Mail Obsession

Author: Mark Mason
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297608525
Size: 12,42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 985

'FASCINATING' Daily Mail 'FULL OF AMAZING FACTS' The QI Elves Each of the United Kingdom's 124 postcode areas has a story to tell, an unexpected nugget to dust off and treasure. Mark Mason has embarked on a tour of the country, immersing himself in Britain's history on a roundabout journey from AB to ZE. On the lookout for interesting place names and unusual monuments, along the way he discovers what the Queen keeps in her handbag, why the Jack Russell has a white coat and how Jimi Hendrix got confused by the M1. At the same time Mason paints an affectionate portrait of Britain in the 21st century, from aggressive seagulls in Blackpool to 'seasoned' drinkers in Surrey. And his travels offer the perfect opportunity to delve into the history of the Royal Mail, complete with pillar boxes, posties and Penny Reds - plus Oscar Wilde's unconventional method of posting a letter. A playful mix of fact, anecdote and overheard conversation, MAIL OBSESSION pays homage to Britain's wonderful past and its curious present.

Globalization In English Studies

Author: Allan James
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443820490
Size: 14,53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Globalization, the concept used to account for the multitude of linkages, interconnections and interdependences that currently transcend territorial and sociocultural boundaries in the world, has been in the centre of continual controversy over its meaning, scope, intensity and social significance for post-modern societies. However, whether considered from the narrow angle of current socio-economic developments, or from the broad perspective of evolutionary processes straddling all spheres of life, globalization is generally acknowledged to refer to a complex set of processes of modernization, technologization, liberalization and integration operationalized through language and in a language shared by all those involved. For a number of geo-historical, socio-political, economic and technological reasons the language that has firmly established itself as the language of international communication is English. As a result, Global English takes a primary place in discussions of the effect of globalization on world societies and culture. The volume Globalization in English Studies addresses the issue of how globalization impacts upon culture, literature, language communication and language learning and use policies, which are taken to constitute the multiplex disciplinary space of English Studies. Written by authors with different language, cultural and theoretical backgrounds, this collection of eleven chapters throws light on how “global” and “local” entities are subtly intertwined, refashioned and rescaled in different geo-political and sociocultural contexts. The book is divided into four parts: The first part, Globalization in Culture, dwells upon the effects of globalization in particular cultural domains and the institutional attempts in some countries at reducing its negative consequences for local practices. The second part, Globalization in Literature, examines the impact of global integration processes on social life. In particular, it focuses on new developments as the “hybridization” and “technologization” of societies that tend to wipe out borders traditionally taken as reference points in building identity and a sense of belonging. The third part, Globalization in Language Communication, focuses on intercultural communication and the opportunities different multi-modal settings offer for the the realisation of intertextuality and interdiscursivity. Of particular interest is how local people select, appropriate , and creatively utilize cultural entities designed for global consumption to make them appear as their “own”. The last part, Global English and English Language Teaching/ Learning Policy, approaches the issue from a pedagogical perspective and examines the changes that globalization has caused for learners, learning environments and ways of speaking. Ranging over a variety of domains subsumed within English Studies, this collection of studies can serve as a good base for the cross-disciplinary synergy of ideas and fruitful debate among scholars and practitioners with a vested interest in Global English.

Overcoming Celebrity Obsession

Author: Diane Saks
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781450228480
Size: 16,34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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OVERCOMING CELEBRITY OBSESSION is a star-studded journey from celebrity obsession to fulfilling life in three easy phases. When a fan is obsessed, a story character version of the celebrity is created. It is through the fan’s celebrity characterization that guides the fan through Phase 1. Upon understanding why the fan was obsessed in the first place, the journey through Phase 2 begins. This is the dark part of the fan’s life that the fan used the favorite celebrity to escape from. Professional counseling is not recommended in Phase 1, but can begin in Phase 2. In order to get the most from Phase 3, the fan must be able to look at parts of his or her real life and pull out the celebrity obsession. For example, every time someone couldn’t communicate or understand me, I saw that as my John Travolta obsession. If I was not given a chance to help out during a particular event, that was my David Cassidy obsession. It is in Phase 3 where we discuss personal behavior and set goals both professional and personal. The typical celebrity obsession theory is, the obsession is because of hero worship. Until now, celebrity obsession therapy has been in the hands of “professionals” who have never lived through celebrity obsession. Typical celebrity obsession studies state, that obsessed people need to stop obsessing over celebrities and get on with life. Diane knows better than that. She believes the fan needs to take some time to celebrity obsess while in OVERCOMING CELEBRITY OBSESSION in order to work through what is stopping the fan from getting the most out of life. Why would you want to put your celebrity obsession into the hands of someone with an advanced college degree or two, who has never been celebrity obsessed?

Idisorder Understanding Our Obsession With Technology And Overcoming Its Hold On Us

Author: Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.
Editor: Macmillan
ISBN: 1137000368
Size: 20,66 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 786

iDisorder: changes to your brain's ability to process information and your ability to relate to the world due to your daily use of media and technology resulting in signs and symptoms of psychological disorders - such as stress, sleeplessness, and a compulsive need to check in with all of your technology. Based on decades of research and expertise in the "psychology of technology," Dr. Larry Rosen offers clear, down-to-earth explanations for why many of us are suffering from an "iDisorder." Rosen offers solid, proven strategies to help us overcome the iDisorder we all feel in our lives while still making use of all that technology offers. Our world is not going to change, and technology will continue to penetrate society even deeper leaving us little chance to react to the seemingly daily additions to our lives. Rosen teaches us how to stay human in an increasingly technological world.

Business English Strategies

Editor: Garant
ISBN: 9789053509203
Size: 16,45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Prime Obsession

Author: John Derbyshire
Editor: Joseph Henry Press
ISBN: 0309141257
Size: 12,21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 163

In August 1859 Bernhard Riemann, a little-known 32-year old mathematician, presented a paper to the Berlin Academy titled: "On the Number of Prime Numbers Less Than a Given Quantity." In the middle of that paper, Riemann made an incidental remark â€" a guess, a hypothesis. What he tossed out to the assembled mathematicians that day has proven to be almost cruelly compelling to countless scholars in the ensuing years. Today, after 150 years of careful research and exhaustive study, the question remains. Is the hypothesis true or false? Riemann's basic inquiry, the primary topic of his paper, concerned a straightforward but nevertheless important matter of arithmetic â€" defining a precise formula to track and identify the occurrence of prime numbers. But it is that incidental remark â€" the Riemann Hypothesis â€" that is the truly astonishing legacy of his 1859 paper. Because Riemann was able to see beyond the pattern of the primes to discern traces of something mysterious and mathematically elegant shrouded in the shadows â€" subtle variations in the distribution of those prime numbers. Brilliant for its clarity, astounding for its potential consequences, the Hypothesis took on enormous importance in mathematics. Indeed, the successful solution to this puzzle would herald a revolution in prime number theory. Proving or disproving it became the greatest challenge of the age. It has become clear that the Riemann Hypothesis, whose resolution seems to hang tantalizingly just beyond our grasp, holds the key to a variety of scientific and mathematical investigations. The making and breaking of modern codes, which depend on the properties of the prime numbers, have roots in the Hypothesis. In a series of extraordinary developments during the 1970s, it emerged that even the physics of the atomic nucleus is connected in ways not yet fully understood to this strange conundrum. Hunting down the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has become an obsession for many â€" the veritable "great white whale" of mathematical research. Yet despite determined efforts by generations of mathematicians, the Riemann Hypothesis defies resolution. Alternating passages of extraordinarily lucid mathematical exposition with chapters of elegantly composed biography and history, Prime Obsession is a fascinating and fluent account of an epic mathematical mystery that continues to challenge and excite the world. Posited a century and a half ago, the Riemann Hypothesis is an intellectual feast for the cognoscenti and the curious alike. Not just a story of numbers and calculations, Prime Obsession is the engrossing tale of a relentless hunt for an elusive proof â€" and those who have been consumed by it.

Getting Sexy Obsession Getting Some Getting Even Mills Boon Spice

Author: Kayla Perrin
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1408905078
Size: 20,52 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 239

Spice up your life with three sexy stories by Kayla Perrin! Bundle includes Getting Even, Getting Some, and an exclusive short story that you can only get in this bundle, Getting Wild.

Customer Obsession

Author: Ad Nederlof
ISBN: 9780971965201
Size: 18,73 MB
Format: PDF
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Soul Obsession

Author: Nicky Cruz
Editor: WaterBrook
ISBN: 9780307551269
Size: 12,79 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 567

New from the author of the best-selling Christian classic, Run Baby Run. The God we love is passionate about finding lost souls, with freeing human hearts enslaved to sin. To truly know God, this must become our life’s driving desire as well… our Soul Obsession. And when we fall obediently in step with God, we’ll see Him perform miracles through us to rescue people and give them new life. In his powerful new book, internationally known author Nicky Cruz shares powerful personal stories of faithful obedience, even in the midst of difficult circumstances–including the amazing story of his mother’s deathbed conversion and healing. You, too, can move past doubts, understand both the natural and supernatural worlds, and develop a faith that can move any mountain, no matter how high or wide or difficult. “Do we truly understand the power we have at our fingertips? Do we grasp the significance of the message that we bring to a lost world? Do we comprehend how easily evil can be beaten and revoked by simply opening ourselves up to the moving of the Holy Spirit among us? Do we know what God is capable of doing among us? “If you want to change the world, begin by letting God change you. By letting the passion of Jesus become your passion. By letting the Holy Spirit be your only guide and mentor, every step, every minute of the day. By allowing God to set your heart on fire with a Soul Obsession!”–Nicky Cruz From the Trade Paperback edition.

Rhapsody In Green A Novelist An Obsession A Laughably Small Excuse For A Garden

Author: Charlotte Mendelson
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0857836366
Size: 10,80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 572

'A witty account of 'extreme allotmenteering' for all obsessive gardeners' - Mail on Sunday 'An extremely entertaining and inspiring story of one woman's passionate transformation of a small, irregular shaped urban garden into a bountiful source of food.' - Woman & Home 'A gardening book like no other, this is the author's 'love letter' to her garden. She relays warm and witty stories about the trials and tribulations throughout her gardening year.' - Garden News '...this inspirational, funny book, written by someone who hankers after a homesteader's lifestyle, will make you look at even your window box in a new, more productive light.' - The Simple Things Gardening can be viewed as a largely pointless hobby, but the evangelical zeal and camaraderie it generates is unique. Charlotte Mendelson is perhaps unusually passionate about it. For despite her superficially normal existence, despite the fact that she has only six square metres of grotty urban soil and a few pots, she has a secret life. She is an extreme gardener, an obsessive, an addict. And like all addicts, she wants to spread the joy. Her garden may look like a nasty drunk old man's mini-allotment, chaotic, virtually flowerless, with weird recycling and nowhere to sit. When honoured friends are shown it, they tend to laugh. However, it is actually a tiny jungle, a minuscule farm, a wildly uneconomical experiment in intensive edible cultivation, on which she grows a taste of perhaps a hundred kinds of delicious fruits and odd vegetables. It is a source of infinite happiness and deep peace. It looks completely bonkers. Arguably, it's the most expensive, time-consuming, undecorative and self-indulgent way to grow a salad ever invented, but when tired or sad or cross it never fails to delight.