their place in the history of poster art and political street art. The posters are vivid, simple, direct, ironic, and often graphically beautiful. Thomas Benson shows that the student posters from Berkeley appealed to core patriotic values and to the legitimacy of democratic deliberation in a democracy—even in a time of war.

Posters Of The First World War

Autore: David Bownes
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0747815399
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The First World War, a new low in the annals of armed conflict, coincided with a golden age for the relatively new art of advertising. Striking and colourful posters were produced throughout the years 1914–18 to recruit soldiers, promote investment, keep up morale and, naturally, to vilify the enemy; prominent artists including Alfred Leete paired bold images with punchy text to maximise impact. The selection in this book offers an informative guide to the range of posters created and to how they were displayed around the nation, and explores the public's increasing dissatisfaction with being patronised and goaded. From the iconic, commanding Your Country Needs YOU! to the anxious domestic scene of Daddy, What Did YOU Do in the War?, and including the infamous depiction of a bayoneting in Back Him Up!, this book puts the reader in the shoes of the Great War 'man in the street'.

V For Victory

Autore: Stan Cohen
Editore: Pictorial Histories Publishing Company
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Tells of the Amerian efforts to provide equipment for World War II and tells of the situation in America at the time.

The Posters That Won The War

Autore: Derek Nelson
Editore: Crestline
ISBN: 0785832440
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The production, recruiting and War Bond posters of World War II were America's "weapons on the wall." Millions of posters of hundreds of unique designs cascaded off the presses and onto the American landscape, raising hopes in the dark days after Pearl Harbor and convincing folks on the home front that their efforts were the key to victory. Encouraging the people of America to do their part to aid in the war efforts as well as take care of themselves, these War Bond posters were a beacon during World War II. Posters That Won the War expertly preserve the most important posters of the World War II era. Inside Posters That Won the War, find beautiful prints of the posters of World War II. Through times of emotional and physical struggle in postwar America, artists did their best to engage a sense of safety and lovingness for their fellow Americans. The result was a beautiful array of posters that will remain priceless always. These "Weapons on the wall" are a crucial piece of American history that will never be forgotten. If you are searching for a gift for the history buff in your life, or an addition for your own library, Posters That Won the War will delight them for years.

Home Front Heroes

Autore: Benjamin F. Shearer
Editore: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313334238
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Planning The Home Front

Autore: Sarah Jo Peterson
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022602556X
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Before Franklin Roosevelt declared December 7 to be a “date which will live in infamy”; before American soldiers landed on D-Day; before the B-17s, B-24s, and B-29s roared over Europe and Asia, there was Willow Run. Located twenty-five miles west of Detroit, the bomber plant at Willow Run and the community that grew up around it attracted tens of thousands of workers from across the United States during World War II. Together, they helped build the nation’s “Arsenal of Democracy,” but Willow Run also became the site of repeated political conflicts over how to build suburbia while mobilizing for total war. In Planning the Home Front, Sarah Jo Peterson offers readers a portrait of the American people—industrialists and labor leaders, federal officials and municipal leaders, social reformers, industrial workers, and their families—that lays bare the foundations of community, the high costs of racism, and the tangled process of negotiation between New Deal visionaries and wartime planners. By tying the history of suburbanization to that of the home front, Peterson uncovers how the United States planned and built industrial regions in the pursuit of war, setting the stage for the suburban explosion that would change the American landscape when the war was won.

Home Front In The American Heartland

Autore: Patty Sotirin
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527553507
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Formato: PDF, Docs
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This collection offers a multifaceted exploration of World War One and its aftermath in the northern American Heartland, a region often overlooked in wartime histories. The chapters feature archival and newspaper documentation and visual imagery from this era. The first section, “Heartland Histories,” explores experiences of conscription and home front mobilization in the small communities of the heartland, highlighting tensions associated with patriotism, class, ethnicities, and locale. In one chapter, the previously unpublished cartoon art of a USAF POW displays his Midwestern sensibilities. Section Two, “Homefront Propaganda,” examines the cultural networks disseminating national war messages, notably the critical work of local theaters, Four Minute Men, the Allied War Exhibitions, and the local commemorative displays of military relics. Section Three, “Gender in/and War,” highlights aspects often over-shadowed by male experiences of the war itself, including the patriotic mother, androgynous representations in wartime propaganda, and masculine violence following the war. Together, this volume provides rich portraits of the complexities of heartland home front experiences and legacies.

World War Ii Posters

Autore: Anna Samuel
Editore: Dover Publications
ISBN: 9780486415666
Grandezza: 10,34 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts will delight in these eye-catching reproductions of historic posters designed to boost recruitment, promote the sale of war bonds, and raise morale on the home front.

World War One Posters

Autore: Dover Publications, Inc.
Editore: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 1606600958
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From the heyday of poster art comes this choice selection of 100 full-page color reproductions accompanied by detailed captions. Magnificent hardcover edition features posters by Lyendecker, Christy, Flagg, Brangwyn, Steinlen, others.


Autore: Marc Leepson
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429906472
Grandezza: 36,19 MB
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The thirteen-stripe, fifty-star flag is as familiar an American icon as any that has existed in the nation's history. Yet the history of the flag, especially its origins, is cloaked in myth and misinformation. Flag: An American Biography rectifies that situation by presenting a lively, comprehensive, illuminating look at the history of the American flag from its beginnings to today. Journalist and historian Marc Leepson uncovers scores of little-known, fascinating facts as he traces the evolution of the American flag from the colonial period to the twenty-first century. Flag sifts through the historical evidence to---among many other things---uncover the truth behind the Betsy Ross myth and to discover the true designer of the Stars and Stripes. It details the many colorful and influential Americans who shaped the history of the flag. "Flag," as the novelist Nelson DeMille says in his preface, "is not a book with an agenda or a subjective point of view. It is an objective history of the American flag, well researched, well presented, easy to read and understand, and very informative and entertaining." "Our love for the flag may be incomprehensible to others, but at least we now have a comprehensive guide to its unfolding." ---The Wall Street Journal "The fascination of history is in its details, and the author of Flag: An American Biography knows how to find them and turn them into compelling reading.... This book brings out the irony, humor, myth, and behind-the-scenes happenings that make our flag's 228-year history so fascinating." ---The Saturday Evening Post "Timely and insightful." ---The Dallas Morning News

World War I

Editore: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 0241185262
Grandezza: 44,14 MB
Formato: PDF
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The definitive visual history of the people, politics and events of World War I World War I: The Definitive Visual Guide is a fascinating portrait of a world at war, vividly portraying the conflicts of the Great War on land, sea and in the skies. This history book will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the First World War. You will uncover the details of the Great War's titanic battles such as Gallipoli, the Somme and Verdun that left an indelible mark on the collective memories of countries and that claimed a generation of young men. Discover how local fears and hatreds escalated into one vast conflict that was fought out to the bitter end. Find out about key battles, political and economic forces, individual leaders and technological advances that influenced the course of the First World War. Timelines show you the war unfolding across countries, providing an overview of developments in all the theatres of war. Packed with images, maps, portraits, key artefacts and unforgettable first person accounts, World War I: The Definitive Visual Guide is an uniquely accessible military history of one of the world's most devastating conflicts.