Mountain Prayers

Editor: David C Cook
ISBN: 1562928295
Size: 17,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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There's something about the mountains. Being there is one of the most relaxing and awe inspiring experiences one can have. Whether you're biking, camping at a favorite spot high in the mountains, or dreaming of mountain escapes from them in the relative quiet of a city apartment you can have a mountaintop experience. Let the uplifting scriptures, prayers, and meditations of Mountain Prayers run like fresh spring water over your thirsty soul. Your spirit will soar as the inspirational passages remind you of God's amazing majesty, glory, magnificence, and might. Make each day a retreat to the mountains for your soul. Renew... Refresh... Revive... Book jacket.

Little Book Of Mountain Prayers

Author: Damian Taggart
Size: 19,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Inspired equally by the immense and impenetrable beauty of the wilderness and the great Zen and mystical poets (think Rumi, Emerson, or Gibran), with "Little Book of Mountain Prayers", Damian Taggart offers readers a collection of intimate prose and uplifting poetry celebrating all that remains wild in our modern era. Written in short, easily readable passages "Little Book" makes for a great companion, wherever your path takes you. This collection raises questions about what it means to pray, the limits of identity, the nature of belief, ego death, enlightenment, and the beauty of the natural world. In this volume, Damian Taggart explores inspiration and self-discipline, time and timelessness, life and death, faith and doubt. "Little Book of Mountain Prayers" is sure to be a challenging and inspiring read on your next adventure.

Prayers That Move Mountains

Author: John Eckhardt
Editor: Charisma Media
ISBN: 161638719X
Size: 15,92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 547

What to Pray When You Need God’s Attention Activate the ultimate power source! Filled with prayers of repentance, confession, obedience, submission, praise, and worship, Prayers That Move Mountains is your reference handbook of prayers that God answers every time. Position yourself to capture the heart of God. Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14-15, these are the prayers that guarantee you will have God’s ear, and if you know He hears you, then you know He will answer. Prayer and confession of Scripture are two of the most powerful weapons we have in life. Keep this invaluable tool with you wherever you go, and be prepared with powerful, declarative prayers for every circumstance.

Ori Oke Spirituality And Social Change In Africa

Author: Yaovi, Soede Nathanael
Editor: Langaa RPCIG
ISBN: 9956550035
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The dynamic nature of Christianity has necessitated its movement from the cathedral to the mountain top. This has occasioned a proliferation of Prayer Mountains throughout Africa. In Yorubaland of southwestern Nigeria, Prayer Mountain is known as Ori-Oke. Like many communities in Africa, the Yoruba are confronted with fundamental challenges in life for which people do not rest until they find solutions. Within the praxis of Nigerian Christian lexicon Ori-Oke is synonymous with the enactment of a sacred space on a mountain top characterised by various prayer regimes, rituals, exorcism and religious practices, aimed at eliciting the help of the divine to alleviate the existential challenges of devotees. This book explores the resacralisation of space on the mountains, highlighting how humans and the divine interact in Yorubaland. It brings into conversation 35 empirically rich scholarly essays on the role of Ori-Oke to those seeking divine intervention in their lives. Today, Ori-Oke have become centres of pilgrimage as a result of the lived experiences of devotees, creating unique religious value quite distinct from the aesthetic value of these mountain tops. The spirituality of Ori-Oke is anchored on the absolute belief in God and the infusion of traditional African worldview sensibilities in religious rites and worship. Ori-Oke spirituality employs resources of Christian tradition, introduced by the formal agents of Christianity, synthesised with traditional culture, to develop a life based on the precepts of an African Christianity. The book is an intellectual discourse on Ori-Oke spirituality, reflecting its contemporary relevance in a context of religious innovation and competition.

Prayer Reaching The Mountain Top

Author: Lynda Scotson
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465304002
Size: 19,28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Why another book on prayer? Because no other book on prayer does what this one does. It takes the reader by the hand and, step by step, leads them through the foothills and up in to the mountain regions of prayer. Prayer: Reaching The Mountain Top is divided into two sections. Part One consists of a series of short chapters, each with a practical exercise to help develop the reader's prayer life. Part Two is a series of short devotions, illustrative of the strategies learned in Part One. The book is written in a light style and honestly acknowledges the difficulties we all face in prayer whilst giving practical help from a Biblical perspective.

Prayers To Move Your Mountains

Author: Michael Klassen
Editor: Thomas Nelson Incorporated
ISBN: 9780785286523
Size: 10,10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 432

"Prayers to Move Your Mountains" is a new intercessory prayer handbook for Charismatic and Pentecostal Christians. Like classic books of prayer that have helped believers in their prayer lives over the years, this book emphasizes not only prayers for self, but others, too. Each prayer is woven together with scripture verses and with notes referring to specific biblical texts. Types of prayers include prayers that worship and glorify the Lord, praying to enter God's presence, praying for revival, praying for others, praying for forgiveness and power over sin, praying for personal needs, and praying for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

When You Need To Move A Mountain

Author: Linda Evans Shepherd
Editor: Revell
ISBN: 144122176X
Size: 17,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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There's prayer--and then there's intercessory prayer. What's the difference? How do we know when intercessory prayer is called for? And even if we feel the call to pray boldly for ourselves or others, how do we do it? What do we say? And what response should we expect from God? In this practical and encouraging book, Linda Evans Shepherd explains what intercessory prayer is, how to pray as an intercessor, and how to experience victory. With chapters devoted to praying for family, others, provision, health, breakthroughs, salvation of loved ones, church, community, country, and more, you'll quickly find the specific help you need to pray for the needs close to your heart. You'll also learn how to develop your own intercessory prayer battle strategy and to celebrate each victory with thanksgiving. If you're someone with a deeply felt need to pray for others, to bring your burdens and troubles to God, and to see God's clear answers to your prayers, this book is for you.

Navajo Blessingway Singer

Author: Frank Mitchell
Editor: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826331816
Size: 11,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 834

This life history of a Navajo leader, recorded in the 1960s and first published in 1977, is a classic work in the study of Navajo history and religious traditions. "A skillful, meticulous, and altogether praiseworthy contribution to Navajo studies. . . . Although the focus of Mitchell's autobiography is upon his role as a Blessingway singer, there is much material here on Navajo history and culture in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Mitchell attended the government school at Fort Defiance, worked on the railroad in Arizona, served as a handyman and interpreter at several trading posts and the Franciscan missions, and later served as a tribal councilman in the 1930s and as a judge in the 1940s and 1950s. His observations on these experiences are relevant to our understanding of contemporary Navajo life."--Lawrence C. Kelly,Western Historical Quarterly "This book stands easily among the best of the 'native' autobiographies. Narrated by a thoughtful and articulate Navajo leader over a span of eighteen years, this life history is brought into English with none of the selective romanticizing that has spoiled some books. . . . [It is] a superb job of bringing one culture ever closer to another."--Barre Tolken,Western Folklore

Prayer Can Move Your Mountains

Author: Charles F. Keim
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449706967
Size: 18,32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is based on a life time of walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is filled with personal experiences of answered prayers and miraculas interventions from God. Walking by faith and seeing the haniwork of God will move you to trust God with your life and help you live a more victorious Christian life

Land Wind And Hard Words

Author: John William Sherry
Editor: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826322814
Size: 18,79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 207

In the early 1990s anthropologist John Sherry lived with Leroy Jackson and Adella Begaye, leaders of Dine CARE, a Navajo organization dedicated to protecting the environment and its links to Navajo culture. Land, Wind, and Hard Words is Sherry's account of the founding, activities, and evolution of Dine CARE, whose original mission was to protect the Navajo forest from the ravages of industrial logging. Sherry's close-up account of the daily lives of this group of activists reminds us of the threats facing local communities and the people trying to defend them. Not least among these threats are the many demands of the "outside world." From meetings with lawyers or do-gooder environmentalists to the cut-throat world of fundraising, every encounter with outsiders affects the work, draining time and resources away from direct participation with the community and even affecting the way activists think. Because of his friendship with Jackson and Begaye, Sherry was on the scene during the aftermath of the mysterious death of Leroy Jackson in 1993. His vivid account of the resulting journalistic feeding frenzy and heightened conflict on the reservation adds an unusual dimension to this intimate and unpretentious story.