Listen To My Trumpet An Elephant And Piggie Book

Editor: Hyperion
ISBN: 9781423154044
Size: 14,45 MB
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When Piggie plays her new trumpet for Gerald, the elephant decides he must be honest in his response.

Listen To My Trumpet

Author: Mo Willems
Editor: Hyperion Books for Children
ISBN: 9781536422306
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When Piggie plays her new trumpet for Gerald, the elephant decides he must be honest in his response.

Harriet Martineau S Autobiography

Author: Harriet Martineau
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108022561
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Harriet Martineau (1802-1876) was a British writer who was one of the first social theorists to examine all aspects of a society, including class, religion, national character and the status of women. These volumes, first published in 1877, contain Martineau's unusual autobiography. Written in three months in 1855 when she believed herself to be dying of heart disease, the original two volumes remained unaltered despite her recovery and continued writing. The third volume, covering the remainder of Martineau's life, was written by her friend and literary executor, Maria Chapman, who had access to Martineau's private papers. These works were the first substantial published account of Martineau's life and work, and remain a remarkable example of the genre for Martineau's vivid descriptions and candid, outspoken opinions of Victorian society. Volume 1 covers her life until 1834. For more information on this author, see

The Works Of Thomas Carlyle

Author: Thomas Carlyle
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108022308
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The seventh volume of the Centenary Edition of Carlyle's collected works, first published in 1896.

Mo Willems

Author: Abby Colich
Editor: Capstone
ISBN: 1476534446
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"Presents the life and career of Mo Willems, including his childhood, education, and milestones as a best selling children's author"--Provided by publisher.

The World Of Jazz Trumpet

Author: Scotty Barnhart
Editor: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780634095276
Size: 11,83 MB
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In The World of Jazz Trumpet - A Comprehensive History and Practical Philosophy, acclaimed jazz trumpet soloist Scotty Barnhart examines the political, social and musical conditions that led to the creation of jazz as America's premier art form. He traces the many factors that enabled freed slaves and their descendants to merge the blues, gospel, classical marches, and African rhythms to create a timeless and profound art that, since its inception, circa 1900, continues to have a major impact on all music. The World of Jazz Trumpet is a must-have study of the jazz trumpet for students, instructors, and professional musicians, as well as for anyone who appreciates the genre. Readers will appreciate Barnhart's personal and professional connection to a major part of American and world history. This book fills a major void in the world of jazz education as well as in general music education. With entries on 800 trumpeters, it is destined to become required reading in thousands of colleges, schools and homes around the world.

Triple Takes On Curricular Worlds

Author: Mary Aswell Doll
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791467220
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Three women educators from three different academic disciplines write their “takes” on a range of topics not usually found in curriculum studies.

107 Main Street

Author: Ross Davidson
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462854672
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Author Ross Davidson's story is based on his precarious life growing up in privation. He shares his daily struggles from indelible memories in the pages of this book. Pass by and visit 107 Main Street, where the author was confined to a world of poverty, but accompanied with hope and other people's kindness and generosity. Nevertheless, the story contains odd twists and turns. This is a strange, highly unusual and complex story of a boy born during the Great Depression. Its foundation and running theme begins with the unlikely marriage between a wealthy American and a poor immigrant woman, escaping famine in her native country. After two years of marriage and living with his controlling mother and matriarch of the family and business, Nellie, unable to cope with the prison-like atmosphere, seven months pregnant, left and accepted a room with a friendly family nearby. While his wife and son were destined to a life of poverty, he continued to live in prosperity. Throughout, no child support was ever received, despite court orders. It is the chronology of the haves and have-nots, an encyclopedia of life lessons woven through a small rural American community-a place where a teacher, employers, an iconic hero, two coaches, a mentor, and above all a devoted mother-impacted the life of a young boy. In academics, athletics, student activities and jobs, the boy had good times and bad, but not without periods of anxiety and fear. He learned, however, to use these emotions as stimulants, not deterrents; where discipline, commitment, perseverance and an attitude of never giving up became part of his philosophy. The gravity and sadness of it all were overridden by love, care, support and attitude-the mother who died prematurely, the son who applied the lessons learned to his motivation and maturation. The author and his wife live in the Northeast and have children and grandchildren.

Trumpet For Dummies

Author: Jeffrey Reynolds
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470963494
Size: 10,11 MB
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How to get a good sound, read music, and master a variety of styles-including classical, pop, jazz, and Latin Listening to a trumpet trilla series of high notes during a military march or wail longingly during a blues rendition-is a pleasure second to none. And masters, including Wynton Marsalis and Louis Armstrong, have made the trumpet truly Gabriel's horn, one of the most eloquent voices in classical music and jazz. Yet even a virtuoso begins somewhere. This down-to-earth and user-friendly guide shows those new to the trumpet everything they need know to play the instrument-from basic technique (including getting a good sound), caring for a trumpet, and learning pieces from many musical genres. Demonstrates how to play classical, pop, jazz, and Latin-with audio samples on the enclosed CD-ROM Includes tips on how to buy or rent the best instrument An ideal guide for students just learning the trumpet, or students who need a little boost, or fans of the trumpet who've never got around to learning it, here is the complete guide to making one of the world's most popular-and beloved instruments-their own. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Listen To The Voice

Author: Iain Crichton Smith
Editor: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1847675646
Size: 12,47 MB
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Introduced by Douglas Gifford.This collection of the best of Iain Crichton Smiths short fiction brings together not one but many voices, both public and private. Ranging from inner promptings towards self-discovery, through the unconscious comedy of everyday speech, to the rantings of near madness, these stories display the peaks of Smiths wry, surrealistic humour, and his confessional mode in re-telling the past.The longer stories, illustrative of Smiths novels, are represented by Murdo and the seminal The Black and the Red. There are also outstanding short pieces such as Listen to the Voice and the poignant vignette, The Dying.These sensitive stories focus on the ambiguities of the inner voice, whose promptings can lead to self-discovery or repression and madness. Each juxtaposes the minutiae of everyday life with moments of searing emotion. Independent on SundayHe has a dry pungent humour, a gift for comic invention and a welcome ability to laugh at himself and his background while making a serious point and taking us to conclusions that are anything but obvious. Scotsman