How To Shoot Like A Navy Seal

Author: Chris Sajnog
ISBN: 9780989266468
Size: 20,86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Each year in America, 2 Million criminals break into homes just like yours. Is your aim good enough to guarantee your family's safety?This book has been teaching responsible gun owners the same effective techniques that created the world's deadliest snipers. The new 2nd edition has been redesigned to give you the most powerful methods in easy-to-follow instructions.A retired US Navy SEAL and bestselling author, Chris was hand-selected to develop the entire curriculum for the US Navy SEAL Sniper training program. If the US Navy SEALs selected him as their leading firearms instructor, shouldn't you?Now, you can use these world-class techniques to master your weapon and protect your family.It comes with access to 12 online video lessons. Watch Chief Sajnog show you his real-world methods, and read detailed explanations in this book packed with the most effective firearms training you'll ever find, without any of the fluff. If you're looking for "cool" stories or techniques, this is not the book for you. If you want to shoot like a Navy SEAL, this is where to start. You'll learn:● How to find the right position for you -- not the cookie-cutter methods that only work for some people -- so you can maximize your aim with as little effort as possible.● Simple training exercises you can do right now, at home, without having to spend 1,000's of dollars at the shooting range.● How to boost your accuracy by up to 95% -- using the "Navy SEAL focus" technique that you can master in just minutes.● The SEAL Sniper Trick that you can start using today, allowing you to instantly hit targets at twice the distance.● Why the aiming technique you were taught is completely wrong -- and how you can fix it instantly.● Plus... how to do all of this safely, without risking harm to your family.Protect your loved ones, your country, and yourself, with the firearms techniques developed by one of the most respected firearms trainers in the world.

Shoot Like A Navy Seal

Author: Steven Gray
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781974468676
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Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Shoot Like a Navy SEAL: Training Guide for Beginners Are you looking to learn how to shoot like a trained soldier? That is exactly what you'll learn from this book. You won't find the basics of gun parts, or how to load your ammunition without dropping it here. This book contains the techniques of shooting with accuracy, again and again! It's not unrealistic to think that you can. You just need to master the fundamentals, and practice them well enough so that you don't need to think about them while shooting. After that, you'll be able to focus on more advanced factors, and truly learn to be a sharp shooter! This book aims to teach the reader how to accurately shoot from whatever distance their firearm can handle. Sniping is a unique and highly specialized skill, and only those who have already excelled in shorter range shooting need attempt it. If you are ready to learn the skills of a sniper, it is assumed you do not need to become familiar with the fundamentals presented in this book. Therefore, how to be a sniper is not covered in this fundamental shooting book. The use of both pistols and rifles is important to the well-rounded shooter, but I feel that many shooters looking to sharp shoot will be interested in longer ranges than pistols allow for. That's why we'll only briefly touch on any specific pistol use in this book. However, the fundamentals are often similar, if not mostly the same. The basics can be applied to any type of small arms shooting, including pistols and rifles. Download your E book "Shoot Like a Navy SEAL: Training Guide for Beginners" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Shoot Like A Navy Seal

Author: Chris Sajnog
Editor: 2nd Amendment Media
ISBN: 9780794843519
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2nd Amendment Media is proud to publish the work of Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL and the Master Training Specialist who was hand-selected to write the curriculum for the Navy SEAL Sniper training program. Sajnog is the President of Center Mass Group, LLC, a weapons and tactical training organization in San Diego, California, and he is a much sought-after expert in his field, even making appearances on Fox News. Sajnog has captured his training techniques in 2nd Amendment Media's Shoot Like A Navy SEAL. In his book, he gives no-nonsense, step-by-step instructions, clearly communicating his methods—ones that have been proven to create sharp shooters in one of the most elite forces in our country. Any shooter looking to perfect his or her marksmanship will benefit from the body of knowledge this renowned expert offers in his upcoming book.

Navy Seal Shooting

Author: Chris Sajnog
ISBN: 9781943787036
Size: 11,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Learn to shoot safely and effectively at home to protect yourself or your family. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and 385 illustrations, learn to plan your training, improve your accuracy and speed, shoot while moving, and clear malfunctions. Plus every manipulation needed for any semi-automatic pistol or rifle.

First Fast Fearless How To Lead Like A Navy Seal

Author: Brian "Iron Ed" Hiner
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071844813
Size: 17,63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER SEAL-style leadership—your best weapon in today’s complex business terrain Beyond extreme physical and combat achievements, SEALs are known for mental toughness, bias for action, decisiveness, creative thinking, adaptability, and perseverance—all under extreme stress. They get things done through, by, and with others. SEALs have a unique way of approaching every challenge and opportunity that enables them to do what others can’t—or simply won't. Competing in the global economy isn’t unlike guerrilla warfare. Your competitors come at you from unexpected places with surprising force, and the marketplace is constantly shifting. As a leader, what do you do to empower your business and your people not only to survive but to thrive—and win? First, Fast, Fearless is a practical guide for the business leader who wants to learn from the best of the best how to build and lead effective teams in conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and constant change. As one of the most experienced trainers in Navy SEAL history, “Iron Ed” Hiner reveals how to: Develop your personal leadership brand—and make it your credo Create mission-aligned teams that operate as true comrades Establish and communicate crystal-clear goals Enhance team innovation and problem solving under pressure Combat the enemies of copious bureaucracy and inadequate resources Rise to the call of leadership when it counts most You may not be facing jihadists in the mountains of Afghanistan and the streets of Iraq like Hiner did. But just as his SEALs depended on him to lead them on successful missions and safe passage home, your people are counting on you to empower them, defeat the competition, and forge paths to greater success. Be a First, Fast, Fearless leader!


Author: Daniel Palmer
Editor: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0786032162
Size: 11,40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the acclaimed author of Delirious comes a fast-paced, electrifying, and timely thriller where the greatest threats lie beneath a small town's peaceful veneer. . . Tom Hawkins is an ex-Navy Seal turned high-school soccer coach, struggling to forge a good relationship with his teenage daughter, Jill. It's no easy task given the poisonous influence of his ex-wife, Kelly. It gets even tougher when Kelly is found dead in suspicious circumstances. "If Palmer's second thriller doesn't generate tingling spinal columns, then nothing will." --Publishers Weekly (starred review) Moving back to Shilo, New Hampshire, to raise Jill, Tom ignores the whispers about his possible involvement in Kelly's death. Then an anonymous blog post accuses him of having an affair with one of his young players. As the allegations escalate to shocking proportions, implicating him in a sexting ring, Tom realizes he's being targeted by insidious, elusive enemies. Now the only way to protect his daughter is to reckon with the secrets in his past and unravel a web of greed, betrayal, and desperation that stretches far wider than he could have ever imagined. . . "Palmer scores again with a terrific thriller that has it all." –Library Journal (starred review) "A compelling and deeply puzzling thriller." --The Associated Press "Warning: once you start reading this novel, you will not stop!" --Lisa Gardner "Slam-dunk readable." --Andrew Gross "A high speed thriller." --Lisa Scottoline

Designation Gold Rogue Warrior

Author: Richard Marcinko
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439141037
Size: 14,63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Rogue Warrior has come to Moscow to investigate the assassination of Paul Mahon, U.S. Defense attaché in Russia. Marcinko knows who killed him -- Andrei Yudin, a godfather in the Russian Mafia -- and he wants to know why. Instead, he finds a cabal of corrupt, mob-linked russian politicians. The revelation gets him yanked back to Washington, where orders come down to disband his elite team of SEALs. But even as the Pentagon's chain of command becomes a noose around his neck, Marcinko begins to cut and slash his way to the truth behind Mahon's death. More about survival than revenge, his mission soon leads him to a black-market network peddling terrorism in Paris, sinister trading in the Middle East, and a devil of a deal that puts American's safety up for sale....

Shoot Like A Girl

Author: Mary Jennings Hegar
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101988452
Size: 17,83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 545

On June 29, 2009, Air National Guard major Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar was shot down while on a Medevac mission on her third tour in Afghanistan. Despite being wounded, she fought the enemy and saved the lives of her crew and their patients. But soon she would face a new battle: to give women who serve on the front lines the credit they deserve. . . . After being commissioned into the U.S. Air Force, MJ Hegar was selected for pilot training by the Air National Guard, finished at the top of her class, then served three tours in Afghanistan flying combat search and rescue missions, culminating in a harrowing rescue attempt that would earn MJ the Purple Heart as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device. But it was on American soil that Hegar would embark on her greatest challenge—to eliminate the military’s Ground Combat Exclusion Policy, which kept female armed service members from officially serving in combat roles despite their long-standing record of doing so with honor. In Shoot like A Girl, MJ takes the reader on a dramatic journey through her military career: an inspiring, humorous, and thrilling true story of a brave, high-spirited, and unforgettable woman who has spent much of her life ready to sacrifice

Navy Seal Justice

Author: Elle James
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460381343
Size: 13,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A conflicted navy SEAL and a determined FBI agent join forces in New York Times bestselling author Elle James's continuation of Covert Cowboys, Inc. FBI agent Melissa Bradley is used to cryptic assignments like this: retrieve package from PO Box and deliver to old friend. Package in hand, she's attacked by thugs—and she's not about to trust the tall, dark and dangerous rescuer who claims he was sent to protect her. A former navy SEAL turned cowboy suddenly reinstated as a SEAL, there's clearly more to James Monahan's covert op than he'll admit. When their mutual friend goes missing, they join forces deep in the swamplands of southern Mississippi to find him. But as a dangerous band of traitors, terrorists and killers close in, survival means trusting each other—their toughest mission yet.

The Law Of Armed Conflict

Author: Gary D. Solis
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139487116
Size: 18,69 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 767

The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War introduces law students and undergraduates to the law of war in an age of terrorism. What law of armed conflict/international humanitarian law applies to particular armed conflicts? Does that law apply to terrorists as well? What is the status of participants in an armed conflict? What constitutes a war crime? What is a lawful target and how are targeting decisions made? What are rules of engagement? What weapons are lawful and unlawful, and why? This text takes the reader through these essential questions of the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law to an awareness of finer points of battlefield law. The U.S.-weighted text incorporates lessons from many nations and includes hundreds of cases from jurisdictions worldwide.