Homogeneous Catalysis

Author: Sumit Bhaduri
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118872517
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Over the last decade, the area of homogeneous catalysis withtransition metal has grown in great scientific interest andtechnological promise, with research in this area earning threeNobel Prizes and filing thousands of patents relating tometallocene and non-metallocene single site catalysts, asymmetriccatalysis, carbon-carbon bond forming metathesis and cross couplingreactions. This text explains these new developments in a unified, cogent, andcomprehensible manner while also detailing earlier discoveries andthe fundamentals of homogeneous catalysis. Serving as a self-studyguide for students and all chemists seeking to gain entry into thisfield, it can also be used by experienced researchers from bothacademia and industry for referring to leading state of the artreview articles and patents, and also as a quick self-study manualin an area that is outside their immediate expertise. The bookfeatures: • Topics including renewable feed stocks (biofuel,glycerol), carbon dioxide based processes (polycarbonates),fluorous solvents, ionic liquid, hydroformylation, polymerization,oxidation, asymmetric catalysis, and more • Basic principles of organometallic chemistry,homogeneous catalysis, and relevant technological issues • Problems and answers, industrial applications (casestudies), and examples from proven industrial processes with cleardiscussions on environmental and techno-commercial issues • Extensive references to cutting edge research withapplication potential and leading patents • Tables and illustrations to help explain difficultconcepts