No One Understands You And What To Do About It

Author: Heidi Grant Halvorson
Editor: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1625274130
Size: 10,65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 870

Have you ever felt you’re not getting through to the person you’re talking to, or not coming across the way you intend? You’re not alone. That’s the bad news. But there is something we can do about it. Heidi Grant Halvorson, social psychologist and bestselling author, explains why we’re often misunderstood and how we can fix that. Most of us assume that other people see us as we see ourselves, and that they see us as we truly are. But neither is true. Our everyday interactions are colored by subtle biases that distort how others see us—and also shape our perceptions of them. You can learn to clarify the message you’re sending once you understand the lenses that shape perception: • Trust. Are you friend or foe? • Power. How much influence do you have over me? • Ego. Do you make me feel insecure? Based on decades of research in psychology and social science, Halvorson explains how these lenses affect our interactions—and how to manage them. Once you understand the science of perception, you’ll communicate more clearly, send the messages you intend to send, and improve your personal relationships. You’ll also become a fairer and more accurate judge of others. Halvorson even offers an evidence-based action plan for repairing a damaged reputation. This book is not about making a good impression, although it will certainly help you do that. It’s about coming across as you intend. It’s about the authenticity we all strive for.

Build An A Team

Author: Whitney Johnson
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1633693651
Size: 19,30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 821

Lead each person on your team up the learning curve. What's the secret to having an engaged and productive team? It's having a plan for developing all employees--no matter where they are on their personal learning curves. Better morale and higher performance happen through learning, argues Whitney Johnson. In over twenty years of coaching, investing, and consulting, Johnson has seen that employees need continuous learning and fresh challenges to stay motivated. The best bosses know this, and they know how to make it happen by thoughtfully designing people’s jobs around the skills they have today as well as the skills they'll need to be even more valuable tomorrow. That's how entire organizations stay competitive in an unpredictable, rapidly changing business environment. In this book, Johnson explains how to become one of those bosses and how to build your A-team by: Identifying what your employees already know and what they need to learn Designing their jobs to maximize engagement and learning Applying a seven-step process for leading each person up their learning curve We all want opportunities to learn, experiment, and grow in our jobs. When our bosses work with us to help us leap to new challenges, the result is a team that knows how to thrive, no matter what the future holds.

What S Your Problem

Author: Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1633697231
Size: 14,43 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 158

"The author makes a compelling case that we often start solving a problem before thinking deeply about whether we are solving the right problem. If you want the superpower of solving better problems, read this book." -- Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google Are you solving the right problems? Have you or your colleagues ever worked hard on something, only to find out you were focusing on the wrong problem entirely? Most people have. In a survey, 85 percent of companies said they often struggle to solve the right problems. The consequences are severe: Leaders fight the wrong strategic battles. Teams spend their energy on low-impact work. Startups build products that nobody wants. Organizations implement "solutions" that somehow make things worse, not better. Everywhere you look, the waste is staggering. As Peter Drucker pointed out, there's nothing more dangerous than the right answer to the wrong question. There is a way to do better. The key is reframing, a crucial, underutilized skill that you can master with the help of this book. Using real-world stories and unforgettable examples like "the slow elevator problem," author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg offers a simple, three-step method - Frame, Reframe, Move Forward - that anyone can use to start solving the right problems. Reframing is not difficult to learn. It can be used on everyday challenges and on the biggest, trickiest problems you face. In this visually engaging, deeply researched book, you’ll learn from leaders at large companies, from entrepreneurs, consultants, nonprofit leaders, and many other breakthrough thinkers. It's time for everyone to stop barking up the wrong trees. Teach yourself and your team to reframe, and growth and success will follow.

Leader To Leader Ltl Winter 2016

Author: Ltl
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119236878
Size: 20,64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 567

2015 1

Author: 哈佛商業評論全球繁體中文版
Editor: 遠見天下文化出版股份有限公司
Size: 16,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 350

領導有術 「真誠」近來成為領導人的黃金定律。領導人試圖展現自己的真實面貌,不遮掩自己的優缺點,藉此呈現出親和作風,並爭取追隨者的支持。而那些隨著新職務變換領導風格的人,反而被譏為「變色龍」,伴隨而來的評語多半是不夠真誠、沒有原則。真誠領導真的毫無瑕疵,變色龍風格又真的一無可取嗎? 以研究領導行為著名的歐洲工商管理學院講座教授荷蜜妮亞.伊巴拉,在近期研究中,發現許多轉換新職的領導人,因為堅持原貌,不惜暴露自己的脆弱,導致部屬對他們喪失信心,最後退出原本看好的職涯。領導人不應再以維持真誠為藉口,而應跨出舒適區,向不同的領導典範學習,練就出適合自己,也有助於組織需求的領導風格(見〈真誠,沒那麼簡單〉)。 除此之外,本期還提供許多領導人需要的軟性技巧。尋求和接受建言,就是領導人極為重要的工作。有些人會認為這是一種與生俱來的天賦,其實,這種能力可以靠練習而精益求精。雖然這個精微的互動過程,需要投入時間和精力,但若因此給予或得到好建言,都會讓個人或組織更上層樓(見〈精通施與受的建言藝術〉)。 另外,如果你是中階主管,一定面臨過一種困境。你從客戶、供應商、員工的第一線資料得知,公司將面臨外在變局,你想到解決方案,但高階主管因為未曾身歷其境,可能不會接受你的提議。這種由下往上的建言,又比前面所說平行,或從上往下的建言難度要高。此時,中階主管可運用一些方法。首先,你的提議要與公司的策略目標相結合,以增加高階主管納入考量的機會。其次,尋求結盟,像是得到相關領域專家的支持,或是說服反對者認同,都比單打獨鬥好。最後,要指出問題,也要提出周詳的解決方案,才能大幅提升被採納的機率(見〈說服上司七絕招〉)。 儘管現今許多企業已採取行動,履行社會責任,但牽涉到人類存續的大議題,例如全球氣候變遷,仍需要非營利組織扮演無私、跨界的角色,來扭轉局勢。然而,非營利組織雖有理想,卻往往未能有效經營,讓各方捐贈的金錢和物資,發揮最大成效。本期提供幾個重要問題,包括要達成哪些成果?成本為何?資金從哪裡來?常思索這些問題,能讓非營利組織的經營更有成效(見〈實踐非營利組織願景〉)。 當國家面臨嚴重的經濟衰退時,應採取經濟刺激方案?還是採取撙節策略,刪減政府支出?本刊繁體中文版訪問了牛津大學教授、《失控的撙節》(The Body Economic, Why Austerity Kills )一書的共同作者大衛.史塔克勒(David Stuckler),他談到在面對此兩難時,該如何做決策。

The Communication Clinic 99 Proven Cures For The Most Common Business Mistakes

Author: Barbara Pachter
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1259644855
Size: 18,60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 856

The proven prescription for powerful business communication Sending an email plagued with typos. Rushing through a presentation. Never saying “no.” Under-dressing for a company event. What do these all have in common? Bad messaging. The Communication Clinic is a comprehensive, commonsense guide to getting the job of your dreams and presenting yourself in the best light through your writing, speaking, body language, and overall appearance. In no time, you’ll begin recognizing the subtle mistakes that are holding you back, and taking steps to overcome them. The Communication Clinic provides the proven prescription for: • Writing effective emails • Developing a professional presence • Mastering verbal and nonverbal communication • Using social media for career success • Designing and delivering powerful presentations • Being assertive (but not aggressive) in person and online • Managing conflict Business interactions are increasingly done over digital platforms and across traditional boundaries. Never has clear communication been more critical. Unskilled communicators can create awkward situations, negatively affect business profitability, and even end their own careers with a few poorly chosen keystrokes. Consult The Communication Clinic and you’ll show everyone that you understand your job, that you care about your career, and that you work well with others —all of which come across loud and clear through effective communication.

The Asshole Survival Guide

Author: Robert I. Sutton
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 1328695921
Size: 18,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 947

“This book is a contemporary classic—a shrewd and spirited guide to protecting ourselves from the jerks, bullies, tyrants, and trolls who seek to demean. We desperately need this antidote to the a-holes in our midst.”—Daniel H. Pink, best-selling author of To Sell Is Human and Drive How to avoid, outwit, and disarm assholes, from the author of the classic The No Asshole Rule As entertaining as it is useful, The Asshole Survival Guide delivers a cogent and methodical game plan for anybody who feels plagued by assholes. Sutton starts with diagnosis—what kind of asshole problem, exactly, are you dealing with? From there, he provides field‐tested, evidence‐based, and often surprising strategies for dealing with assholes—avoiding them, outwitting them, disarming them, sending them packing, and developing protective psychological armor. Sutton even teaches readers how to look inward to stifle their own inner jackass. Ultimately, this survival guide is about developing an outlook and personal plan that will help you preserve the sanity in your work life, and rescue all those perfectly good days from being ruined by some jerk. “Thought-provoking and often hilarious . . . An indispensable resource.”—Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before “At last . . . clear steps for rejecting, deflecting, and deflating the jerks who blight our lives . . . Useful, evidence-based, and fun to read.”—Robert Cialdini, best-selling author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

When No One Understands

Author: Brad Sachs
Editor: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1590304071
Size: 16,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 491

Twenty letters written by therapist Brad Sachs to his teenage patient Amanda discuss such questions and concerns as relationships, drugs, family dynamics, and emotional pain.

Doctor Who Forever Autumn

Author: Mark Morris
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1409073319
Size: 15,85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 340

It is almost Halloween in the sleepy New England town of Blackwood Falls. Autumn leaves litter lawns and sidewalks, paper skeletons hang in windows, and carved pumpkins leer from stoops and front porches. The Doctor and Martha soon discover that something long-dormant has awoken in the town, and this will be no ordinary Halloween. What is the secret of the ancient chestnut tree and the mysterious book discovered tangled in its roots? What rises from the local churchyard in the dead of night, sealing up the lips of the only witness? And why are the harmless trappings of Halloween suddenly taking on a creepy new life of their own? As nightmarish creatures prowl the streets, the Doctor and Martha must battle to prevent both the townspeople and themselves from suffering a grisly fate... Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha as played by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman in the hit sci-fi series from BBC Television.

Why Family Therapy Doesn T Work And What We Can Do About It

Author: Nancy Marshall, M.A.
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1414057857
Size: 13,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 586

Why Family Therapy Doesn’t Work and What We Can Do About It is workbook – for both potential clients who struggle with interpersonal issues and for young clinicians who want to get better results from their treatment modalities. An explanation of how fears become so physically and mentally cemented is included. The roles of discouragement and unmet narcissistic needs in relationships are explained. A number of exercises, many of which can easily done at home, are included. Physical health is included. In this way, the book is a workbook like the Courage to Heal Workbook. The book has special sections on Dealing with Young Children and Dealing with Teenagers. The book looks at addiction, cutting, eating disorders, prejudice and extreme control and anger issues. Why Family Therapy Doesn’t Work and What We Can Do About It has a special section on public health issues. How do we successfully “do” public health and “make” people art in their own interests?