Lost Among The Living

Author: Simone St. James
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698198476
Size: 17,71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 761

England, 1921. Three years after her husband, Alex, disappeared, shot down over Germany, Jo Manders still mourns his loss. Working as a paid companion to Alex's wealthy, condescending aunt, Dottie Forsyth, Jo travels to the family’s estate in the Sussex countryside. But there is much she never knew about her husband’s origins…and the revelation of a mysterious death in the Forsyths’ past is just the beginning… All is not well at Wych Elm House. Dottie's husband is distant, and her son was grievously injured in the war. Footsteps follow Jo down empty halls, and items in her bedroom are eerily rearranged. The locals say the family is cursed, and that a ghost in the woods has never rested. And when Jo discovers her husband’s darkest secrets, she wonders if she ever really knew him. Isolated in a place of deception and grief, she must find the truth or lose herself forever. And then a familiar stranger arrives at Wych Elm House…

The Broken Girls

Author: Simone St. James
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698198484
Size: 16,17 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 648

A journalist uncovers the dark secrets of an abandoned boarding school in this chilling suspense novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Sun Down Motel. Vermont, 1950. There's a place for the girls whom no one wants—the troublemakers, the illegitimate, the ones too smart for their own good. It's called Idlewild Hall, and local legend says the boarding school is haunted. Four roommates bond over their whispered fears, their friendship blossoming—until one of them mysteriously disappears.... Vermont, 2014. Twenty years ago, journalist Fiona Sheridan's elder sister’s body was found in the overgrown fields near the ruins of Idlewild Hall. And although her sister’s boyfriend was tried and convicted of the murder, Fiona can’t stop revisiting the events, unable to shake the feeling that something was never right about the case. When Fiona discovers that Idlewild Hall is being restored by an anonymous benefactor, she decides to write a story about it. But a shocking discovery during renovations links the loss of her sister to secrets that were meant to stay hidden in the past—and a voice that won’t be silenced....

Lost Among The Baining

Author: Gail Pool
Editor: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826273475
Size: 18,54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 316

In the late sixties, Gail Pool and her husband set off for an adventure in New Guinea. He was a graduate student in anthropology; she was an aspiring writer. They prepared, as academics do, by reading, practicing with language tapes, consulting with the nearest thing to experts, and then, excited and optimistic, off they went. But all their research could not prepare them for the reality of life in the jungle. As they warded off gargantuan insects, slogged through seemingly endless mud, and turned on each other in fatigue and frustration, they struggled to somehow connect with their enigmatic hosts, the Baining—a people who showed no desire to be studied. Sixteen months later they returned home. Despite months of trying, they had not been able to make sense of the Baining’s culture. Worse yet, their lives no longer seemed to make sense. Pool put her journals away. Her husband abandoned the study of anthropology. Decades later, Pool returned to her journals and found in her jumbled notes the understanding that had eluded her twenty-three–year-old self. Finally, she and her husband returned to New Guinea for a shorter visit and a warm reunion with the tribe that challenged them on so many levels and, Pool now realized, made their journey and lives deeper and richer.

Lost Among The Birds

Author: Neil Hayward
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1632865807
Size: 14,99 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 103

Early in 2013 Neil Hayward was at a crossroads. He didn't want to open a bakery or whatever else executives do when they quit a lucrative but unfulfilling job. He didn't want to think about his failed relationship with “the one” or his potential for ruining a new relationship with “the next one.” And he almost certainly didn't want to think about turning forty. And so instead he went birding. Birding was a lifelong passion. It was only among the birds that Neil found a calm that had eluded him in the confusing world of humans. But this time he also found competition. His growing list of species reluctantly catapulted him into a Big Year--a race to find the most birds in one year. His peregrinations across twenty-eight states and six provinces in search of exotic species took him to a hoarfrost-covered forest in Massachusetts to find a Fieldfare; to Lake Havasu, Arizona, to see a rare Nutting's Flycatcher; and to Vancouver for the Red-flanked Bluetail. Neil's Big Year was as unplanned as it was accidental: It was the perfect distraction to life. Neil shocked the birding world by finding 749 species of bird and breaking the long-standing Big Year record. He also surprised himself: During his time among the hummingbirds, tanagers, and boobies, he found a renewed sense of confidence and hope about the world and his place in it.

Lost Among The Distant Quiet Echoes

Author: Eric W. Bishop
Editor: Booktango
ISBN: 1468900544
Size: 20,73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 857

Have you ever wondered where Dragons came from and how they lived? What they are really like and if they are still around? Ever wonder if aliens have ever landed here? And if so, where are they now? Ever wonder why we are really here, what we are doing to ourselves, or where we are heading? Have you eaten fried chicken lately and wondered what it would be like to be the chicken? Ever wonder what would happen if the chicken had an equal say in the matter? Do you ever wonder what hides in the darkest places in our hearts that we don’t like to examine and never mention to anyone? Ever wonder what happens when love lies lost? Or what beauty lies before us every day? In this collection of short stories by author Eric W. Bishop, you can find the answers to the questions and more. It is an assortment of funny, sad, romantic, imaginative, horrific, beautiful, and sometimes even thought provoking stories that comes directly from his heart and his twisted imagination. So take the journey with him as he takes you from the depths of the human mind to the outer edges of the solar system, Follow the quest as it shadows the simple life of a butterfly, goes into the distant future and then back again into the legendary past. Relive your childhood in all its glory and pain. Tremble in fear as the past comes back to haunt you once more. And then, rejoice in the thrill of remembering the power that expands the world around you. Discovery many adventures along the way, including the Eighth and Final Voyage of Sinbad, a tale from The Thousand and One Tales of the Arabian Nights. A forgotten tale that has never before been made public. See together, how far we can let ourselves sink in despair or how high we can rise in glory, in this groundbreaking collection of stories. A collection you and your friends are sure to treasure for a long time... “Go ahead, plunge right in, and see if the water is warm or cold.” “And hopefully, I’ll see you on the other side.” E.W.B.

Alone Among The Living

Author: G. Richard Hoard
Editor: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820331732
Size: 13,97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 312

When I was twenty I came face to face with the old man convicted of paying five thousand dollars for the murder of my father. From the gripping first line of this true story, you will follow a young man's journey through grief and despair to acceptance and forgiveness. Summoning the memories of the events surrounding the August 7, 1967, car bombing of Jackson County, Georgia, prosecutor Floyd "Fuzzy" Hoard, Alone among the Living is G. Richard Hoard's remembrance of the father he lost that day and his subsequent struggle to come to terms with the murder.

The Sun Down Motel

Author: Simone St. James
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0440000181
Size: 12,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 111

Something hasn’t been right at the roadside Sun Down Motel for a very long time, and Carly Kirk is about to find out why in this chilling new novel from the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of The Broken Girls. Upstate New York, 1982. Viv Delaney wants to move to New York City, and to help pay for it she takes a job as the night clerk at the Sun Down Motel in Fell, New York. But something isnʼt right at the motel, something haunting and scary. Upstate New York, 2017. Carly Kirk has never been able to let go of the story of her aunt Viv, who mysteriously disappeared from the Sun Down before she was born. She decides to move to Fell and visit the motel, where she quickly learns that nothing has changed since 1982. And she soon finds herself ensnared in the same mysteries that claimed her aunt.

Among The Living

Author: Timothy Long
Editor: Permuted Press
ISBN: 1618680072
Size: 14,35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 345

The dead walk. Now the real battle for Seattle has begun. When a gas leak causes the National Guard to forcibly evacuate the neighborhood, Lester isn't going anywhere. The former dope pusher has a new clientele… the kind that require him to deal lead instead of drugs. Mike, a newspaper reporter, suspects a conspiracy lies behind the chaos. He’s driven to find the truth, even if it means dragging his beautiful co-worker into danger. Kate has a dark secret: she’s a budding young serial killer. As society collapses, her skill in dealing death may be the one thing that can keep her alive. These survivors, along with others, are drawn together in their quest to find not only the truth behind the spreading apocalypse, but also to escape the madness they face at every turn.

Still Among The Living

Author: Zachary Klein
Editor: Polis Books
ISBN: 1940610230
Size: 11,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 206

The first book in Zachary Klein's acclaimed Matt Jacob series, named a New York Times Notable Book, STILL AMONG THE LIVING introduces the unforgettable private eye in a case that stays with you after you turn the last page. Boston P.I. Matt Jacob has a rude and startling wake up visit from his shrink. Matt has a cloudy past—a freak accident that wiped out most of his family and a P.I. license buried somewhere in his Depression-era, Art Deco-style apartment. He does his best to maintain his self-imposed alienation by watching too much TV and doing too many drugs. But he’s forced to get off the couch when his therapist asks him to investigate a suspicious break-in at her office building. At the same time, his best friend, Simon, a hotshot lawyer, persuades him to follow his wife and find the cause of her hellish nightmares. But what begins as two simple favors soon turns into a fight for his life when the unrelated cases combine to snare Matt into a web of adultery, betrayal, and murder.

The Progress Of Nations 2000

Editor: UNICEF
ISBN: 9280635956
Size: 18,94 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 266

AIDS is possibly the greatest catastrophe facing the African continent. This is the stark message delivered by this latest issue of the UNICEF Progress report. It is estimated 860,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa have lost their teachers to AIDS in 1999, yet education is the cornerstone in preventing the spread of the disease. These and other statistics are set out in this annual report, detailing the progress of improving the quality of life for children and young people throughout the world. Some positive developments can be noted, such as the near-eradication of Polio, but much is still needed to be done.