Love Of Beginnings

Author: J.-B. Pontalis
Editor: Free Assn Books
Size: 13,58 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Winner of the Prix Femina and considered a masterpiece of autobiography, this is J. B. Pontalis' lyrical meditation on his own life. One of France's pre-eminent psychoanalysts, he is co-author of the classic The Language of Psychoanalysis and he has also been a member of the editorial committee of Les Temps Modernes.

Shining Toward Spirit The Book Of Divine Love And Beginnings Volume Iii

Author: Zara Borthwick
ISBN: 132901944X
Size: 13,56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Shining Toward Spirit The Book Of Divine Love And Beginnings Volume I

Author: Zara Borthwick
ISBN: 1329019245
Size: 10,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Shining Toward Spirit The Book Of Divine Love And Beginnings Volume Ii

Author: Zara Borthwick
ISBN: 1329019431
Size: 17,95 MB
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In His Love And Glorious Service

Author: Charlie Lusco
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781449710514
Size: 11,66 MB
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"The In His Love and Glorious Service" trilogy will help guide you every day with a new message of love, encouragement, truth, wisdom, personal testimony, poetry, life messages and down -to-earth examples from lives I have encountered. I believe that we are called in our lives to serve God through loving our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and all of those around us (even our enemies)! We are also all on a journey in life to either live for ourselves or for others. God demands humility and devotion, but also understands that we need to be strong, and these daily messages will help you, my beloved, to look to Him and gain that strength, that wisdom, and that love which only He can provide. These daily devotions will also help you recognize how to serve Him through His faithfulness, and His eternal and unconditional love for you - His child. These devotions are not ordinary short bits of commentary. This journey is split into three books of four months each. Each devotional will bring you God's heart through this unworthy yet willing vessel. Each days message will bring you God's Word, thoughts and visions, and a poem about that particular topic. These three ""Seasons of Service"" will help you stay on track each day, and encourage you to stay focused on your journey with Jesus. It is my fervent hope that you open up your heart each day to God, and allow your spirit to join with His Holy Spirit, as you walk through each season and feel His presence in your life. Feel the freedom to become one with Him and learn to walk in His love and glorious service.

City Of Beginnings

Author: Robyn Creswell
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069118514X
Size: 14,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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How poetic modernism shaped Arabic intellectual debates in the twentieth century and beyond City of Beginnings is an exploration of modernism in Arabic poetry, a movement that emerged in Beirut during the 1950s and became the most influential and controversial Arabic literary development of the twentieth century. Robyn Creswell introduces English-language readers to a poetic movement that will be uncannily familiar—and unsettlingly strange. He also provides an intellectual history of Lebanon during the early Cold War, when Beirut became both a battleground for rival ideologies and the most vital artistic site in the Middle East. Arabic modernism was centered on the legendary magazine Shi‘r (“Poetry”), which sought to put Arabic verse on “the map of world literature.” The Beiruti poets—Adonis, Yusuf al-Khal, and Unsi al-Hajj chief among them—translated modernism into Arabic, redefining the very idea of poetry in that literary tradition. City of Beginnings includes analyses of the Arab modernists’ creative encounters with Ezra Pound, Saint-John Perse, and Antonin Artaud, as well as their adaptations of classical literary forms. The book also reveals how the modernists translated concepts of liberal individualism, autonomy, and political freedom into a radical poetics that has shaped Arabic literary and intellectual debate to this day.

The Story Of Beginnings

Author: H. Mark Abbott
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1610970152
Size: 20,33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"In the Bible's introduction are embedded foundational perspectives on ""who God is"" and ""who humans are and what we should be doing"" that are developed throughout the book. Genesis 1-3 is the story of beginnings, depicting who the Creator-God is, what this God intended for the creation, especially for the human creation, how humans messed up, and at least a hint of what God is doing about this. Like Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and early church leaders, when we want to know what God intended, we listen to the Bible's introduction. The Story of Beginnings deals with such questions as ""What is the Image of God?"" ""Who were Adam and Eve?"" ""What does blessing the Sabbath mean?"" and ""How shall we understand 'the Fall' and its implications today?"""

Routledge Handbook Of Body Studies

Author: Bryan S Turner
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136903313
Size: 17,48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the last three decades, the human body has gained increasing prominence in contemporary political debates, and it has become a central topic of modern social sciences and humanities. Modern technologies – such as organ transplants, stem-cell research, nanotechnology, cosmetic surgery and cryonics – have changed how we think about the body. In this collection of thirty original essays by leading figures in the field, these issues are explored across a number of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, including pragmatism, feminism, queer theory, post-modernism, post-humanism, cultural sociology, philosophy and anthropology. A wide range of case studies, which include cosmetics, diet, organ transplants, racial bodies, masculinity and sexuality, eating disorders, religion and the sacred body, and disability, are used to appraise these different perspectives. In addition, this Handbook explores various epistemological approaches to the basic question: what is a body? It also offers a strongly themed range of chapters on empirical topics that are organized around religion, medicine, gender, technology and consumption. It also contributes to the debate over the globalization of the body: how have military technology, modern medicine, sport and consumption led to this contemporary obsession with matters corporeal? The Handbook’s clear, direct style will appeal to a wide undergraduate audience in the social sciences, particularly for those studying medical sociology, gender studies, sports studies, disability studies, social gerontology, or the sociology of religion. It will serve to consolidate the new field of body studies.

Statistical Panic

Author: Kathleen Woodward
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822392313
Size: 17,36 MB
Format: PDF
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In this moving and thoughtful book, Kathleen Woodward explores the politics and poetics of the emotions, focusing on American culture since the 1960s. She argues that we are constrained in terms of gender, race, and age by our culture’s scripts for “emotional” behavior and that the accelerating impoverishment of interiority is a symptom of our increasingly media-saturated culture. She also shows how we can be empowered by stories that express our experience, revealing the value of our emotions as a crucial form of intelligence. Referring discreetly to her own experience, Woodward examines the interpenetration of social structures and subjectivity, considering how psychological emotions are social phenomena, with feminist anger, racial shame, old-age depression, and sympathy for non-human cyborgs (including robots) as key cases in point. She discusses how emerging institutional and discursive structures engender “new” affects that in turn can help us understand our changing world if we are attentive to them—the “statistical panic” produced by the risk society, with its numerical portents of disease and mortality; the rage prompted by impenetrable and bloated bureaucracies; the brutal shame experienced by those caught in the crossfire of the media; and the conservative compassion that is not an emotion at all, only an empty political slogan. The orbit of Statistical Panic is wide, drawing in feminist theory, critical phenomenology, and recent theories of the emotions. But at its heart are stories. As an antidote to the vacuous dramas of media culture, with its mock emotions and scattershot sensations, Woodward turns to the autobiographical narrative. Stories of illness—by Joan Didion, Yvonne Rainer, Paul Monette, and Alice Wexler, among others—receive special attention, with the inexhaustible emotion of grief framing the book as a whole.

The Book Of Beginnings

Author: Ben Clausen
Editor: Review and Herald Pub Assoc
ISBN: 9780828019859
Size: 11,50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 640

Genesis...the story of beginnings...sets the stage for everything we know about God, the natural universe, humanity, and good and evil. It lays the foundation for all the questions asked by philosophy about knowledge, meaning, free will, the soul, ethics, happiness, and success. It forms the basis for all biblical teachings.A scientist and a scholar team up to look at the scientific and theological issues addressed in the book of Genesis. A must-have for all Sabbath school teachers or for anyone wanting to understand the science, history, and theology packed into Genesis.