International Sport Management

Author: Eric MacIntosh
Editor: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 149258990X
Size: 20,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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International Sport Management is the first comprehensive textbook devoted to the organization, governance, business activities, and cross-cultural context of modern sport on an international level. As the sport industry continues its global expansion, this textbook serves as an invaluable guide for readers as they build careers that require an international understanding of the relationships, influences, and responsibilities in sport management. Through a systematic presentation of topics and issues in international sport, this textbook offers a long-overdue guide for students in this burgeoning subfield in sport management. Editors Li, MacIntosh, and Bravo have assembled contributors from all corners of the globe to present a truly international perspective on the topic. With attention to diversity and multiple viewpoints, each chapter is authored by distinguished academics and practitioners in the field. A foreword by esteemed sport management scholar Dr. Earle Zeigler emphasizes the importance of a dedicated study of the issues in international sport management. All chapters in the text use a global perspective to better showcase how international sport operates in various geopolitical environments and cultures. The text is arranged in five parts, each serving a unique purpose: •To outline the issues associated with international sport management •To examine sport using a unique perspective that emphasizes its status as a global industry •To introduce the structure of governance in international sport •To examine the management essentials in international sport •To apply these strategies in the business segments of sport marketing, sport media and information technology, sport facilities and design, sport event management, and sport tourism Written to engage students, International Sport Management contains an array of learning aids to assist with comprehension of the material. It includes case studies and sidebars that apply the concepts to real-world situations and demonstrate the varied issues, challenges, and opportunities affecting sport management worldwide. Chapter objectives, key terms, learning activities, summaries, and discussion questions guide learning in this wide-ranging subject area. In addition, extensive reference sections support the work of practitioners in the field. With International Sport Management, both practicing and future sport managers can develop an increased understanding of the range of intercultural competencies necessary for success in the field. Using a framework of strategic and total-quality management, the text allows readers to examine global issues from an ethical perspective and uncover solutions to complex challenges that sport managers face. With this approach, readers will learn how to combine business practices with knowledge in international sport to lead their current and future careers. International Sport Management offers readers a multifaceted view of the issues, challenges, and opportunities in international sport management as well as the major functional areas that govern international sport. The text provides students, academics, and practitioners with critical insights into the practice of business as it applies to international sport.

River The Machine

Author: Manuel Sbdar
Editor: Ediciones Granica
ISBN: 9506419418
Size: 16,79 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 170

Two headers in the area do not always score a goal. Goals, triumphs and sports successes are the result of an undecipherable, multivariable and very complex equation. However, there is not even a positive balancing of all those variables that secures that the ball strikes the net. There is always a fair amount of luck. Since we are talking about a zero-sum game – one wins and the other necessarily loses – success or failure cannot be exclusively measured according to sports results. Who would not like to win on Sunday? However, to win every Sunday on the game field is desirable – perhaps necessary – but not enough. As it also is not enough having a surplus balance every year. We have created a model of indicators and analysis to measure and understand the management of the passing years, by connecting the management to the sports results and the social initiatives. Intentions without management are nothing but intentions, but management without results is nothing but management. In this book we have focused on the interpretation of three elements as an indivisible unit: Cups, Surplus and Social Commitment, an ideal formulation for a perfect equation.

The Global Football Industry

Author: James J. Zhang
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351117963
Size: 14,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 571

In recent years, football’s status as "the world’s sport" has shown little sign of waning. From increasing participation at grassroots levels and to the highly lucrative media rights deals secured by the top elite clubs, the game appears to be thriving as it continues to excite and enthral billions of people around the globe. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges and opportunities facing the football industry today that warrant further examination. This book brings together leading international researchers to survey the current state of the global football industry, exploring contemporary themes and issues in the marketing of football around the world. With contributions from Europe, Asia and the Americas, it discusses key topics such as football club management, the economics of the football industry, match-fixing, social media, fan experiences, the globalized marketplace, and the growing popularity of the women’s game. Offering insights for researchers, managers, and marketers who are looking to stay ahead of the game, The Global Football Industry: Marketing Perspectives is essential reading for anyone with an interest in international sport business.

Routledge Handbook Of Football Marketing

Author: Nicolas Chanavat
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351972367
Size: 13,46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 525

Football is big business. The top teams and leagues in world football generate billions of dollars in revenue and serve an audience of billions of fans. This book focuses on the marketing of football as the apex of the contemporary football industry. Drawing upon key theories and concepts in sport marketing, it highlights the critical strategic and operational elements that underpin effective marketing in football clubs around the world. From the English Premier League to Major League Soccer, this handbook addresses the most important developments in sponsorship, marketing communications, digital marketing strategies, customer relationship management and social media. Written by a team of leading football marketing experts, it presents the latest cutting-edge research in case studies from countries including the UK, USA, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Japan. The only up-to-date book on football marketing written from a truly international perspective, the Routledge Handbook of Football Marketing is an invaluable resource for any researcher or advanced student with an interest in football marketing, as well as all marketers working in the professional football business.

Bihar Police Si Bpsi Prelims 2020 15 Full Length Mock Test

Author: Rohit Manglik
Editor: EduGorilla
Size: 15,55 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 916

A Football Compendium

Author: Peter J. Seddon
Editor: British Library Board
Size: 10,16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 99

The second edition of this indispensable guide to British (not American) football contains over 7,000 entries arranged in fourteen chapters. With greatly increased coverage of football films and music, every facet of association football from 1863 to the present is covered. Knowledgeable essays, reviews, and annotations guide the reader through the wealth of UK literature. This is a significant addition to the literature of association football, and required reading for collectors and fans of the game.