My Camino One Last Walk

Autore: Sean Lewis
ISBN: 1329673727
Grandezza: 24,91 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 9408

My Camino Walk 1

Autore: Andrew Priestley
ISBN: 9781912774012
Grandezza: 13,30 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 2202

My Camino Walk #1 features the stories of 20 pilgrims worldwide who have walked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. They share their journey, their insights, their trials and their experiences and their inspiration. If you are thinking of walking the Camino, then this is a great place to start. Simply amazing!

Camino De Santiago In 20 Days

Autore: Randall St Germain
Editore: Wolf Shield Publishing
ISBN: 0987709003
Grandezza: 45,96 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 8194

Funny, touching, and inspiring! A book about really walking the Camino de Santiago! Perhaps it was the onset of middle-age or just too much diet cola, but in the Spring of 2010, Canadian boy, Randall St. Germain felt called to take on the 800 kilometer, or 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Seriously, what ensued was a dedication to his mother, a personal challenge, and a journey of cultural and historical enlightenment. A million footsteps, and a few pounds of gauze and tape later, he arrived in Santiago de Compostela, with a better understanding of himself - and a newfound familiarity with snoring and flatulent pilgrims! Join St. Germain on his adventure in Camino de Santiago In 20 Days, an irreverently chuckle-inducing look at one man's attempt at the famed walk as he confronts apocalyptic weather, snarling dogs, epic blisters, an exhausted body, and his greatest paranoia in life-bed bugs. Along with his humorous reflections, there is practical insight into how he successfully prepared, packed, and then walked across the entire French Way in 20 days - and in doing so, pushed far beyond his personal comfort zone. Never to be included on the final list of Pulitzer Prize nominees, or in Oprah's Book Club, Camino de Santiago in 20 Days is not your granddaddy's Camino book, either. One word of caution: Pilgrim Discretion is Advised.

My Camino Walk 2

Autore: Andrew Priestley
ISBN: 9781912774159
Grandezza: 55,46 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4939

My Camino Walk #2 features 18 pilgrims from around the world who candidly share their journey, their experiences, their practical tips, and their inspiration. If you are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain this is the perfect place to start.

To Each Their Own Camino

Autore: Roxey Edwards
Editore: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525524496
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 8937

There I was, an average middle-aged woman living and working on Canada’s west coast. How, then, did I come to be walking this ancient path, family and friends left behind, and everything I owned in a pack on my back? Exchanging my office pumps for hiking boots and my purse for a backpack, for forty days I followed the Camino de Santiago, a historic pilgrimage of almost eight hundred kilometres across northern Spain. During my journey to Santiago, I experienced climbs and descents that challenged my endurance, ancient towns and historical landmarks that excited my imagination, and endless plains and stretches of solitude that tested my soul. I bent against blinding snow and pummeling winds, endured drenching rains, and basked in brilliant sunshine. My steps led over rocky trails, through whispering forests, among dancing grasslands, and through bustling cosmopolitan cities and crumbling towns. A colourful, international cast of characters strolled through my days, from an irreverent Irishman, to a Polish political prisoner, to a young German couple packing their new baby, to a Tennessee twosome that was walking the world. Their stories were as varied as the landscapes through which we passed. Some sought spiritual renewal, some walked to exercise grief, and some in hope or gratitude for personal miracles. Others just enjoyed walking, seeing a new country, and meeting new people. Each experienced their own Camino in their own way. Ordinary people living ordinary lives, suddenly stepping out on an extraordinary journey, we shared food, wine, and bunk rooms. Through laughter and tears, we broke down barriers of language, religion, and nationality. Strangers became friends, and friends became family, some just for a day or two . . . and some for a lifetime.

My Camino De Santiago Adventure

Autore: Marty Metras
Editore: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1387494392
Grandezza: 10,51 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4924

After fifty years, I retired in March 2007. I decided to visit my brother in Germany. I did a lot of thinking about how I could visit a country when I didn't understand the customs or speak the language. I did a lot of thinking on this before I left home and even more after I arrived at my brother's I ended up spending a month in Europe and while there I walked a couple hundred miles across Spain. When you are walking alone for a long time you do a lot of thinking. I put a lot of those thoughts in my journal. When I returned home I thought that someone else might enjoy reading my notes. This whole book is from my journal notes as they evolved throughout my trip. I hope you enjoy my story, Marty

My Camino Walk

Autore: Timothy L. Phillips
Editore: Islandcat Editions
ISBN: 9781927950104
Grandezza: 21,28 MB
Formato: PDF
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Timothy Phillips celebrated his sixtieth birthday by hiking Spain's Camino de Santiago. The almost eight hundred kilometer trek became a month-long test of physical stamina, with weather extremes, a range of fellow pilgrims, and hours of introspection that caused him to question his childhood, his life, and many long-held ideas and beliefs. These challenges shook loose the very foundations of his being. Timothy brings a photographer's eye to detailed descriptions of the trek that appeal to all the senses and invites the reader to join him on his healing journey.

Walking In Love

Autore: Roy W. Howard
ISBN: 9781951472177
Grandezza: 19,32 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 9240

The journey begins in a French village at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains and ends in a Spanish village overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In between is a path that millions of pilgrims have walked since the 12th century. In the spring of 2015, I was one of them, on sabbatical from my pastorate. The way is known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 500-mile path over the mountains and across northern Spain. Modern pilgrims are a mixed company of many languages, some traditionally religious and others non-religious, though walking with an explicit and often spiritual intent. I didn't walk as a religious penitent seeking absolution from my sins. I did walk with a purpose. I wanted to listen closely for God's direction, particularly for the next chapter of my life. I also wanted to be radically free from my normal patterns to see my life from a fresh angle. This is the story of what occurred as I walked this path with a remarkable company of pilgrims from all over the world. My daily observations are recorded here, along with a few chants and scriptures that guided my way and deepened my intentions. The poet Wendell Berry said, "Always in the big woods when you leave familiar ground and step into a new place there will be ... a little nagging of dread. It is the ancient fear of the Unknown, and it is your first bond with the wilderness you are going into. What you are doing is exploring. You are undertaking the first experience, not of the place, but of yourself in that place." From the first day I crossed the mountains, walking through snow and rain in the bitter cold, the Camino became an exploration of self-understanding in an utterly new place. The freedom was exhilarating. The sense of the Unknown and the nagging dread remained with me, along with the company of pilgrims who became my Camino family. Several remain so.

Slow Camino

Autore: Terence Callery
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781546641254
Grandezza: 76,35 MB
Formato: PDF
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"A marvelous reflective meditation!" At 63 years of age, Terence Callery sets out on a personal quest to conquer the grueling 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage which ends at the tomb of St. James the Apostle in northwest Spain. After months of diligent preparation, including daily three-hour training walks on coastal Maine roads near his home, he arrives in the spectacular Pyrenees Mountains. By the time he reaches Pamplona on the third day of his seven-week spiritual journey, he empties his backpack of several pounds excess belongings and begins the pilgrim's fearless exercise of also shedding psychological baggage along the way. The author spins the riveting tale of two odysseys taken in tandem; one is the story of a walking meditation where he learns to live more in "the infinite moment" and the other is a well-researched and detailed account of the geography, history, and culture that he encounters on the Route Frances of the Camino de Santiago. He bravely writes about both the regrets of his past and his false illusions about the future which pull him away from mindfulness in the present. He finds his fellow pilgrims to be profoundly open and the impactful and often humorous dialogue with his walking companions acts as a microscope revealing the intimate inner universal voyage they are taking together. He writes of the deep sense of place he experiences as he walks along Roman roads, sleeps in a 12th century monastery, visits massive Gothic cathedrals, and walks in the foot steps of Charlemagne, Dante, Queen Isabella and Saint Francis of Assisi. By the time he reaches the Rioja wine-growing region, he has learned to Chi walk. Walking correctly aligned and in balance, he slows down his pace to conserve energy so that he can walk all day. The author is taking a decidedly Zen approach to Christianity's most important pilgrimage. The Camino become a metaphor for life's journey and he begins to think of this approach as "Slow Camino." "It is not a race to the end but rather it is about finding the 'Easter eggs' along the way." And so he takes time to stop and to visit the magnificent Cathedral in Leon and Gaudi's Bishop's Palace in Astorga. He gets off the Camino route to find regional foods such as octopus and to find funky casas rurales accommodations. Finally after the difficult walking through the wheat fields of Spain's bread basket, he arrives in the mountains of Galicia, his favorite section of the journey. Mr. Callery was educated by Benedictine monks before going to Yale where he received a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy.

The Day Was Made For Walking

Autore: Noel Braun
Editore: Sid Harta Publishers
ISBN: 1742983898
Grandezza: 72,46 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 9389

Noel Braun yearns to walk the Camino, the ancient pilgrimage route that leads across France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela. Since the suicide of Maris, his beloved wife of forty-two years, he has struggled to find himself. But is it pure madness? He's an old bloke. At seventy-seven-years, he should be sensible, act his age and relax in a rocking chair. Can his body and spirit withstand the demands? Can he leave family and friends behind? Noel believes this is a journey he MUST undertake. It's a compulsion, a spiritual quest of self-discovery, an urgent need to commune with the world around and beyond him. When Noel begins his journey, he discovers it's not just the rigorous demands of the physical world he must answer. The territory of the heart and soul has its own challenges, which have him searching for spiritual and emotional insights. His travels are interwoven with accounts of the many engaging characters he meets. In time he realises he himself is one of the Camino's characters. The Day Was Made for Walking merges the spiritual with the physical, the ancient with the contemporary. It is a memoir, but also a glimpse into history and a travel guide.

El Camino

Autore: Lee Hoinacki
Editore: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271016122
Grandezza: 77,33 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 1522

A day-by-day account of the author's five-hundred-mile solitary pilgrimage on foot to Saint James's legendary burial place in Spain includes his reflections on religious sensibility and other observations along the way. UP.

Kiwi On The Camino

Autore: Vivianne Flintoff
Editore: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504382536
Grandezza: 22,35 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 519

What is it that is motivating thousands of people to leave behind the comfort and securities of home, put heavy boots on their feet and a pack on their backs, and head off to walk the route known as the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, following in the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands of people who have walked the Camino down through the centuries? In 2014, Vivianne Flintoff took an extended leave of absence from her place of employment to walk both the Camino de Santiago and the Camino Finisterre. With her husband, Bruce, she began the seven-week, nine-hundred-kilometer (five hundred miles) walk at St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France, crossed the Pyrenees, and walked the French route to Santiago de Compostela. Two days later, Vivianne and Bruce put their boots and packs back on and headed off to walk the remaining one hundred kilometers (sixty-eight miles) to Finisterre on the Atlantic Coast, to the beach where legend has it that St. James preached and to where his disciples brought back his decapitated body. In Kiwi on the Camino: A Walk that Changed My Life, Vivianne courageously, honestly, and with humor tells of the pain, (she badly sprained her left ankle just three days before beginning the Camino), fears, anxieties, challenges, fun, and friendships encountered along the Way of St. James. Her life is radically changed at the completion of this epic walk. Viviannes meditations shine light upon her inner criticisms, and gradually, with each step, she lets go of self-judgment and becomes self-compassionate. Vivianne comes to a place of life transformation, where she is no longer prepared to live a highly stressed life. Her journey speaks to the many people struggling to juggle the complex demands that a contemporary life requires.

Camino De Santiago

Autore: Cordula Rabe
Editore: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763348352
Grandezza: 76,72 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6477

With over 1000 years of history, the Way of St. James is one of the classic long distance walks. This historical route along almost 1000 kilometres from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela offers unique cultural, scenic and nature experiences. Since the Holy Year of 2010 the Way of St. James has gained even more in popularity and attracts more and more people from very different backgrounds, faiths and generations. It does not matter what the reason might be for setting out on the path to Santiago de Compostela - in the end you are confident that you have had a quite special experience. The Rother walking guide describes in a total of 42 stages the whole of the Camino francés from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port via Roncesvalles, as well as the Aragon route from the Somport pass via Jaca to Santiago de Compostela, including possible secondary routes and the extension to Finisterre or Muxía. Thus the Way of St. James leads through a wealth of diverse landscapes, continuously interrupted by culturally and historically interesting places like Roncesvalles, Pamplona, Puente la Reina, San Juan de Ortega, Burgos or Leon, to name but a few. The natural experience dominates at first with the Pyrenean mountains, then the Rioja region characterised by vineyards, followed by the endless barren wastes of the Castillian plateau. But finally, it is the greenery of Galicia that rewards you for all your efforts and deprivations of the long journey, before you reach the climactic destination of Santiago de Compostela. If you still have time, then continuing to the coast, to Finisterre and Muxía, is highly recommended. Detailed maps, precise descriptions of the individual stages including easy-to-read height profiles, as well as comprehensive details of the infrastructure along the way such as medical services, shopping opportunities or banks, make your planning of the walk easier, especially for deviations from the stages described in this guide. Detailed information is also given about the location and standard of accommodation in the pilgrim hostels along the way, graded accordingly with one to three St. James shells. General tips on planning the route and equipment at the start of the book make this walking guide into a compact and practical guide. Special mention is also made of historical and scenic delights, as well as regional peculiarities, local fiestas and culinary specialities. A selection of representative photos provide insights into the diversity of landscape and culture experienced along the Way of St. James.

Walking From Here To There

Autore: Christy Day
Editore: Seacoast Press
ISBN: 9780997861280
Grandezza: 25,48 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6278

This book is equal parts reflection, factual account of the challenges and joys of the Pilgrimage, and practical advice for preparing for it and making it the best experience possible. Read it if you are planning to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Read it if you know you never will and want to know what it is like. If you like first-person accounts full of facts and reflection, you will like Walking from Here to There.

Sue Kenney S My Camino

Autore: Sue Kenney
ISBN: 9780973418637
Grandezza: 35,35 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 4747

Suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom career, Canadian Sue Kenney walked 780 kilometers on a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostella. She went alone in the winter with the intention of finding her life purpose. Blended with her profound experiences as a pilgrim, her athletic discipline as a competitive world class Master's rower and her extensive background in the telecommunications industry, Sue offers a unique perspective by sharing the lessons and virtues of being a simple pilgrim on the Camino, as a metaphor for being on a life journey with purpose. Sue has written a second book called Confessions of a Pilgrim.

From Sore Soles To A Soaring Soul

Autore: Blaine A. Rada
Editore: Bookbaby
ISBN: 9781543975086
Grandezza: 34,63 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 8999

"Do you like going for long walks?" Being asked this question by a fellow pilgrim, or peregrino, a few days into my month-long journey walking 500 miles across northern Spain seems ridiculous. And then I realize it's a brilliant question. It seeks to answer why someone would embark on such a challenge.Honestly, I don't like walking. So why would I â or anyone â take a month off from work and life leaving their family behind to walk the Camino de Santiago?The physical, mental, and spiritual journey that is the Camino is profoundly personal yet universally transformational. The greatest challenge is staying transformed when you get off the trail and go back home to your normal life.Walk with Blaine Rada as he shares his daily diary filled with insights, humor, and his quest for meaning. And chocolate milk. From Sore Soles to a Soaring Soul is the book he never intended to write. And is so glad he did. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charities that support the Camino.

Walking In Winter On The Camino

Autore: Brian Morrison
ISBN: 9780692112403
Grandezza: 72,34 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 4964

In the winter of 2018 I returned to Spain to finish the 500 mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This is the story of my winter journey. Walking the Camino in winter has unique challenges as well as benefits. The lessons learned in this book may be useful to anyone considering a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, or any long-distance walk.

The Way Of St James

Autore: Matthias Unverdorben
ISBN: 3740729694
Grandezza: 14,20 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 8295

The Way of St. James is a diary about my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. After I had read a book about this mystical way. I started my journey with 350 euro in my pocket on July 5th 2016 in a small town called Oranienburg in Germany. First I went by bus and train to Saint Jean Pied de Port. A small town in France where the Way of St. James and my walk from about 800 clicks to the Spain city Santiago de Compostela started. In the beginning it should be just a new adventure! But by time it became a self-discovery trip, who led me through my past and showed me my strengthen and weaken. Today I know this journey was one of my best decisions I had made until then! And everybody who is inspired by this book and decides to walk this way I wish a Buen Camino! Matthias Unverdorben

Camino De Santiago Maps

Autore: John Brierley
Editore: Findhorn Press
ISBN: 1912216981
Grandezza: 59,96 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 5032

A complete set of maps and town plans in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Polish make up this indispensible guidebook for spiritual seekers and travelers wishing to walk the way of Saint James. Covering the sacred route from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, this portable book of maps makes the perfect companion for adventurers attempting to heed the spiritual calling. Revised and updated to offer the most recent information, this exploration is light enough to carry while walking long distances each day. The maps show the location of all pilgrim hostels en route, the distances between villages, and points of interest, as well as counter guides, alternative routes, and accommodations.

One Woman S Camino

Autore: Tracy Pawelski
Editore: Incredible Messages Press
ISBN: 9781732251007
Grandezza: 25,75 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 1332

Discover the magic and metaphor of Camino! Leaving a highly-visible job took some courage, but Tracy Pawelski knew it was time. As she looked out on her horizon, her next step crystallized. She would join her 21-year-old daughter on a once-in-a-lifetime walk across Spain called El Camino de Santiago. While Tracy's trek along the 500 miles of this ancient Catholic pilgrimage began as a mother-daughter adventure, Tracy soon realized this was her Camino, a journey of profoundly personal insight and spiritual growth. Camino has a way of teasing out life's most meaningful lessons. Join Tracy as she navigates the challenges and rewards of Camino- including the endurance needed to walk 500 miles, the fellow pilgrims she meets along the way, and the internal struggles that come as she searches for answers. Ask Tracy how she walked those 500 miles, and she'll answer, "One step at a time." Whether the next step in your life is rewiring your priorities, resetting your course, or reconnecting with your faith, the first step can be the hardest. In Tracy's journey, you'll find the inspiration to make each step a new beginning in this uncertain but glorious journey we call life. "An insightful, true story about a modern, corporate woman overcoming obstacles on the ancient pilgrimage route." - Stacey Wittig, author Spiritual and Walking Guide: León to Santiago