Of The Presence Of The Body

Autore: André Lepecki
Editore: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN: 9780819566126
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Writing at the dynamic intersection of dance and performance studies.

Presence Of The Body

Autore: Gert Hofmann
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004334742
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Presence of the Body provides an interdisciplinary forum (including literary, performative, philosophical and anthropological approaches) for the dialogue between theory and practice about the impact of the body on human awareness in the fields of art, writing, meditative practice, and performance.

The Real Presence Of The Body And Blood Of Our Lord Jesus Christ In The Blessed Eucharist

Autore: Nicholas Patrick Wiseman
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Full Body Presence

Autore: Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
Editore: New World Library
ISBN: 1577318609
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Many teachers stress the importance of living in the present moment. Few give the actual practices to make it attainable. This book teaches you how to return to the incredible navigational system of the body and more fully inhabit each moment. For over twenty-five years, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana has masterfully taught her step-by-step practice of present moment awareness through her own combination of bodywork and CranioSacral therapy. The practices of Full Body Presence help you find a deeper awareness in the moment, even in the midst of chaos, family and work demands, or the pressure to perform. This deeper awareness also brings a fuller sense of trust and confidence in yourself and in the world. Full Body Presence is filled with concrete, life-friendly explorations and instruction clearly presented in both the book and the free accompanying downloadable audio files.

Your Body Mandala

Autore: Mary Bond
Editore: MCP Books
ISBN: 9781545610596
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In ''Your Body Mandala,'' Mary Bond, author of ''The New Rules of Posture,'' helps you unlock your somatic wisdom and find your way home to your body. With modern lifestyles that leave us feeling overwhelmed by mental and physical stress, being comfortably present inside our skins can be a challenge. Through an innovative weaving of movement theory, philosophy, neuroscience, fascia research, and personal story, Your Body Mandala helps you reclaim your body's inner guidance and improve your posture in the bargain.

The Measurement Of Presence

Autore: Benno Tempel
Editore: Hannibal
ISBN: 9789492677808
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-A sensitive and critical stance towards abstraction in the Dutch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019 For the Venice Biennale 2019, Benno Tempel, director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag curated the exhibition The Measurement of Presence, in which he combines installations by Remy Jungerman with wall paintings and paintings by Iris Kensmil. The Measurement of Presence is a transnational presentation that explores traditions and the past, bringing them into contact with the present. Jungerman and Kensmil gather influences from different backgrounds. Remy Jungerman is interested in the path traveled by patterns. In his work he combines motifs from Africa, Maroon culture, and twentieth-century modernism. Iris Kensmil invites us to expand our consciousness on utopian twentieth-century avant-garde and introduces us to Black female activists and artists who have been neglected for too long. This sensitive and critical stance towards abstraction and modernism is what connects the work of Jungerman and Kensmil. In their work they combine the inspiration they draw from twentieth-century utopian abstract art - in particular Mondrian and De Stijl, the Russian avant-garde and stanley brouwn - with elements of other traditions and positions. In so doing, they size up the world. They explore how the presence and visibility of spirit and history are necessary to exist. The exhibition also interacts with the architecture of the pavilion, designed by Rietveld. The book is published on the occasion of The Measurement of Presence. The Venice Biennale 2019 takes place from 11 May untill 24 November.

Presence In The Flesh

Autore: Katharine Galloway Young
Editore: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 9780674701816
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In a though provoking study, independent scholar Katharine Young addresses the way the field of medicine separates body and "self", rendering the body an object and the self bodyless. From embodied positions within the realm of medicine and disembodied positions outside it, Young richly conveys the complexity of "presence in the flesh".

Presence And Absence

Autore: Adele Anderson
ISBN: 9781848882638
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This volume collects research and critical explorations of the performing body by scholars and practitioners in visual and performing arts, textile, fashion and experimental design research, scenography and costume design, dance and performance history. Authors examine performativity of the body, its materiality, immateriality, and virtuality, and investigate experiences of embodiment. They reenvision the body as a site for representation, exploring the absent body in performance and as performance through time and space. Contributors bring a broad variety of contemporary approaches, from live performance to mediated performance, from installation art to performance art, and from experimental fashion to theatre and dance. They discuss issues of process and meaning-making and practices from concept and interpretation to creative production and reception. The volume expands possibilities for the role of the body in performance, while also challenging roles and hierarchies of existing performance practice.

This Is My Body

Autore: Thomas J. Davis
Editore: Baker Academic
ISBN: 0801032458
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A Reformation scholar provides a much-needed historical perspective on the presence of Christ in the theology of Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers.


Autore: Christine Caldwell
Editore: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 083484169X
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As a foundation for a contemplative life, the body can both literally and metaphorically help us wake up. Breathing, sensing, and moving—the ways we know our body—carry tremendous contemplative potential, and yet, we so often move through our days unaware of or in conflict with our physical selves. In Bodyfulness, renowned somatic counselor Christine Caldwell offers a practical guide for living an embodied contemplative life, embracing whatever body we are in. Each chapter offers insights and practices that help us recover our lost physical wisdom—to integrate our bodies with mindfulness, to deal with emotions, and to develop attuned relationships. Bodyfulness inspires us to reclaim a body-centered contemplative life and challenges us to harness our potential to effect social and personal transformation in this body now.

An Answer To Dr Pusey S Challenge Respecting The Doctrine Of The Real Presence

Autore: John Harrison
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Tracts For The Times For 1833 1834 Tract No 1 46 Records Of The Church No I Xviii New Ed 1840

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Tracts For The Times Nos 1 46 Records Of The Church Nos I Xviii

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Of Jews And Animals

Autore: Andrew Benjamin
Editore: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748653732
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In developing his own conception of the 'figure', Andrew Benjamin has written an innovative and provocative study of the complex relationship between philosophy, the history of painting and their presentation of both Jews and animals. Newly available in p

Introduction La Po Sie Orale

Autore: Paul Zumthor
Editore: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9780816617258
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In his comprehensive treatment, Zumthor (emeritus, U. of Montreal) discusses general issues concerning oral poetry, from primary to mechanized orality (including the setting of text to music); the forms of oral poetry; the epic in the West, Africa, and other parts of the globe; the oral poet's texte; performance in its manifold styles across the world; roles played in oral poetry; and oral ritual actions from archaic times to the present--Homer to Bob Dylan. Translated from the first French edition of 1983. Paper edition (unseen), $17.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Learning From Memory

Autore: Bianca Maria Pirani
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 144383114X
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This challenging book, with excellent contributions from international social scientists, focuses on the link between body and memory that specifically refers to the use of digital technologies. Neuroscientists know very well that human beings automatically and unconsciously organize their experience in their bodies into spatial units whose confines are established by changes in location, temporality and the interactive elements that determine it. Our memories might be less reliable than those of the average computer, but they are just as capacious, much more flexible, and even more user-friendly. The aim of the present book is to outline, by the body, what we know of the sociology of memory. The authors and editors believe that an analysis at the sociological level will prove valuable in throwing light on accounts of human behavior at the interpersonal and social level, and will play an important role in our capacity to understand the neurobiological factors that underpin the various types of memory. This book is an ideal resource for advanced and postgraduate students in social sciences, as well as practitioners in the field of Information and Communication technologies. Scholarly and accessible in tone, Learning from Memory: Body, Memory and Technology in a Globalizing World will be read and enjoyed by members of the general public and the professional audience alike.

Insights To Spirituality

Autore: Gerald W. Miller
Editore: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456794914
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There are numerous books and documents on spiritual life, and the authors of these are long on the journey with God. However, a consolidation of the elements of a spiritual life and how they can affect one's life are both interesting and helpful as they have been to me. These INSIGHTS are most useful in beginning as well as enhancing one's own spiritual formation. Over 100 separate views which are threaded among seven chapters speak to a practical approach to carrying out the Lord's will in the spiritual life.

The Body And Social Theory

Autore: Professor Chris Shilling
Editore: SAGE
ISBN: 1849206570
Grandezza: 36,71 MB
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Praise for the First Edition: `Essential to any collection of work on the body, health and illness, or social theory' - Choice `Sophisticated ... and acutely perceptive of the importance of the complex dialectic between social institutions, culture and biological conditions' - Times Higher Education Supplement `Chris Shilling has done us all a splendid service in bringing together and illustrating the tremendous diversity and richness of sociological thinking on the topic of human embodiment and its implications' - Sociological Review This updated edition of the bestselling text retains all the strengths of the first edition. Chris Shilling: provides a critical survey of the field; demonstrates how developments in diet, sexuality, reproductive technology, genetic engineering and sports science have made the body a site for social alternatives and individual choices; and elucidates the practical uses of theory in striking and accessible ways. In addition, new, original material: explores the latest feminist, phenomenological and action-oriented approaches to the body; examines the latest work on `body projects' and the relationship between the body and self-identity; and outlines a compelling theoretical framework that provides a radical basis for the consolidation of body studies.

Mechanical Sciences

Editore: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120327276
Grandezza: 28,12 MB
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Primarily intended for the first-year undergraduate students of various engineering disciplines, this comprehensive and up-to-date text also serves the needs of second-year undergraduate students (Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Chemical, Production and Marine Engineering) studying Engineering Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. The whole text is divided into two parts and gives a detailed description of the theory along with the systematic applications of laws of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics to engineering problems. Part I (Chapters 1-6) deals with the energy interaction between system and surroundings, while Part II (Chapters 7-15) covers the fluid flow phenomena. This accessible and comprehensive text is designed to take the student from an elementary level to a level of sophistication required for the analysis of practical problems.