Author: Richard Reeves
Editor: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 0805099395
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A LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER • A NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITOR'S CHOICE • Bestselling author Richard Reeves provides an authoritative account of the internment of more than 120,000 Japanese-Americans and Japanese aliens during World War II Less than three months after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and inflamed the nation, President Roosevelt signed an executive order declaring parts of four western states to be a war zone operating under military rule. The U.S. Army immediately began rounding up thousands of Japanese-Americans, sometimes giving them less than 24 hours to vacate their houses and farms. For the rest of the war, these victims of war hysteria were imprisoned in primitive camps. In Infamy, the story of this appalling chapter in American history is told more powerfully than ever before. Acclaimed historian Richard Reeves has interviewed survivors, read numerous private letters and memoirs, and combed through archives to deliver a sweeping narrative of this atrocity. Men we usually consider heroes-FDR, Earl Warren, Edward R. Murrow-were in this case villains, but we also learn of many Americans who took great risks to defend the rights of the internees. Most especially, we hear the poignant stories of those who spent years in "war relocation camps," many of whom suffered this terrible injustice with remarkable grace. Racism, greed, xenophobia, and a thirst for revenge: a dark strand in the American character underlies this story of one of the most shameful episodes in our history. But by recovering the past, Infamy has given voice to those who ultimately helped the nation better understand the true meaning of patriotism.


Author: Robert Tanenbaum
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476793212
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"Prosecutor Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene Ciampi, must team up to solve the suspicious murder of an FBI informant and battle corruption at the highest levels of the United States government"--

Histories Of Infamy

Author: Cristián A. Roa-de-la-Carrera
Editor: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 9780870818554
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"Roa-de-la-Carrera convincingly shows that Gómara, as well as other historians in the period, cannot easily ignore nor erase the contradictions of the Spanish colonial project." - Luis Fernando Restrepo, University of Arkansas “In an eloquent and thorough exegesis, Roa-de-la-Carrera reveals how and why López de Gómara, having written the best of all possible books in exultation of Spanish imperialism, nevertheless failed to convince the readers of his time." - Susan Schroeder, Tulane University In Histories of Infamy, Cristián Roa-de-la-Carrera explores Francisco López de Gómara's (1511-ca.1559) attempt to ethically reconcile Spain's civilizing mission with the conquistadors' abuse and exploitation of Native peoples. The most widely read account of the conquest in its time, Gómara's Historia general de las Indias y Conquista de México rationalized the conquistadors' crimes as unavoidable evils in the task of bringing "civilization" to the New World. Through an elaborate defense of Spanish imperialism, Gómara aimed to convince his readers of the merits of the conquest, regardless of the devastation it had wrought upon Spain's new subjects. Despite his efforts, Gómara's apologist text quickly fell into disrepute and became ammunition for Spain's critics. Evaluating the effectiveness of ideologies of colonization, Roa-de-la-Carrera's analysis will appeal to scholars in colonial studies and readers interested in the history of the Americas.

A History Of Infamy

Author: Pablo Piccato
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520292618
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"A History of Infamy explores the broken nexus between crime, justice, and the truth in mid-twentieth-century Mexico. Facing the violence and impunity that defined politics, policing, and the judicial system in post-revolutionary times, Mexicans sought truth and justice outside state institutions. During this time, the criminal news beat and crime fiction flourished. Civil society's search for truth and justice lead, paradoxically, to the normalization of extrajudicial violence and neglect for the rights of victims. As Piccato demonstrates, ordinary people in Mexico have made crime and punishment central concerns of the public sphere during the last century, and in doing so have shaped how crime and violence took form over time"--Provided by publisher.


Author: John Toland
Editor: Anchor
ISBN: 1101872845
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Bestselling author and historian John Toland’s expertise and skill as a narrator were awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for his sweeping Rising Sun. In Infamy, Toland extends and corrects his account of the events leading up to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, addressing persistent questions: Could FDR have engineered a conspiracy to get the US into the War? Did high-level military and civilian leaders lie under oath? Were the wrong men held culpable in order to protect Washington? Accessing formerly secret government, military, and diplomatic records--including the account of the then anonymous and controversial “Seaman Z”—Toland masterfully reevaluates what we know about this infamous act of aggression against the US.

Living In Infamy

Author: Pippa Holloway
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199976082
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Living in Infamy uncovers the origins of felon disfranchisement and traces the expansion of the practice to felons regardless of race and its spread beyond the South, establishing a system that affects the American electoral process today.


Author: Tom Milton
Editor: Nepperhan Press
ISBN: 0979457955
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Did our government know in advance about the attack on 9-11? Fenly Aquino and Raquel Lopez, members of an international security team, pursue this question in their efforts to stop another attack on an unknown target in New York City. Working together in Madrid's underworld of prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and money runners, they have only two weeks to unravel the plot, which involves the use of laundered money to buy weapons of mass destruction. Original.


Author: Jack Z. Stettner
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475935358
Size: 14,59 MB
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A riveting story of one person's passage from college kid to accomplished World War II pilot. Jack Stettner takes us along on his enthralling journey from enlistment in reaction to the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor through primary, basic, advanced and combat pilot training, to flying his first combat missions. Along the way we meet several interesting characters (people and aircraft), share his excitement upon earning his wings, and relive his harrowing experience of bailing out over China. His intimate description of the various stages of pilot training adeptly proves that learning to fly is only part of the requirement to survive 44 combat missions and 400 combat hours in the skies over Japanese-occupied China.

The Other Side Of Infamy

Author: Jim Downing
Editor: NavPress
ISBN: 1631466283
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War is uncomfortable for Christians, and worldwide war is unfamiliar for today’s generations. Jim Downing reflects on his illustrious military career, including his experience during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, to show how we can be people of faith during troubled times. The natural human impulse is to run from attack. Jim Downing—along with countless other soldiers and sailors at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941—ran toward it, fighting to rescue his fellow navy men, to protect loved ones and civilians on the island, and to find the redemptive path forward from a devastating war. We are protected from war these days, but there was a time when war was very present in our lives, and in The Other Side of Infamy we learn from a veteran of Pearl Harbor and World War II what it means to follow Jesus into and through every danger, toil, and snare.


ISBN: 9781781253861
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Rome is an empire with a bad reputation. From its brutal games to its depraved emperors, its violent mobs to its ruthless wars, its name resounds down the centuries like a scream in an alley. But was it as bad as all that? Join the historian Jerry Toner on a detective's hunt to discover the extent of Rome's crimes.From the sexual peccadillos of Tiberius and Nero to the chances of getting burgled if you left your apartment unguarded (pretty high, especially if the walls were thin enough to knock through) he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to bring the Eternal City to book.Meet a gallery of villains, high and low. Discover the problems that most exercised its long-suffering citizens. Explore the temptations of excess and find out what desperation can make a pleb do. What do we see when we look at Rome? A hideous vision of ancient corruption - or a reflection of our own troubled age?