Young Sikhs In A Global World

Author: Knut A. Jacobsen
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134790880
Size: 11,90 MB
Format: PDF
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In attempting to carve out a place for themselves in local and global contexts, young Sikhs mobilize efforts to construct, choose, and emphasize different aspects of religious and cultural identification depending on their social setting and context. Young Sikhs in a Global World presents current research on young Sikhs with multicultural and transnational life-styles and considers how they interpret, shape and negotiate religious identities, traditions, and authority on an individual and collective level. With a particular focus on the experiences of second generation Sikhs as they interact with various people in different social fields and cultural contexts, the book is constructed around three parts: 'family and home', 'public display and gender', and 'reflexivity and translations'. New scholarly voices and established academics present qualitative research and ethnographic fieldwork and analyse how young Sikhs try to solve social, intellectual and psychological tensions between the family and the expectations of the majority society, between Punjabi culture and religious values.

African Migrants And Europe

Author: Lorenzo Rinelli
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317627091
Size: 14,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The process of migration control mirrors the trajectories of the people who traverse national boundaries, making today’s borders flexible and fluid. This book explores the transformation of migration control in the post 9/11 era. It looks at how border controls have become more diffuse in the face of increased human flows from Africa and presents a critical analysis of the dispositif of European migration control, including detention without trial, derogation of human rights law, torture, "extraordinary rendition", the curtailment of civil liberties and the securitization of migration. By examining the role of Gaddafi’s Libya in the last ten years as a gendarme of Europe, it argues for a re-visioning of borders and frontiers in ways that can account for their dialectical nature, and for the dialectical nature of political life. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of European studies, African studies, security studies, international relations, global studies, comparative politics, cultural geography, migration studies and border theory.

Racial Criminalization Of Migrants In The 21st Century

Author: Professor Salvatore Palidda
Editor: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409497461
Size: 14,82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Over the last two decades in the West, there has been a significant increase in the arrest, imprisonment and detention of migrants. The racial criminalization and victimization of migrants and Roma people has led judicial authorities, local governments, the police, mass media and the general population to perceive migrants and 'gypsies' as responsible for a wide range of offences. Taking into consideration the political and cultural conditions that affect and interconnect societies of emigration and immigration, the contributors examine and compare a range of cases in Europe and the United States. The contributions demonstrate how the persecution of the 'current enemy' is the 'total political fact' of the 21st century in that it ensures consensus and business, or what might be termed the 'crime deal' of today. This provocative book has international appeal and will be a valuable resource for academics, researchers and policymakers with an interest in migration and social and ethnic control.

No Borders

Author: Emma Bell
Size: 19,65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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It is often asserted that neoliberal globalisation has had the liberating effect of breaking clown traditional borders as barriers to free trade are swept away. Yet, in practice, recent decades have seen the erection of a host of new boundarics and the reinforcement of old ones. Boundaries continue to be a salient feature of the contemporary political, geographical and social landscape. National and extra-national boundaries have been reinforced, particularly in the European security state and beyond as ever-stricter immigration controls are adopted. Through an analysis of immigration policies in Europe, the United States and Australia, this book aims to challenge both the physical and metaphorical borders that divide citizens from migrants, `bogus' asylum-seekers from the `genuine', `legal' from `illegal' migrants... Rather than seeing immigration as problematic in itself, this collection instead regards barriers to immigration as problematic to the extent that they contribute to the marginalisation, criminalisation and even death of those who seek to make a better life for themselves in another country and tend to obfuscate the cultural, social and economic benefits which migration might bring to host countries.

Sociology Of The Arts

Author: Victoria Alexander
Editor: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780631230403
Size: 16,73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 283

This is a comprehensive overview of the sociology of art and an authoritative work of scholarship by a leading expert in the field. The international selection of perspectives, empirical research, and case studies makes this book essential for teaching and studying the sociology of art. Synthesizes the various theoretical models of art sociology. Provides empirical examples of books, films, television shows, dance, and music, as well as exemplars of sociological work on the arts. Discusses works from both fine and popular ends of the cultural spectrum. Explores how art is created, distributed, received, consumed, and used by people who experience it.

Storia Del Miracolo Economico Giapponese

ISBN: 1291521453
Size: 12,67 MB
Format: PDF
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The Reichstag Graffiti

Author: Norman Foster
Size: 18,46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 587

In the Reichstag, the walls speak. Covered in Russian graffiti written by victorious Soviet soldiers in 1945, they've remained silent, their words hidden for decades, until rediscovered by architect Norman Foster and his team, who began work on the building in 1995. Preserved by Foster as part of his concept of the Reichstag as a "living museum" of German history, these anti-German scribblings remain a hotly debated subject. Some charge that the graffiti is morally offensive and masochistic, while others argue that its presence indicates a brave determination not to forget the tragedies of the past. Accompanying essays consider the graffiti as a monument to the individual and offer an historical account of the Battle of Berlin through the eyes of Red Army soldiers as they approached their ultimate goal, the Reichstag.

La Conjoncture De 1300 En M Diterran E Occidentale

Author: Sandro Carocci
Editor: Ecole Française de Rome
Size: 13,43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 120

"Sempre di più le nostre società sperimentano un blocco, persino drammatico, dei canali e delle speranze di mobilità. Tanto più allo storico il problema dei successi e dei fallimenti nelle ascese sociali appare un mezzo importante per capire la tonalità di un'epoca, la temperatura della sua vita sociale. La « congiuntura del 1300 » (l'argomento della inchiesta collettiva in cui questo incontro si inserisce) è stata anche una congiuntura di irrigidimento sociale? E poi, più in generale, cosa sappiamo della mobilità sociale nel medioevo? Il volume mostra quanto sia complesso rispondere a questi interrogativi. Il problema della mobilità sociale è rimasto quasi sempre ai margini della ricerca sul medioevo. I contributi rappresentano un primo, importante momento di riflessione sui caratteri e il ritmo del ricambio sociale nel XIII-XIV secolo, e più in generale in età medievale. Elaborano e applicano, talora per la prima volta, metodi d'indagine e tecniche di ricerca per colmare il grave ritardo degli studi. Constatano come le nuove concezioni dello spazio e del movimento sociale sviluppate nell'ultimo trentennio da antropologi e sociologi obblighino a moltiplicare i campi di analisi e rendano complesso collegare la mobilità sociale alla congiuntura economica. Per la « congiuntura del 1300 », l'analisi della mobilità sociale sembra suggerire un andamento economico dove, piuttosto che una netta inversione del trend di crescita, si osservano difficoltà settoriali, connotate dalla ricerca di nuovi equilibri. Soprattutto, si percepisce un cambiamento nei caratteri dell'espansione, un suo stabilizzarsi su ritmi più lenti e regolari, con minore spazio per quelle periodiche e forti accelerazioni che, nei due secoli precedenti, tanto avevano dato impulso alla mobilità sociale."--Publisher's website.