Led Zeppelin

Author: Keith Shadwick
Editor: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780879308711
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A chronicle of one of the great rock bands explores the roots of the band in the late 1960s rock scene while charting the band's financial success and cultural impact through the 1970s to the present.

Led Zeppelin The Complete Uk Vinyl Discography

Author: Neil Priddey
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1326396676
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Details of every Led Zeppelin UK release on the Atlantic and Swan Song labels from 1969 to 1982 with full colour, high quality photography throughout of labels, sleeves and inserts along with detailed analysis and identifi cation of the crucial 1st pressing details of every album and single. Essential reading for collectors of Led Zeppelin UK 1st pressings. The only book of its kind with this information for vinyl record collectors of rare UK first pressing Led Zeppelin albums and singles.

Led Zeppelin S Led Zeppelin Iv

Author: Erik Davis
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826416582
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In this wickedly entertaining and thoroughly informed homage to one of rock music's towering pinnacles, Erik Davis investigates the magic—black or otherwise—that surrounds this album. Carefully peeling the layers from each song, Davis reveals their dark and often mystical roots—and leaves the reader to decide whether [FOUR SYMBOLS] is some form of occult induction or just an inspired, brilliantly played rock album. Excerpt: Stripping Led Zeppelin's famous name off the fourth record was an almost petulant attempt to let their Great Work symbolically stand on its own two feet. But the wordless jacket also lent the album charisma. Fans hunted for hidden meanings, or, in failing to find them, sensed a strange reflection of their own mute refusal to communicate with the outside world. This helped to create one of the supreme paradoxes of rock history: an esoteric megahit, a blockbuster arcanum. Stripped of words and numbers, the album no longer referred to anything but itself: a concrete talisman that drew you into its world, into the frame. All the stopgap titles we throw at the thing are lame: Led Zeppelin IV, [Untitled], Runes, Zoso, Four Symbols. In an almost Lovecraftian sense, the album was nameless, a thing from beyond, charged with manna. And yet this uncanny fetish was about as easy to buy as a jockstrap.

Led Zeppelin

Author: Tony Horkins
Editor: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780312179380
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Led Zeppelin were the best. Created from the top musicians of the Sixties-Jimmy Page is believed to have played on over half of all British-released records between 1963 and 1965-they became one of the most successful bands of all time. Formed in 1968 from the ashes of The Yardbirds, the band's name came from a chance remark made by Keith Moon, who said they would 'go down like a lead balloon'. Their debut album, 'Led Zeppelin', became an instant classic, as have most of their releases. After the success of '68, Led Zeppelin repeatedly topped the charts, both in Britain and the US, for over a decade and their staggeringly famous 'Stairway to Heaven' has become an anthem for guitarists and Rock-lovers the world over. Their 'amazing chemistry' (Jimmy Page) and the raw energy of the band's electrifying performances ensured hero-worship throughout the globe. Led Zeppelin played together until 1980, when they disbanded following the tragic death of John Bonham, at the age of 33. They spawned a generation of imitators and an enduring legacy of Rock that can never be bettered. Packed to the hilt with facts and essential quotations from the idols and those who knew them, loved them, worked with them, envied them and hated them, the Modern Icons series is a major celebration of the heroes of rock-n-roll-the good, the great and the idolized. Titles include: Bob Marley The Clash Kiss Led Zeppelin

Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

Author: Jon Bream
ISBN: 9781616731496
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Led Zeppelin And Philosophy

Author: Scott Calef
Editor: Open Court
ISBN: 0812697766
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Led Zeppelin, who bestrode the world of rock like a colossus, have continually grown in popularity and influence since their official winding up in 1980. They exasperated critics and eluded classification, synthesizing blues, rock, folk, rockabilly, funk, classical, country, Indian, and Arabic techniques. They performed the alchemical trick of transmuting base led into gold—and platinum—and diamond. They did what they would, finding wisdom through personal excess and artistic self-discipline. “Not a coda to Zeppelin’s legacy, but a blast of metaphysical graffiti as relevant today as the first time we heard the opening chords of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. From Kant to ‘Kashmir’, from Freud to ‘Fool in the Rain’, Calef and company explore Zeppelin’s music in an introspective, suggestive manner worthy of both a blistering Page solo and a bawdy Bonham stomp.” —BRANDON W. FORBES, co-editor of Radiohead and Philosophy “Led Zeppelin’s albums, personalities, live performances, art work, myths, influences, and more, all come under the microscope. Compelling insights and observations add more depth to a subject that continues to thrill and inspire. Each chapter is driven by an unquenchable thirst for Zeppelin knowledge and pulls the reader deeper into the world of Led Zeppelin . . .” —DAVE LEWIS, editor, Tight But Loose

Led Zeppelin

Author: Michael A. Schuman
Editor: Enslow Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1978505248
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Led Zeppelin rocketed to fame in 1969 with their first album, simply titled Led Zeppelin, and the band's name has since been synonymous with the best rock and roll ever recorded. Their iconic "Stairway to Heaven" is regarded as one of rock and roll's most influential songs. Once considered rock and roll's bad boys, they are now one of the genre's elder statesmen. Through stunning photographs, informative sidebars, and revealing direct quotations from the band members themselves, this entertaining biography tells the story of four men from England who just wanted to play rock and roll, and it covers Zeppelin's accomplishments and challenges through the years.

Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin

Author: Hank Bordowitz
Editor: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613747543
Size: 12,37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There are lots of stories about Led Zeppelin—some true, some false. Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin dishes up the facts as the band saw them, in their own words. It shoots down the folklore and assumptions about Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, and presents the band's full history, from when Jimmy Page was playing skiffle to the day the band was honored by the Kennedy Center for their contribution to American and global culture. Any band is an amalgam of the players, but in very special cases, those players form an entity unto itself. Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin captures the ideas of all of the band's members at the time they created classics like "Whole Lotta Love," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Kashmir," but also captures the idea of the band itself as it created the music that changed popular culture. In the process, it offers insight into what made Led Zeppelin tick—and what made it the most popular band in the world. In a series of over fifty interviews spanning seven decades, many never before seen in print, this is the story of Led Zeppelin, as it happened, told by the people who knew it best—the members of the band. Hank Bordowitz's books include Bad Moon Rising, Billy Joel, Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright, and The U2 Reader. He has written for Spin, Playboy, Jazziz, and other publications.

Led Zeppelin Faq

Author: George Case
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1617130745
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Led Zeppelin

Author: Neal Preston
Editor: Vision on
ISBN: 1903399637
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The more legendary the rock band, the harder it is to cut through the myth. And the more debauched and unpredictable their behaviour, the harder it is for a photographer to gain their confidence while still remaining capable of operating a camera.Given these conditions, Neal Preston had to be a worker of subtle magic in order to get up close and remain on good terms with Led Zeppelin during the height of their '70s reign as heavy blues' Lords Of Misrule. Preston has worked for 25 years perfecting his abilities as a portraitist and "rare glimpse" hunter, acquiring memorable, candid images of Madonna, Springsteen, The Eagles and Bono.His collection of Led Zeppelin insider shots are some of the most revealing and entertaining ever seen, showing Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones rocking out, crashing out, dreaming away, hunkering down and fooling about in their underwear. Preston was right there, on the private jets, at the recording sessions and at the aftershows, and his record of the band at their pagan, Hammer Of The Gods peak reverberates loudly enough to reach both serious Zeppelin fans and the casually curious.