Italian Books And Periodicals

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Beyond The Vertical

Author: Layton Kor
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493001329
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Layton Kor is pre-eminent in American mountaineering. He is considered the best rock climber of his generation, and his list of first ascents of technically difficult rock climbs, both free and aid, is perhaps unmatched by any American climber. In this book Kor tells the story in his own words of these groundbreaking and suspenseful climbs. Supplementing Kor's narrative are twenty-three accounts written by other leading climbers of the 1960s and 1970s, describing ascents they did with Kor: Royal Robbins, Fred Beckey, Pat Ament, Chris Bonington, Steve Roper, Huntley Ingalls, and many more share their perspectives. Kor's climbs have become some of the most famous routes in the world—the Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon, the Diamond on Longs Peak, the Salathe Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite, the North Face of the Eiger in the Alps…the list goes on. Written in a straighforward and engaging style, and accompanied by stunning, historical color photographs, Beyond the Vertical is a must-have for all rock climbers and armchair mountaineers alike.

Mussolini And Italian Fascism

Author: Hamish Macdonald
Editor: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748733866
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'The Pathfinder History' series is designed to help students make the transition from GCSE to A level. Each book provides the student with a structured route through the A level process and develops the skills needed for examination success.

The Cambridge Companion To The Recorder

Author: John Mansfield Thomson
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521358163
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This is the first book to offer a complete introduction to the recorder. Eight contributors from four different countries write on topics such as the recorder and its music through the centuries, the recorder as orchestral instrument, the professional recorder player through history and today, and the phenomenon of the recorder revival. The Companion also contains basic reference material previously unavailable in one volume. A special feature is the rich collection of illustrations that provide a history of the instrument. The Cambridge Companion to the Recorder will be of interest to performers and students as well as to music enthusiasts.

Literature And Identity In Italian Baroque Travel Writing

Author: Nathalie Hester
Editor: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754661948
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This first full-length study in English on seventeenth-century Italian travel writing enriches our understanding of an unusually fertile period for Italian contributions to the genre. The intrinsic qualities of this literature can now be grasped in terms of the larger question of cultural identity in Italy. For Hester, the specifically literary characteristics of Italian travel writing--including its humanism or Petrarchism--highlight the classic eminence throughout Europe of a prestigious tradition inherent to Italy, one compensating then for the peninsula's lack of a national political identity.

Italians Of New York

Editor: US History Publishers
ISBN: 1603540709
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Italian Crime Filmography 1968 1980

Author: Roberto Curti
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786469765
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"In 1970s Italy, crime films were the most popular, profitable and controversial genre. The product of a country plagued with violence, political tensions and armed struggle, these films managed to capture and convey the widespread anxiety and anger in their tales. This book includes all the crime films produced in Italy between 1968 and 1980"--

History And Culture In Italy

Author: John Hendrix
Editor: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761826286
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History and Culture in Italy is a scholarly, introductory survey of the history and culture of Italy, focusing on art and architecture, literature and philosophy, politics and historical events, and observations of daily life in modern Italy. The book is based on lectures and tours given over the course of four years to American students in Italy. It is written as a narrative, which readers have found makes it enjoyable to read. Chapters are identified according to subject. The book emphasizes the importance of the history and culture of Italy to modern life and identity in Western culture.

Italian Paintings Florentine School

Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
Editor: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 0870990195
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Mavericks Of Italian Cinema

Author: Roberto Curti
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476633002
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 The history of Italian cinema includes, in addition to the renowned auteurs, a number of peculiar and lesser-known filmmakers. While their artistry was often plagued with production setbacks, their works—influenced by poetry, playwriting, advertising, literature, comics and a nonconformist, sometimes antagonistic attitude—were original and thought provoking. Drawing from official papers and original scripts, this book includes much previously unpublished information on the works and lives of post–World War II filmmakers Pier Carpi, Alberto Cavallone, Riccardo Ghione, Giulio Questi, Brunello Rondi, Paolo Spinola, Augusto Tretti and Nello Vegezzi.