Lies Lust And Silence

Author: Claire Miles
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490701079
Size: 18,35 MB
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The disappearance of a child is a nightmare scenario. For the Farraday family, it is only a start of the true nightmare to come. When their little girl vanishes, they struggle to cope. When unexplained deaths begin to plague the family, questions begin to arise in their community. What might cause so much tragedy in one family? Is it perverse coincidence--or something far more sinister at work? When another little girl disappears and her mother is murdered, it becomes clear that these are not random events. Are these deaths somehow connected to a tragedy that occurred a decade earlier, or is another force at play that is intent on destroying the Farraday family? Left behind in their grief and now fear are five brothers and one sister. Their families are also pulled into the mystery, worried that they might also be at risk of destruction from an unknown killer. Is the patriarch of the family, Alan Farraday, somehow at the root of his family's despair? He had secrets that may have come home to roost and a dark past of lies and sexual scandal that may return to haunt his family again. The Farradays wait in fear for the next tragedy, and only time will tell whether they will find the courage to take a stand against an unknown foe, or succumb to a family curse too powerful to avoid.

Solitaire Sin And Desire

Author: Claire Miles
Editor: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1482891778
Size: 16,65 MB
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When your childhood is stolen from you, what hope is there for your future? For three young women, life is unimaginably horrible. Two were taken from their families as children, and the third is held in virtual slavery in plain sight. But it is not only their freedom that has been stolen—their hope for a future has also been crushed. Through a strange series of coincidences, the women are reunited in their hometown. They must overcome their many wounds, both physical and emotional, to survive. The physical wounds are easy enough to conceal. The psychological ones run deep and fester in the shadows of shame and hopelessness. As a survival tactic, they’ve buried the painful memories of their childhoods. From time to time, though, fleeting images of who they once were slip through the façade. Now they must find a way to do the impossible, the unthinkable: escape. But hidden beneath their desperation for a life free of their captors is another demon. They must pretend to be normal so they can live in everyday society. But first, they must find a way to escape. If they are to survive, they must depend on the strength of new people who have entered their lives. Can the women ever trust again? And how much are they willing to risk in order to leave the nightmare behind? Are they in danger of exchanging one life of horror for another?

On Lies Secrets And Silence Selected Prose 1966 1978

Author: Adrienne Rich
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393348113
Size: 16,44 MB
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In this collection of prose writings, one of America's foremost poets and feminist theorists reflects upon themes that have shaped her life and work. At issue are the politics of language; the uses of scholarship; and the topics of racism, history, and motherhood among others called forth by Rich as "part of the effort to define a female consciousness which is political, aesthetic, and erotic, and which refuses to be included or contained in the culture of passivity."

Lust Lies And Two Wives

Author: Adrienne Bellamy
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453583531
Size: 19,82 MB
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Lust, Lies and Two Wives While out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, on Black Friday, Denise Garner listened to the words on the other end of the phone. It was Lennys cousin. Listen, Denise, you need to come home. Lenny died of a heart attack yesterday." Denise immediately smelled a rat named Carolyn Monroe. She had never trusted that trollop her husband had been shacked up with for the past fourteen years. Did Lenny indeed have a heart attack or did his bitch Carolyn have a smart attack? After all, he was worth a lot more to that wench dead than alive, so Denise estimated. In this fiction caper, through author Adrienne Bellamy, the character Denise Garner will dazzle you. She will erupt your emotions, all of them. She has infused this book with mystery, facts, humor and intrigue, thus causing you to laugh out loud or seethe with anger. Her sheer energy alone in the investigation of the case will fascinate you. Bellamy navigates Denise step by step and blow by blow as she interrogates funeral directors, insurance claims adjusters, city officials, detectives, forensic experts, hospital personnel, pharmacists, paramedics, attorneys. You name them, she was there with her files determined to uncover facts proving that her husband was murdered. Denise, a dynamically clever trained paralegal, a thorough researcher and a true bloodhound is a one-woman show, hell bent on going after the bitch Carolyn and teaching her the following lessons, more specifically: If hes got a wife, dont make him your life; A marriage license holds a lot of weight; Not with my husbandyou wont; Dont be the mistressthat could hurt; The married mandont bank on him; Hes not yourshes married; Disasterhook up with my husband; What the mistress gets in the end is a catastrophe; Do the wrong thingand bring on your dilemma; So you want my husbands bodytake your best shot before I crush you; Theres a thin line between love and stupidity; The Turkey and the marriage license; How NOT to steal a womans husband; and; Let the court sayI winCheckmate! This Novel Was Formerly Published as The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husbands Body and is the identical story

Love Lust And Lies

Author: Ishmael D. Norman
Size: 11,28 MB
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Free From Silence

Author: Ronavia Williams
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 144971689X
Size: 20,56 MB
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"Free from Silence" introduces the topics shown below. With the desperate need of ministering the truth, the body of Christ needs to be edified, corrected, and rebuked. Without fear, Free from Silence does so. To God's lost sheep that have gone astray for the cause of backsliding, horrific earthly church experiences or to those who have simply rebelled against God and have turned there ears away from God and have turned from his knowledge to pursue worldly desires.: God is calling you back home and desires a true relationship with you. To earthly leaders who are leading God's sheep astray: there is a message in Free from Silence for you, directly from the throne of God. He's reaching out to you; to him that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Recognizing false teachers Learning about the spirit of Balaam Knowing the truth Knowing that we are not our own Asking the Lord to lead me home Knowing that there is no greater love

The Weight Of The World And Other Stories

Author: Darren Gluckman
Editor: Exile Editions, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781550965124
Size: 15,27 MB
Format: PDF
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Love Lies

Author: Adele Parks
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755394615
Size: 15,38 MB
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From the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Lies, Lies, Lies. Don't miss Adele's gripping new novel, the No. 1 bestseller Just My Luck, out now! CAN LOVE FOOL YOU? Love Lies is a compulsive tale of a modern-day Cinderella's quest for her own happily ever after, filled with warmth, wit and insight into real life relationships, from Adele Parks. Staring thirty in the face, Fern is fed up. Her four-year-relationship has ground to a halt and Adam just won't get down on one knee. So when a gorgeous man sweeps her off her feet and is ready to take things a mile a minute, Fern knows it's time to move on. And who better to move on with than the UK's hottest pop star, Scottie Taylor? The starry-eyed romantic is catapulted into a girl's ultimate fantasy, as her Prince Charming pops the question and jets her off to LA for a life of luxury. But is this whirlwind romance set to last, or did Fern's dreams come true all too fast? What readers are saying about Love Lies: '[Adele Parks] transports you into the world of the characters and makes you believe that the unbelievable could happen to you too' 'The romance with Scottie Taylor had me turning the pages until the early hours. The ending is brilliant too - one of the best I've read' 'Absolutely loved it'