Kabbalah Made Easy

Author: Maggy Whitehouse
Editor: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1846945445
Size: 18,61 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 255

Kabbalah Made Easy is a down-to-earth, no-red-strings-attached look at the Judaic mystical system that has been made famous by the Kabbalah Center. The book explains why Kabbalah can seem so complex and breaks the system down into simple, understandable chunks. It examines the different systems that are in operation today including the Lurianic tradition, the Golden Dawn, magical, alchemical and Christian Kabblah as well as the re-emerging Toledano Tradition, which is taking Kabbalah back to its roots while making it accessible to the modern world. The book explains the basics of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram as well as the four worlds of Jacob's Ladder. It includes Kabbalistic lore on angels, astrology and gematria, as well as exercises and meditations that are simple but profound.

Kabbalah Made Easy

Author: Barrie Dolnick
Editor: Piatkus Books
ISBN: 9780749926892
Size: 18,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 236

Kabbalah is an ancient body of knowledge, a mystical pathway and a complex model of what/who God is, who you are, and most importantly, who you can be. This book is an accessible and energising book on the hottest phenomenon in spirituality, which is practised by Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears.

God Is Love

Author: William Sutherland
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490712437
Size: 11,58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 261

God Is Love is written so that fear may be dispelled and all may discover and know God's perfect love for each of us, a love that transcends all religions and ultimately leads to universal salvation. God Is Love is the most powerful book in years. It is a must-read for persons of every religion and even for the atheist. It is especially uplifting and inspirational for the marginalized and alienated and everyone who has been condemned at one time or another. God Is Love definitively answers the age-old questions pertaining to the culpability and eternal fate of those involved in the crucifixion and why the cross was God's chosen mechanism for His loving, salvific plan that includes each and every being of creation. Through a diversity of religious scripture and textual evidence, God Is Love portrays the true nature of God and establishes the fact that everyone has a place in His heart even when society and/or religious institutions attempt to limit God's love and the power of the crucifixion and resurrection. After reading God Is Love, your life will be changed forever and even those who have been alienated from God will return to seek refuge in His everlasting agape love. God Is Love provides much-needed love and hope in an era of hate and doubt!

Burnt Books

Author: Rodger Kamenetz
Editor: Schocken
ISBN: 0307379337
Size: 16,56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 155

Part of the Jewish Encounter series Rodger Kamenetz, acclaimed author of The Jew in the Lotus, has long been fascinated by the mystical tales of the Hasidic master Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. And for many years he has taught a course in Prague on Franz Kafka. The more he thought about their lives and writings, the more aware he became of unexpected connections between them. Kafka was a secular artist fascinated by Jewish mysticism, and Rabbi Nachman was a religious mystic who used storytelling to reach out to secular Jews. Both men died close to age forty of tuberculosis. Both invented new forms of storytelling that explore the search for meaning in an illogical, unjust world. Both gained prominence with the posthumous publication of their writing. And both left strict instructions at the end of their lives that their unpublished books be burnt. Kamenetz takes his ideas on the road, traveling to Kafka’s birthplace in Prague and participating in the pilgrimage to Uman, the burial site of Rabbi Nachman visited by thousands of Jews every Jewish new year. He discusses the hallucinatory intensity of their visions and offers a rich analysis of Nachman’s and Kafka’s major works, revealing uncanny similarities in the inner lives of these two troubled and beloved figures, whose creative and religious struggles have much to teach us about the significant role played by the imagination in the Jewish spiritual experience. From the Hardcover edition.

A Simple Guide To Happiness

Author: Max Weiman
ISBN: 9780974135410
Size: 11,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 799

The Law Of Attraction Made Easy

Author: Meera Lester
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440594864
Size: 10,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 551

Easy exercises for bringing the Law of Attraction into your life! Everything you desire is within your reach. You just need to know how to work with the universe to get what you want. With The Law of Attraction Made Easy, you will learn how to make your intentions crystal clear to draw happiness, success, and love into your life. More than fifty simple exercises will teach you how you can shift your thoughts to bring more positive and happy experiences, and through transformational thinking, radically change your life. As you incorporate the Law of Attraction into your daily life, you'll easily connect with the universe to produce the experiences, relationships, and things you desire--the perfect partner, a satisfying career, robust health, or peace of mind.

Simple Kabbalah

Author: Kim Zetter
Editor: Castle
ISBN: 9780785815112
Size: 18,53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 533

The Master Cleanse Made Easy

Author: Robin Westen
Editor: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612434223
Size: 11,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 270

Christian History Made Easy Leader Guide

Author: Timothy Paul Jones
Editor: Rose Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1596365994
Size: 20,26 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 862

People and Events Every Christian Should Know In this 12-session DVD-based study, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones takes you through the most important events in Christian history from the time of the apostles to today. He brings to life the fascinating people and events that shaped our world. This isn’t dry names and dates. It’s full of dramatic stories told with a touch of humor. This series, based on Dr. Jones’s popular award-winning book Christian History Made Easy, ties in spiritual lessons believers can glean by looking at the past, and shows how God was still working in his church despite all the ups and downs. You will learn: • The fascinating stories of people such as St. Patrick, Martin Luther, and Augustine. • People who changed history: Constantine, Charlemagne, and Francis of Assisi • How we got the Bible that we read today — John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and others. • The Middle Ages and the Reformation: Kings and Queens, Monks and Reformers • Where church doctrines and practices originated. • How the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches came to be. • Reason and Revival - How modernity and the scientific revolution affected Christianity. • How Christianity has spread around the world You don’t have to be an expert to lead this 12-session study. Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal use. Ages: Young adult to adult. The Sessions The 12 sessions cover major eras and topics with plenty of stories and humor. You’ll cover the early church, monasticism, medieval conflicts, the Protestant Reformation, the Great Awakening, 19th-century missions, modernity, and postmodernism.

Dante Eros And Kabbalah

Author: Mark Mirsky
Editor: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815630272
Size: 11,92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 218

Did Dante Alighieri, author of The Divine Comedy as a young man in Florence sleep with Beatrice Portinari before and after her marriage? Did the poet travel after her death through Hell to find her again? The clues to this academic detective story, writes Mark Jay Mirsky, lie not only in Dante's earlier poetry, The New Life, or in The Divine Comedy, but in the Zohar of Moses de Leon, a Jewish text written some years before and based on Neoplatonic ideas similar to those that inspired Dante. are inaccessible to most reader unfamiliar with the boldness of Dante's use of the philosophical debate in the Middle Ages. Does Dante's Commedia hint at his hope of intimacy with Beatrice in the Highest Heaven? mediaeval theologians, Dante's personal life, and the sources of his classical education to propose a radical reading of Dante. The text compounds the riddles of dream, poetry, philosophy and Dante's concealed autobiography in his work. It treats the Commedia in the spirit of its title, as a hopeful and comic version of the other world.