Never Forget Your Past Marko Franovic Story

Author: Branko Miletic
ISBN: 9780646837666
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Biographical presentation of Marko Franovic, and Australian-Croatian based in Sydney who is celebrated on his 80th birthday for his exceptional philanthropic activities in the betterment of the Australian and Croatian communities. Having fled the communist Yugoslavia and arriving inAustralia in 1961 with asylum status due to political persecution and oppression under the communist regime by 2021 Marko Franovic has managed to create one the more successful business enterprises and still works every day, performing any work needed for the day in his companies. On the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2021 we can proudly and with deep admiration say that the past four decades, at least, of Marko Franovic have been marked by extraordinary business success but more important to the communities by extraordinary gestures of generosity towards the Australian and Croatian communities. Marko is a philanthropist who, with his generous works, personifies the definition of this very word: a person who feels a deep love for humanity, who shows himself with practical kindness and helpfulness towards humanity. Marko is not only respected through his philanthropy. He has integrated with obvious and extraordinary ease his business, philanthropic and civic commitments and has followed a standard for individual and corporate citizenship that reflects a great measure of what we look for in society and rely upon to maintain the preservation of generosity and kindness to others. This book written in both the English and the Croatian languages presents short biography of Marko Franovic, his attempts to flee communist Yugoslavia and his final escape, the difficult road through refugee camps of Italy from late 1950's until his arrival at Bonegilla Migrant Reception Centre in Australia, his journey to settle in Sydney, his battles and joys in achieving a good life in Australia from where he pursued his personal goal to share his wealth with the needy in Australia but especially so for the establishment of democracy in Croatia and for the assertion of her independence from communist Yugoslavia.