Nagashino 1575

Author: Stephen Turnbull
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When Portuguese traders took advantage of the constant violence in Japan to sell the Japanese their first firearms, one of the quickest to take advantage of this new technology was the powerful daimyo Oda Nobunaga. In 1575 the impetuous Takeda Katsuyori laid siege to Nagashino castle, a possession of Nobunaga's ally, Tokugawa Ieyasu. An army was despatched to relieve the siege, and the two sides faced each other across the Shidarahara. The Takeda samurai were brave, loyal and renowned for their cavalry charges, but Nobunaga, counting on Katsuyori's impetuosity, had 3,000 musketeers waiting behind prepared defences for their assault. The outcome of this clash of tactics and technologies was to change the face of Japanese warfare forever.

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Samurai Warriors

Author: Ben Hubbard
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Samurai Warriors illustrates the truth about the fighting men that are iconic in Japanese culture. Comprehensive historical text on the samurai separate myth from fact in chapters detailing their history, from formation to decline, their political role and social structure, and their warfare. Photographs, artwork, and maps illustrate their fighting style and strategy, and depict battles, weapons, and armor. For a period of over fifty years, the samurai helped rule Japan, but these fighter still represent the power and prestige of the warrior.

Leadership Through Battles Learning Leadership And Management Through The Greatest Battles In History

Author: Mohammad Nozari
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Whether you manage or lead a startup, small company, or a large and established firm, you probably don’t have time to wade through dozens of books to determine what history’s greatest battles can teach you about running a business. Even if you had the time, you don’t need to, because this guidebook to leadership does it for you. It’s a short but precise narrative highlighting lessons from war, including how to: implement ideas and plans amid confusion; expand business into a new market or geographic area; prepare employees for tumultuous change; weaken and conquer adversaries. The guidebook highlights some of history’s best and worst battlefield generals, including Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, William the Duke of Normandy, Napoleon, George Washington, Col. George Armstrong Custer and many others. Their tactics reveal hundreds of memorable insights that will help you do what the great leaders did and avoid what doomed others.

Battle Of Nagashino

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Battle of Nagashino took place in 1575 near Nagashino Castle on the plain of Shitaragahara in the Mikawa province of Japan. The castle had been under siege by Takeda Katsuyori since the 17th of June; Okudaira Sadamasa, a Tokugawa vassal, commanded the defending force. The castle was under attack because it threatened Takeda's supply lines. Both Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga sent troops to alleviate the siege and Takeda Katsuyori was defeated. The victory of Oda's Western-style tactics and firearms over Takeda's cavalry charge is often cited as a turning point in Japanese warfare; many cite it as the first 'modern' Japanese battle. In fact, the cavalry charge had been introduced only a generation earlier by Takeda's father, Takeda Shingen. Furthermore, firearms had already been used in other battles.


Author: Thomas Louis
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"'Samurai' explores the essence, truth, and wisdom of these remarkable warriors. It features renowned samurai warriors, their weapons, armor, and military strategies and illuminates their unwavering "Bushido" philisophy--the strict code of honor requiring absolute loyalty to their master above all else, and ritual suicide in preference to dying a dishonorable death. This book explores the spirit, body, and minds of these sublime paladins who long ago passed into legend, but still live on today"--Back cover.

Rhapsody On A Film By Kurosawa

Author: Leonard Ginsberg
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One of Akira Kurosawa's most popular films, Yojimbo (1961) tells the story of a vagrant samurai who outsmarts two gangs warring to control a small town in mid-19th century Japan. This plot a lone hero who challenges both potent rivals struggling to control a place has proved remarkably adaptable. Recent film settings include the American southwest, New York, the coast of Ireland, Viking Iceland, and outer space. The rivals include drug dealers, police, witches, and seals, the hero a hit-man, a psychopath, a senior, an orphan. These films track the basic plot or veer off in unexpected directions. They provide an evening's delight or arouse enduring intellectual engagement with a wide variety of disciplines. Rhapsody on a Film by Kurosawa explores this cultural complex. Films discussed include American Beauty (1999), Donnie Darko (2001), The King of Masks (1996), Memento (2000), Ponette (1996), Requiem for a Dream (2000), Se7en (1995), and The Witches (1990). Other sections discuss possible origins of the plot in the work of Dashiell Hammett and Shakespeare, a Yojimbo hero who emerged in the final days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the relation of Yojimbo to Kurosawa's cinematic career. Rhapsody on a Film by Kurosawa is the author's first book.

World S Worst Military Disasters

Author: Chris McNab
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This book examines some of the worst battle defeats in military history, from ancient times through to the present day. Each story brings every battle and military mishap to life, making history come alive for readers.


Author: Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822325192
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The films of Akira Kurosawa have had an immense effect on the way the Japanese have viewed themselves as a nation and on the way the West has viewed Japan. In this comprehensive and theoretically informed study of the influential director's cinema, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto definitively analyzes Kurosawa's entire body of work, from 1943's Sanshiro Sugata to 1993's Madadayo. In scrutinizing this oeuvre, Yoshimoto shifts the ground upon which the scholarship on Japanese cinema has been built and questions its dominant interpretive frameworks and critical assumptions. Arguing that Kurosawa's films arouse anxiety in Japanese and Western critics because the films problematize Japan's self-image and the West's image of Japan, Yoshimoto challenges widely circulating clichés about the films and shows how these works constitute narrative answers to sociocultural contradictions and institutional dilemmas. While fully acknowledging the achievement of Kurosawa as a filmmaker, Yoshimoto uses the director's work to reflect on and rethink a variety of larger issues, from Japanese film history, modern Japanese history, and cultural production to national identity and the global circulation of cultural capital. He examines how Japanese cinema has been "invented" in the discipline of film studies for specific ideological purposes and analyzes Kurosawa's role in that process of invention. Demonstrating the richness of both this director's work and Japanese cinema in general, Yoshimoto's nuanced study illuminates an array of thematic and stylistic aspects of the films in addition to their social and historical contexts. Beyond aficionados of Kurosawa and Japanese film, this book will interest those engaged with cultural studies, postcolonial studies, cultural globalization, film studies, Asian studies, and the formation of academic disciplines.

Battlefields Then Now

Author: John Man
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"Provides a fresh insight into the sites of some of history's greatest conflicts. By overlaying modern photographs of the battlefield with dramatic reconstructions of ten of the key battles, it compares in a unique way scenes of struggle and heroism with the often pastoral site today"--Page 4 of cover.