Kant And The Metaphors Of Reason

Author: Patricia Kauark-Leite
Editor: Georg Olms Verlag
ISBN: 3487151243
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In den vergangenen Jahrzehnten hat die Metapher in der Philosophie zunehmend Beachtung gefunden und wurde zu einem zentralen Thema, mit dem Kant sich in seiner kritischen Philosophie in Begriffen von Analogie und Symbolisierung beschäftigt. Sein Beitrag zur Entwicklung unseres Verständnisses der Rolle, die Bilder, Metaphern und Symbole in theoretischer und praktischer Hinsicht leisten, ist bedeutend; zudem ist Kant selber auch als Schöpfer von Metaphern weithin bekannt. Symbole, Analogien und ästhetische Ideen sind unleugbar metaphorische Verfahren, die eine ebenso grundlegende wie systematische Funktion in Kants philosophischer Sprache einnehmen. – Dieser Sammelband ist das Ergebnis einer neueren Initiative seitens einer internationalen Gruppe von mit Kant befassten Philosophen und Kant-Spezialisten, um die Erforschung von Themen zu befördern, die noch nicht umfassend bearbeitet sind. Das trifft mit Sicherheit auf die „Metapher“-Thematik in Kants Philosophie zu, der der vorliegende Band gewidmet ist. In recent decades, metaphor has become a respectable and central theme in philosophy. In his critical philosophy, Kant treats this theme in terms of the notions of analogy and symbolization. In addition to contributing significantly to the development of our understanding of the role played by images, metaphors and symbols in both theoretical and practical issues, Kant is also widely recognized as a great creator of metaphors in his own right. Symbols, analogies and aesthetic ideas are undeniably metaphorical processes, which fulfill a function in Kant’s philosophical language that is as fundamental as it is systematic. This collected volume is the result of a recent initiative on the part of an international group of Kantian philosophers and scholars to promote research on topics that have yet to be thoroughly explored in academic research. This is certainly true of the topic of metaphor in Kant’s philosophy, to which the present volume is devoted.

Le Soi Et L Autre

Author: Isabelle Ratié
Editor: BRILL
ISBN: 900421643X
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This book offers a comprehensive presentation of the Pratyabhijñā philosophy (elaborated in the 10th and 11th centuries by Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta) by showing how its main concepts arose from the confrontation of Śaiva religious dogmas with Buddhist and Brahmanical systems. Cet ouvrage offre une présentation détaillée de la philosophie de la Pratyabhijñā (élaborée aux 10e-11e siècles par Utpaladeva et Abhinavagupta) et montre comment ses principaux concepts ont émergé d’une confrontation entre les dogmes religieux śivaïtes et les systèmes bouddhiques et brahmaniques.

L Volution Cr Atrice

Author: H. Bergson
Editor: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5874288643
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Eglise Catholique Et Transactions Politiques

Author: Dariusz G?ra
Editor: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581121391
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The thesis examines the Catholic social teaching, as it is expressed in papal encyclicals, in wide context of contemporary political doctrines and major events of 20th century. The author proposes a method of following political messages of the Catholic Church during the last century. He challenges a standard Church's claim of immutability of its teaching. He shows, on the contrary, firm contextualisation both of Church's action and of its official message. From classical confrontational strategy face to modernity, through the attitude of "dialogue" during the Second Vatican Council, the Church insists on remaining a recognized participant of significant contemporary debates even in conditions of postmodernity.

Gnomes In The Fog

Author: Dennis E. Hesseling
Editor: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 303487989X
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The significance of foundational debate in mathematics that took place in the 1920s seems to have been recognized only in circles of mathematicians and philosophers. A period in the history of mathematics when mathematics and philosophy, usually so far away from each other, seemed to meet. The foundational debate is presented with all its brilliant contributions and its shortcomings, its new ideas and its misunderstandings.


Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1447736249
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L Homme A T Il Le Pouvoir De Conna Tre La V Rit

Author: R. Arnou
Editor: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876522062
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