On Michael Jackson

Author: Margo Jefferson
Editor: Granta Books
ISBN: 1783784210
Size: 18,12 MB
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Michael Jackson: provocateur, icon, enigma. Who was he, really? And how does his spectacular rise, his catastrophic fall, reflect upon those who made him, those who broke him, and those who loved him? Almost ten years on from Jackson's untimely death, here is Margo Jefferson's definitive and dazzling dissection of the King of Pop: a man admired for his music, his flair, his performances; and censured for his skin, his erratic behaviour, and, in his final years, for his relationships with children.

The Dangerous Philosophies Of Michael Jackson His Music His Persona And His Artistic Afterlife

Author: Elizabeth Amisu
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440838658
Size: 17,85 MB
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An essential companion to Michael Jackson's music, films, and books, this work offers 21 original, academic essays on all things Jackson—from film, music, and dance to fashion, culture, and literature. • Takes a sophisticated, academic approach to understanding Jackson's art and life, providing insights into his entire body of work from a perspective never before available outside of music/culture journals • Concentrates on aspects of Jackson's art that have not previously been researched, such as his use of costumes and clothing, his poetry, and his function as an auteur • Includes a section focused on Jackson's posthumous work and representation • Connects with the study of literature, especially early modern English writings and, perhaps surprisingly, the works of William Shakespeare

Michael Jackson And The Blackface Mask

Author: Harriet J. Manning
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317096878
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Blackface minstrelsy, the nineteenth-century performance practice in which ideas and images of blackness were constructed and theatricalized by and for whites, continues to permeate contemporary popular music and its audience. Harriet J. Manning argues that this legacy is nowhere more evident than with Michael Jackson in whom minstrelsy’s gestures and tropes are embedded. During the nineteenth century, blackface minstrelsy held together a multitude of meanings and when black entertainers took to the stage this complexity was compounded: minstrelsy became an arena in which black stereotypes were at once enforced and critiqued. This body of contradiction behind the blackface mask provides an effective approach to try and understand Jackson, a cultural figure about whom more questions than answers have been generated. Symbolized by his own whiteface mask, Jackson was at once ’raced’ and raceless and this ambiguity allowed him to serve a whole host of others’ needs - a function of the mask that has run long and deep through its tortuous history. Indeed, Manning argues that minstrelsy’s assumptions and uses have been fundamental to the troubles and controversies with which Jackson was beset.

Michael Jackson

Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Editor: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330514156
Size: 20,44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A number 1 bestseller, this definitive biography of Michael Jackson is now completely updated to include the events leading to the untimely death of the star. J. Randy Taraborrelli is the expert on Michael Jackson, having known him since they were both teenagers and having interviewed the singer and his family many times. So much has been written about the life and career of Michael Jackson that it has become almost impossible to disentangle the man from the myth. J. Randy Taraborrelli cuts through the tabloid rumours and innuendo, the conflicting stories and lurid accusations, to reveal the real man. From his drilling as a child star through the blooming of his talent, from his ever-changing personal appearance to his marriages, from his addictions to his love for his children, we see what motivated one of the greatest performers of all time. Objective and revealing, this book combines impeccable research, brilliant story-telling and a clear-sighted understanding of the forces that shaped Michael's life and his death. 'The most authoritative book ever written about Michael Jackson' Daily Mail 'A superbly researched investigation' heat

Conversations With Michael Jackson

Author: Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore
Editor: Sussan Evermore
ISBN: 0987498711
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Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and iconic figures of the twentieth century. A musical genius of song, sound and dance with each period of his life identifiable by its own creative ground breaking style. If you were on planet earth from the early sixties to the late nineties you were influenced by the culture that was Michael Jackson, his trademark Moon Walk, white glove and iconic songs made him one of the most recognizable musical personalities. His influence as a cultural icon extended beyond the music and dance, he became part of what we identified as popular culture. Then came the public unwrapping of Michael Jackson the person, his obsession with his lost childhood, relationship and marriage to Lisa Marie Presley followed by his second marriage to Debbie Rowe. Accusations of child abuse and court cases came and went, finally reappearing in a damaging documentary 'Leaving Neverland'. His children were born and he began a slow retirement into an older Michael. However this was not to be the end of Michael's career as 2009 brought him a whole new possibility to rectify his financial decline, signing to perform fifty plus tour dates in England and Europe. Unexpectedly Michael died on 25th June 2009 aged fifty, three weeks prior to the commencement of his 'This Is It' tour in England and Europe. His personal physician Doctor Conrad Murray was unable to resuscitate him, eventually being charged and convicted of involuntary manslaughter, receiving the maximum prison sentence of four years. Michael will undoubtedly be remembered as the greatest entertainer in the history of popular music eclipsing all the legends such as Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and those before him. So much has been written about Michael's life that most of the facts are available to view, what remains are the unanswered questions to his life. Who killed Michael Jackson? Who are the real mother and father of Michael's children? We will give you all the answers from the source, Michael Jackson. How is that possible you may ask, let me introduce you to Sussan Evermore a gifted audio and visual channeler.

Searching For Michael Jackson S Nose

Author: Scott Feschuk
Editor: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 155199528X
Size: 14,92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In his first book, National Post columnist Scott Feschuk offers a hilarious, satirical take on trends in television and our peculiar obsession with the famous, the infamous, and the nature of Tom Cruise’s sexuality. Searching for Michael Jackson’s Nose romps through the birth and the future of reality television, takes readers to the all-star parties thrown each summer by the major American television networks, and makes the case that what the world needs now is more – yes, more! – showbiz award shows. It pokes fun at Hollywood’s rich and renowned, and also at Steve Guttenberg. It both applauds and skewers our intensifying fascination with the profoundly inconsequential: tribal councils, celebrity interviews, the crude romantic exploits of bachelors and bogus millionaires. And it takes us on a tour through the prevailing popular culture of the twenty-first century, with stops at the Starship Enterprise, Britney Spears, Sesame Street, the Oscars, Pamela Anderson, a naked Billy Baldwin, and the everchanging facial topography of the King of Pop. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Michael Jackson

Author: ChristopherR. Smit
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351558331
Size: 12,18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Throughout his 40-year career, Michael Jackson intrigued and captivated public imagination through musical ingenuity, sexual and racial spectacle, savvy publicity stunts, odd behaviours, and a seemingly apolitical (yet always political) offering of popular art. A consistent player on the public stage from the age of eight, his consciousness was no doubt shaped by his countless public appearances, both designed and serendipitous. The artefacts he left behind - music, interviews, books written by and about him, and commercial products including dolls, buttons, posters, and photographs, videos, movies - will all become data in our cultural conversation about who Michael Jackson was, who he wanted to be, who we made him to be, and why. Michael Jackson: Grasping the Spectacle includes essays that aim to understand Jackson from multiple perspectives: critical cultural theory, musicology, art history, media studies, cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, literary theory, gender studies, performance studies, disability studies, film studies, and African-American studies. Intended for classroom use as well as research and general interest, this book expands our understanding both of this fascinating figure himself and of gender, sexuality, celebrity, and popular culture.

Michael Jackson The Solo Years

Author: Craig Halstead
Editor: Authors On Line Ltd
ISBN: 9780755200917
Size: 10,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The main focus of this book is on Michael's career from the late 1970s onwards. It features a complete, chronological listing of every album, one-off single and collaboration Michael recorded during this period. Throughout the book, albums are printed in CAPITALS, to distinguish them from singles and other songs. Each entry features American and UK catalog numbers and release dates, artist credits (as per the actual release), album track listings, and chart positions achieved in the States (Hot 100 and R & B charts), the UK and numerous other countries. Other significant aspects of Michael's life are included as well, and the book concludes with a comprehensive chartography (USA and UK), top singles and albums, awards, movies and videography, discographies (USA and UK), and a fascinating listing of rarities from around the world.

Understanding Michael Jackson

Author: Selena Millman
Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0979458404
Size: 13,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Michael Jackson

Author: Juja D.
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456767655
Size: 10,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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On June 25, the world stopped, shocked by Michael Jackson’s death. The web nearly crashed at 5,000 hits per minute. In this book, the author provides the space for humanity’s voice to be heard. Our words are a mirror in which we can find the TRUTH about our-selves, RAW and UNEDITED. If you voiced your opinion about Michael Jackson online, YOUR WORDS MAY BE INSIDE THIS BOOK! READ AND DISCOVER WAS MICHAEL JACKSON “a black man who turned himself into a white woman,” a “child molester” and a “drug addict” who has “looked dead for years”; OR WAS HE “an amazing man...a wonderful father” and “a musical genius,” “too naïve and sweet for this world” who “filled our hearts with joy?” IS HE GOING TO BE REMEMBERED as a “freak” or a “legend,” as a “pedophile” or a “saint,” as a “creep” who “couldn’t get his life together” or a “shining star” who “inspired millions across the globe"? This book captivates the entire spectrum of human opinion and emotion in print. It is the culmination of freedom of speech through the fastest medium of communication: the Internet. Open this book and take the roller coaster ride that will take you FROM THE BRIGHTEST PEAKS TO THE DARKEST PITS OF SHOW BUSINESS THROUGH THE EYES OF THE WORLD! Are you ready to TAKE “THE RED PILL” AND OPEN YOUR EYES? MICHAEL JACKSON WE ARE THE MIRROR