Lucky Koi Fish 6 Month Undated Calendar Planner

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ISBN: 9781792058486
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Koi are multi-colored varieties of the common carp fish. Most koi are kept in water gardens for ornamental purposes and vary in size up to 4 feet in length and 35 pounds. Many species of koi are highly colored and patterned; major colors are red, orange, gold, cream, black, white, yellow and blue. As koi are large fish, they require a large pool or pond of about 500-1000 gallons of water per koi it contains. Koi are very hardy fish and can live over 100 years in beneficial conditions. They're generally omnivorous bottom feeders who eat a large variety of food. Koi are strong enough to swim upstream, a trait at the heart of the symbolism they embody for prosperity, good fortune, success generally, ambition, courage, perseverance and longevity. A Chinese legend tells of a koi who swam upstream through many obstacles finally including a waterfall which it also successfully climbed. As a reward for its efforts once it reached the top, it became a dragon, which is among the most auspicious mythological creatures, symbolizing power and strength (and not a little magic!). There are 8 koi on the cover (7 on the front and 1 on the back makes 8). The number 8 symbolizes wealth and prosperity, a wonderful message to contemplate (and for your subconscious!) every time you consult your planner or use your notebook. Because of all their positive energy and symbolism, koi are a favorite Feng Shui cure. Buy several for the Wealth area of your home or office! This title and cover is available in both planners and notebooks: Lucky Koi Fish 2019 Calendar Planner Lucky Koi Fish Undated 6-Month Calendar Planner Lucky Koi Fish Undated 3-Month Calendar Planner Lucky Koi Fish College Ruled 8x10 Notebook Journal Lucky Koi Fish Wide Ruled 8x10 Notebook Journal Lucky Koi Fish Graph (4x4) Notebook Journal Lucky Koi Fish Sketchbook Journal Notebook The three planners (2019, Undated 6-month and Undated 3-month) are 6" x 9," perfect bound with beautiful matte cover finish. Contents include one-page per year for 2019, 2-page spreads for each month, and 2-page per week spreads. The undated versions contain a 1-page overview of the year, 2-page per month blank calendars, and 1-page per week undated spreads throughout. Plenty of space for all your planning and scheduling needs. Great for you and also makes great gifts for all your friends -- especially those hard to buy for animal-loving folks on your list. Also available with this great cover are 8" x 10" journals or notebooks, perfect bound with beautiful matte cover finish and 160 premium white pages -- available with wide ruled, college ruled, 4x4 graph or blank sketchbook interiors. Wonderful for yourself and as a gift for busy people and minds of any age or gender, whether business professionals, college students, teachers, co-workers, artists, moms and dads, kids, dreamer/doers, and just about everybody, especially those hard to buy for folks you know. Really nice to have a matching set -- planner, for example, and several notebooks. It's About Time brings you a wide array of beautiful, high quality planners, journals, diaries, organizers, specialty journals, composition notebooks, dot grid or bullet journal