Just So Happens

Author: Fumio Obata
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448113512
Size: 12,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 456

'I still remember arriving in the city for the first time... It wasn't easy... But here, London, is my home.' Yumiko is a young Japanese woman who has made London her home. She has a job, a boyfriend; Japan seems far away. Then, out of the blue, her brother calls to tell her that her father has died in a mountaineering accident. Yumiko returns to Tokyo for the funeral and finds herself immersed in the rituals of Japanese life and death – and confronting a decision she hadn’t expected to have to make. Just So Happens is a graphic novel by a young artist and storyteller of rare talent. Fumio Obata’s drawing, in particular, is marvellous in its power and delicacy.

It Just So Happened

Author: David B Paterson
Editor: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1594675600
Size: 19,45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 858

Four Meals

Author: Meir Shalev
Editor: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1847677363
Size: 10,91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 365

Four Meals is the extraordinary story of Zayde, his enigmatic mother Judith and her three lovers. When Judith arrives in a small, rural village in Palestine in the early 1930s, three men compete for her attention: Globerman, the cunning, coarse cattle-dealer who loves women, money and flesh; Jacob, owner of hundreds of canaries and host to the four meals which lend the book its narrative structure; and Moshe, a widowed farmer obsessed with his dead wife and his lost braid of hair which his mother cut off in childhood. During the four meals, which take place intermittently over several decades, Zayde slowly comes to understand why these three men consider him their son and why all three participate in raising him.

Just So Me Stories

Author: Matt Greenfield
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450247105
Size: 12,42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 915

Just So-me Stories flirts with the hyphen in between "non" and "fiction" in chronicling the darkest moments of Matt Greenfield's young life. "The Edge Behind Me" investigates a Memorial Day weekend/breakdown in the life of an alienated young teacher and would-be rock star known only as "Mr. B" as he interacts with students, parents, the vapid bar/concert scene, and an imaginary interviewer, all while trying to dodge the mystical musical inspiration he carries inside of him. "Drug-Induced Wanderings, Hooped Up on Them Goofballs" is the brief unexpurgated account of Greenfield's subconscious as his conscious self struggles with the side effects of a narcotic cough syrup one Thanksgiving weekend. And "And Found" is the true-but-much-elaborated story of Greenfield's peripatetic cross-country odyssey during his first full summer as a teacher. While the students are away, the teachers will play in these three witty, insightful, and completely un/true explorations of the solipsistic human spirit.

The Loves Of Judith

Author: Meir Shalev
Editor: Schocken
ISBN: 0805212523
Size: 11,50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 283

A woman with three loves and a son with three fathers: a universal story of passion and personal destiny by the award-winning author of A Pigeon and a Boy. When the mysterious Judith arrives in a small agricultural village in Palestine in the 1930s, she attracts attention of three men: Moshe, a widowed farmer; Globerman, a wealthy cattle dealer; and Jacob, who loses his wife—the most beautiful woman in the village—because of his obsession with Judith, who insists on living in a cowshed rather than settling down with any of her admirers. When she gives birth to Zayde, all three suitors consider him their son, and Zayde, who tragically loses Judith, imbibes their triple wisdom and their distinct versions of his origins. As Zayde pieces together the beguiling story of the singular woman who was his mother, Meir Shalev weaves a magical novel of the joys and secrets of village life, of an unconventional family, and the unexpected fruits of love.

It Just So Happened

Author: John S Fordtran
ISBN: 9781640080720
Size: 15,92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 480

This biography of Josephine and Will Fordtran of South Texas describes the joys and the struggles they endured and spotlights the many small traditions that united their family. Their descendants will gain insight, wisdom, and inspiration from their story.

Cherokee Stories Of The Turtle Island Liars Club

Author: Christopher B. Teuton
Editor: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807837490
Size: 20,39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 103

Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars' Club paints a vivid, fascinating portrait of a community deeply grounded in tradition and dynamically engaged in the present. A collection of forty interwoven stories, conversations, and teachings about Western Cherokee life, beliefs, and the art of storytelling, the book orchestrates a multilayered conversation between a group of honored Cherokee elders, storytellers, and knowledge-keepers and the communities their stories touch. Collaborating with Hastings Shade, Sammy Still, Sequoyah Guess, and Woody Hansen, Cherokee scholar Christopher B. Teuton has assembled the first collection of traditional and contemporary Western Cherokee stories published in over forty years. Not simply a compilation, Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars' Club explores the art of Cherokee storytelling, or as it is known in the Cherokee language, gagoga (gah-goh-ga), literally translated as "he or she is lying." The book reveals how the members of the Liars' Club understand the power and purposes of oral traditional stories and how these stories articulate Cherokee tradition, or "teachings," which the storytellers claim are fundamental to a construction of Cherokee selfhood and cultural belonging. Four of the stories are presented in both English and Cherokee.

Counter Culture

Author: David Platt
Editor: Tyndale House
ISBN: 1496400003
Size: 17,61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 985

Welcome to the front lines. Everywhere we turn, battle lines are being drawn—traditional marriage vs. gay marriage, pro-life vs. pro-choice, personal freedom vs. governmental protection. Seemingly overnight, culture has shifted to the point where right and wrong are no longer measured by universal truth but by popular opinion. And as difficult conversations about homosexuality, abortion, and religious liberty continue to inject themselves into our workplaces, our churches, our schools, and our homes, Christians everywhere are asking the same question: How are we supposed to respond to all this? In Counter Culture, New York Times bestselling author David Platt shows Christians how to actively take a stand on such issues as poverty, sex trafficking, marriage, abortion, racism, and religious liberty—and challenges us to become passionate, unwavering voices for Christ. Drawing on compelling personal accounts from around the world, Platt presents an unapologetic yet winsome call for Christians to faithfully follow Christ into the cultural battlefield in ways that will prove both costly and rewarding. The lines have been drawn. The moment has come for Christians to rise up and deliver a gospel message that’s more radical than even the most controversial issues of our day.

It Happened Just This Way

Author: M. Apodaca
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462060692
Size: 10,49 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 633

This book was an alternative to suicide. When I thought the only solution was to end my life I decided to write a book outlining my decision. I figured that way everyone I cared about could see that i had no choice but to end it all. The further I got into the book the more I could find reason to live. I actually had to laugh at some of my adventures that I at one time considered sad moments. I began to see how much pleasure I had actually contributed to my friends and family. I’m a 60 year old single mom of one. always trying to find a way or place to fit in with the rest od society. Every new decade brought new hope but no new solution, until age 60.

Six Bosnian Marks

Author: John Friesen
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491753757
Size: 19,44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 175

Life is seemingly only a feeling and nothing more. Unfortunately some have to learn that the hard way. Following the tragic loss of a sister, which some hold him accountable for; the collapse of his family; the sudden calling off of a wedding; a suicide attempt; some combat in Afghanistan; a bank robbery; and a stint in Alcoholics Anonymous, a young and successful architect and aspiring artist clashes with the thoughts that he’s always believed kept him safe and protected, and with a feel that’s constantly confirming to him that his life has become worse than death itself. After deciding to leave his home country of Canada; and to withdraw from his career and secure way of life, he heads off to France, which ultimately turns into an unexpected journey that takes him throughout Europe and into Asia where he stumbles across numerous characters, including a South American pet monkey of an ex-soldier transport truck fanatic from Bhutan, who all lead by example and inadvertently teach him how to acquire the feel that could finally make his dreams come true. Yet before that happens, he gets mixed-up with an unpredictable on-stress-leave madman banker from Doha, Qatar who takes him, and even the monkey hostage, and drags them to Bosnia and beyond. During the course of this journey the architect realizes that getting as close to death as possible without experiencing it, and seeing the world as a mere theatre are the only ways for him to possibly reverse his fortunes and to obtain the feel that’s not only capable of painting the portrait of his visions, but also strong enough to see his destructive train of thoughts come to a crashing end.