New Books On Women Feminism

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New Women New Novels

Autore: Ann L. Ardis
ISBN: 9780813515823
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"Ardis identifies the New Woman novel as an important locus of change at the turn of the century; a forum for the review of nineteenth-century narrative conventions; a forum for experimentation with new conceptualizations of sexuality and human character"--Back cover.

The New Woman

Autore: Sally Ledger
Editore: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719040931
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By comparing fictional representations with "real" New Women in late-Victorian Britain, Sally Ledger makes a major contribution to an understanding of the "Woman Question" at the end of the century. Chapters on imperialism, socialism, sexual decadence, and metropolitan life situate the "revolting daughters" of the Victorian age in a broader cultural context than previous studies.

The Women S Suffrage Movement

Autore: Maroula Joannou
Editore: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719048609
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Presents the best of recent feminist scholarship on the suffrage movement, illustrating its complexity, richness and diversity.

U S History As Women S History

Autore: Linda K. Kerber
Editore: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807844953
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This outstanding collection of fifteen original essays represents innovative work by some of the most influential scholars in the field of women's history. Covering a broad sweep of history from colonial to contemporary times and ranging over the fields o


Autore: Jo Freeman
Editore: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages
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Nearly twenty years since the first edition appeared, Women: A Feminist Perspective remains one of the most well-known and respected women’s studies books available. Original essays from a diverse group of authors provide accurate, up-to-date information along with critical analysis of important issues in women’s studies.

Writing On The Body

Autore: Katie Conboy
Editore: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231105453
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This work comprises a collection of influential readings in feminist theory. It is divided into four sections: "Reading the Body"; "Bodies in Production"; "The Body Speaks"; and "Body on Stage".

Women S Pictures

Autore: Annette Kuhn
Editore: Verso
ISBN: 9781859840108
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Examination of film theory and feminism

Women S Rights Human Rights

Autore: Roger Peters
Editore: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415909952
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This text argues that women's rights are violated in many ways everyday but these violations are ignored. It claims that the mere extension of exisiting human rights protection to women is insufficient: women's rights must be understood as human rights

Women In Christ

Autore: Michele M. Schumacher
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802812940
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The challenge of promoting the "new feminism" has barely been addressed since it was first launched by Pope John Paul II in his 1995 encyclical Evangelium vitae. The thirteen contributors in this book, all outstanding international scholars, take up this task, together laying the necessary theoretical foundation for the new feminism. These chapters articulate an integral philosophical and theological understanding of persons that moves beyond patriarchy on the one hand and traditional feminism on the other. Central to the new perspective offered here is the biblical revelation of the human person - man and woman - in Christ, a vision that directs women beyond the "male" standard against which they have too often been measured. Far from constraining women to an "eternal essence," the dynamic view presented here encourages each woman to realize herself in perfect Christian freedom.

Feminist Organizations

Autore: Myra Marx Ferree
Editore: Temple University Press
ISBN: 9781439901564
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Twenty-six original essays look at contemporary feminist organizations.

Antagonizing White Feminism

Autore: Noelle Chaddock
Editore: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498588352
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Antagonizing White Feminism: Intersectionality’s Critique of Women’s Studies and the Academy pushes back against the exclusive scholarship and discourse coming out of women-centered spaces and projects, which throw up barriers by narrowly defining who can participate. Vehement resistance to using inclusive language and renaming scholarly spaces like Women’s Studies and Critical Feminism expresses itself in concerns that women are still oppressed and thus women-only spaces must be maintained. But who is a woman? What are the characteristics of a woman’s lived experience? Do affinity and a history of oppression justify exclusion? This book shows how intersectional feminism is often underperformed and appropriated as a “woke” vocabulary by elite women who are unwilling to do the necessary emotional work around their privilege. As Trans Women, Femmes, Women of Color, Queer Women, Gender Variant, and Gender Non-Conforming scholars emerge, the heteronormative, cisgender, colonial idea of women and the feminine is rapidly under attack. The contributors believe that to engage in the necessary conversations about the oppressed performing oppression is to disrupt the exclusionary basis of monolithic understandings of the feminine. Only then can we advance the coalition needed to forge a multiracial, multicultural, queer-led, anti-imperialist feminism.

Women Feminism And Family Therapy

Autore: Lois Braverman
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317773837
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Women, Feminism and Family Therapy encourages sensitivity to feminist perspectives and challenges many traditional notions held by therapists, clients, and society. One of the few guides that takes into account feminist ideals and the changing status of women in society, this provocative new book explores a feminist approach to theory, clinical applications, training, and supervision in family therapy. Topics in this exciting and though-provoking book include women in alcoholic families, women and abuse in the family context, lesbian daughters and mothers, and women and eating disorders. Editor Lois Braverman and the other expert contributors are practicing psychotherapists who have struggled with the problems of integrating a feminist perspective with the practice of family therapy. Their discussions--both theoretical and practical in scope--provide professionals with actual treament interventions, as well as a frank discussion of theoretical dilemmas.

Antifeminism And The Victorian Novel

Editore: Cambria Press
ISBN: 1621969797
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Women S Studies And Culture

Autore: Rosemarie Buikema
Editore: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781856493123
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This major introduction to feminist cultural studies provides an important new synthesis of the feminist critique of culture. It also brilliantly reflects the interdisciplinary approach of cultural studies. The book opens with an exploration of the development of feminist academic practice and an overview of the full range of feminist theory. It includes full coverage of the equality/difference debate. Chapters then examine the impact of women's studies on linguistics, literary theory, popular culture, history, film theory, art history, theatre studies and musicology. Part two explores the politics, theories and methods of feminist study including psychoanalysis, black criticism, lesbian studies and semiotics. This book is essential reading for anyone who needs a lively and accessible explanation of how feminism has taken culture and its academic study by storm.

Third World Women And The Politics Of Feminism

Autore: Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Editore: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253206329
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"The essays are provocative and enhance knowledge of Third World women's issues. Highly recommended . . . " --Choice " . . . the book challenges assumptions and pushes historic and geographical boundaries that must be altered if women of all colors are to win the struggles thrust upon us by the 'new world order' of the 1990s." --New Directions for Women "This surely is a book for anyone trying to comprehend the ways sexism fuels racism in a post-colonial, post-Cold War world that remains dangerous for most women." --Cynthia H. Enloe" . . . provocative analyses of the simultaneous oppressions of race, class, gender and sexuality . . . a powerful collection." --Gloria Anzaldúa" . . . propels third world feminist perspectives from the periphery to the cutting edge of feminist theory in the 1990s." --Aihwa Ong " . . . a carefully presented wealth of much-needed information." --Audre Lorde " . . . it is a significant book." --The Bloomsbury Review " . . . excellent . . . The nondoctrinaire approach to the Third World and to feminism in general is refreshing and compelling." --World Literature Today ". . . an excellent collection of essays examining 'Third World' feminism." --The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory These essays document the debates, conflicts, and contradictions among those engaged in developing third world feminist theory and politics. Contributors: Evelyne Accad, M. Jacqui Alexander, Carmen Barroso, Cristina Bruschini, Rey Chow, Juanita Diaz-Cotto, Angela Gilliam, Faye V. Harrison, Cheryl Johnson-Odim, Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Ann Russo, Barbara Smith, Nayereh Tohidi, Lourdes Torres, Cheryl L. West, & Nellie Wong.

Women Knowledge And Reality

Autore: Ann Garry
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134719531
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This second edition of Women, Knowledge, and Reality continues to exhibit the ways in which feminist philosophers enrich and challenge philosophy. Essays by twenty-five feminist philosophers, seventeen of them new to the second edition, address fundamental issues in philosophical and feminist methods, metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophies of science, language, religion and mind/body. This second edition expands the perspectives of women of color, of postmodernism and French feminism, and focuses on the most recent controversies in feminist theory and philosophy. The chapters are organized by traditional fields of philosophy, and include introductions which contrast the ideas of feminist thinkers with traditional philosophers. The collected essays illustrate both the depth and breadth of feminist critiques and the range of contemporary feminist theoretical perspectives.

Women And Values

Autore: Marilyn Pearsall
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"With twelve new essays, this Third Edition of Marilyn Pearsall's landmark collection continues to offer readers the vanguard thinking of today's outstanding feminist philosophers. The book's thirty-six readings (all by contemporary feminists) reflect their views on such topics as abortion, sexual harassment, religion, aesthetics, motherhood, lesbianism, rights, and caring. For ease of reference, the essays are organized topically into eight chapters: feminist theory and practice, women's nature and values, social philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, philosophy of art, and feminist ethics. With substantive introductions to each chapter, this provocative collection offers enticing coverage of a full range of feminist issues in a format accessible to readers." --From back cover

The Illusions Of Post Feminism

Autore: Vicki Coppock
Editore: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780748402380
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In the late 1980s, there was a proliferation of popular imagery of 'new' men and 'post-feminist' women, with the concept of 'post-feminism' reinforcing and emphasizing the differences between independent, upwardly-mobile, career orientated women, and those women who 'choose' the more 'natural' role of wife and mother. The Illusions of 'Post-Feminism": New Women, Old Myths maintains that 'post-feminism' is a myth. Through in-depth interviews with women about four major areas of their lives: education, work, the media and the family, the authors challenge and expose the myths implicit in the concept of 'post-feminism'. The research illustrates that women's discontent continues, despite the assumption that gender equality would result from equal opportunities legislation. The chapters highlight the ineffective nature of liberal reformism and demonstrate how power relations still lie at the root of the oppression of women.

The Feminist Memoir Project

Autore: Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Editore: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813539737
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The women of The Feminist Memoir Project give voice to the spirit, the drive, and the claims of the Women's Liberation Movement they helped shape, beginning in the late 1960s. These thirty-two writers were among the thousands to jump-start feminism in the late twentieth century. Here, in pieces that are passionate, personal, critical, and witty, they describe what it felt like to make history, to live through and contribute to the massive social movement that transformed the nation. What made these particular women rebel? And what experiences, ideas, feelings, and beliefs shaped their activism? How did they maintain the will and energy to keep such a struggle going for so long, and continuing still? Memoirs and responses by Kate Millett, Vivian Gornick, Michele Wallace, Alix Kates Shulman, Joan Nestle, Jo Freeman, Yvonne Rainer, Barbara Smith, Ellen Willis, Eve Ensler, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Roxanne Dunbar, Naomi Weisstein, Alice Wolfson and many more embody the excitement that fueled the movement and the conflicts that threatened it from within. Their stories trace the ways the world has changed.Rachel Blau DuPlessis is a professor of English and women's studies at Temple University and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ann Snitow is a professor of literature and gender studies at The New School for Social Research and lives in New York City.