Metaphysical Anatomy Greek Version

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Contact And Attention

Author: David Appelbaum
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The Anatomy Of Scepticism And Metaphysics Of Science

Author: Richard Wildman
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Describing The Hand Of God

Author: Robert Brennan
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The question of divine agency in the world remains one important unresolved underlying obstacle in the dialogue between theology and science. Modern notions of divine agency are shown to have developed out of the interaction of three factors in early modernity. Two are well known: late medieval perfect-being theology and the early modern application of the notion of the two books of God's revelation to the understanding of the natural order. It is argued the third is the early modern appropriation of the Augustinian doctrine of inspiration. This assumes the soul's existence and a particular description of divine agency in humans, which became more generally applied to divine agency in nature. Whereas Newton explicitly draws the parallel between divine agency in humans and that in nature, Darwin rejects its supposed perfection and Huxley raised serious questions regarding the traditional understanding of the soul. This book offers an alternative incarnational description of divine agency, freeing consideration of divine agency from being dependent on resolving the complex issues of perfect-being theology and the existence of the soul. In conversation with Barth's pneumatology, this proposal is shown to remain theologically coherent and plausible while resolving or avoiding a range of known difficulties in the science-theology dialogue.

Metaphysical Anatomy

Author: Evette Rose
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Understand causes of emotional, mental and physical ailments that stem from your ancestry, conception, birth and childhood. If you are an alternative practitioner you will quickly sharpen your skills, learn more powerful approaches to emotional, mental and physical ailments. As a practitioner you will understand and work more efficiently with your clients. Under each disease you will find emotional components and accurate key points guiding you to effective alternative ways to heal and how to find core issues.

Instructing Hatha Yoga 2e

Author: Ambrosini, Diane M.
Editor: Human Kinetics
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Now in its second edition, Instructing Hatha Yoga is a comprehensive guide to developing the knowledge and qualities of a confident and truly qualified yoga instructor. The updated edition includes revised poses complete with instructions, a web resource, and sample children’s and prenatal classes.

The Role Of The Indigenous African Psyche In The Evolution Of Human Consciousness

Author: Mike Loutzenhiser
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595503764
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" ... a major work ... an intellectual and cultural tour de force. [Loutzenhiser's] range in the world of the metaphysicians is sure. [His] sections on the arts [are] most penetrating and offer original ideas and insights." -Edward Bruce Bynum, author of The African Unconscious, Director of Behavioral Medicine, University of Massachusetts Amherst "I was impressed with the range of issues and thinkers covered ... It is a rare thinker who can find the thread that connects hegelian phenomenology, transpersonal psychology, holonic theory, the chakra system, the [prose] of Jack Kerouac and the music of Sun Ra." -Samuel Oluoch Imbo, author of An Introduction to African Philosophy " ... thought-provoking ... thoroughgoing " -Nikitah Okembe-ra Imani, associate professor of Sociology-Africentric Critical Studies, James Madison University " ... brilliant and intriguing ideas. [Loutzenhiser's] mind is amazing, vigorous and rich." -John Davis, professor of Transpersonal Psychology, Naropa University " ... important." -Molefi Kete Asante, author of The Afrocentric Idea