Our Connection With The Elemental World

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Editor: Rudolf Steiner Press
ISBN: 1855844885
Size: 16,57 MB
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The heart of this volume comprises Rudolf Steiner’s commentary on the elemental forces that are responsible for our earthly nature as human beings – forces that influence us through our membership of a national or geographical group. When such elemental forces are not recognised and understood, he states, they cause conflict and chaos. However, Steiner indicates an important accompanying task that calls upon each human being to develop individuality, emancipating ourselves from the earthly influences underlying national and racial groups. These great themes are framed by Rudolf Steiner’s pioneering research into the two major Northern folk-poems, the Kalevala and The Dream Song of Olaf Åsteson. The former tells of the elemental spirits who created the conditions for our earthly incarnation, whereas the Dream Song has to do with the drama of excarnation – the journey of the human soul after death. Linking these vast motifs is Steiner’s unique description of the mission and tasks of the Russian people and the contrast of their destiny to the North American people (who, he says, are ‘dominating the Earth for a brief period of increasing splendour’). Steiner explains how elemental beings, responsible for the balance of land and sea, have created conditions where various peoples are enabled to develop their gifts and fulfil their destinies. Thus he speaks of Finland as the ancient conscience of Europe, Russia as the future bearer of the Christ-imbued Spirit Self, and the differing but complementary environments of Germany and Britain. Strikingly, he states that, ‘no souls on Earth love one another more than those living in Central Europe and those living in the British Isles’. Rudolf Steiner also speaks of the necessary work of luciferic and ahrimanic beings that collaborate to enable the solid spatial forms of our physical bodies. Likewise, they influence our etheric and astral bodies, facilitating thinking, feeling and will to be imbued with life and consciousness.

Harmony Of The Creative Word

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Editor: James Currey Publishers
ISBN: 9781855840980
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12 lectures, Oct 19 - Nov 11, 1923 (CW 230) This is one of Steiner's most popular lecture courses. He presents an extraordinary panorama of spiritual knowledge that focuses on the human being as a microcosm containing all the laws and secrets of the cosmos. Steiner speaks of our inner relationship to three ancient and sacred representatives of the animal kingdom--eagle, lion, and bull--and our connection with the cosmic forces that form them. He deepens these themes by approaching the plant and animal worlds within the context of planetary and cosmic evolution. He then introduces us to the elemental nature spirits--the metaphysical beings that work with plants and animals--and gives us unique and intimate descriptions of them, describing the cooperation they offer to humankind. Finally, the human being--the "harmony of the Creative Word"--is placed at the heart of this spiritual celebration of life. These are important lectures for understanding Steiner's view of humankind within the context of cosmic and earthly evolution. Contents: Man's Connection with the Cosmos: The Earth and the Animal World The Inner Connection of World Phenomena and the Essential Nature of the World The Plant World and the Elemental Nature Spirits The Secrets of the Human Organism READ BOBBY MATHERNE'S REVIEW OF THIS BOOK Harmony of the Creative Word is a translation from German of Der Mensch als Zusammenklang des schaffenden, bildenden und gestaltenden Weltenwortes (GA 230). A previous edition was published as Man As Symphony of the Creative Word.

School Of The Elemental Beings

Author: Karsten Massei
Editor: Steiner Books
ISBN: 9781621481454
Size: 16,82 MB
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Is the world around us alive or is it dead? If the widely held belief were true--that matter is the basis of all we know as reality--then life would make no sense. The world would essentially be dead--an absurd notion! What we know as life would be an unexplainable phenomenon, an astounding but accidental miracle. Does this sound familiar? In the undeniable presence of life, this belief can never truly make sense. It demands faith. Thus materialism is superstition. If we dare to entertain the notion--albeit akin to a modern heresy--that life (being), not matter, is the foundation of what we know as reality, then both matter and life make perfect sense. Karsten Massei--who is exceptionally sensitive to the invisible beings of life that surround us always and everywhere--offers a gentle but powerful call, from those beings themselves, to discard superstition and begin to awake to the reality of life. As beings of the living Earth, we have certain responsibilities, too long neglected. The Earth is not an abstraction--a dead "rock" hurtling through space--but a living being. The elemental beings, who are intimately, intrinsically connected to the living Earth and to the living human race, suffer from our indifference, egoism, and ignorance of life, but they have much to teach us and patiently await our attention. "Know your environment!" It can begin with this book.

Staying Connected

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Editor: SteinerBooks
ISBN: 9780880104623
Size: 11,34 MB
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The idea of "working with the dead" - maintaining, continuing, and enhancing one's relationships with those who have died-was fundamental to Steiner's work. This volume collects a rich harvest of his thoughts on the subject, gathered over many years. Steiner spoke directly from his own experience and formulated various meditation practices and verses that worked for him. An important volume for those who want to deepen their relationships, both to the living and to those who have died.

Gwenevere And The Round Table

Author: Wendy Berg
Editor: Skylight Press
ISBN: 1908011475
Size: 14,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The new book by Wendy Berg puts her acclaimed Red Tree, White Tree into practice. It shows how the Round Table was an actual, practical system of magic, demonstrated by Gwenevere, who was its prime interpreter within the court of the Round Table. Central to the book is the concept of five Faery kingdoms described in the legends, with which Gwenevere was closely associated: Lyonesse, Sorelois, Gorre and Oriande, about the central Grail kingdom of Listenois. The book comprises a graded series of meditations, practical magical exercises, guided visualisations and a full ritual, which take the reader into each of the Faery kingdoms in turn, guided by Gwenevere, to experience the various challenges and gifts that they each represent. The fourth kingdom, Oriande, takes the reader into the Round Table of the Stars, an experiential journey through 12 constellations, which very neatly and remarkably demonstrates the continuing work of the Round Table into the future.

Encounters With Nature Spirits

Author: R. Ogilvie Crombie
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620558955
Size: 12,79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 263

A fascinating, first-hand account of the vast powers and true nature of the Elemental Kingdom • Reveals deep wisdom, eloquently shared through the author’s encounters with the great God Pan and his elemental subjects • Offers a glimpse into the hidden layers of the natural world and the workings of the elemental kingdom • Includes chapters by Mike Scott, David Spangler, Dorothy Maclean, and Brian Nobbs as well as beautiful illustrations by fine artist Elise Hurst, who perfectly captures the energy of the natural world and its subjects as we might perceive them “To anyone who may have expressed a wish to see and talk to nature spirits . . . remember it took 63 years for my wish to be granted, so don’t lose hope.” Have you ever wished for something with your whole heart? As a child, R. Ogilvie Crombie (Roc) made a wish as he dropped a penny into a wishing well - he asked to be able to see fairies and talk to them. In Encounters with Nature Spirits, we follow Roc’s path as, many years later, he meets the faun Kurmos in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, discovers the realm of the elementals, and, eventually, meets the great god Pan himself. In his conversations with Pan, elves, and other nature spirits Roc realizes that the elemental realm is vastly more powerful than our human kingdom and possesses an ability to create far beyond our human means. Through his experiences Roc becomes closely involved with the Findhorn Community in northeast Scotland where he meets further elementals who give him sound advice as to how the famous Findhorn gardens should be cared for in order to work in harmony with nature. Encounters with Nature Spirits is a reminder to us all of the importance of our relationship with the nature kingdom. Through his example, Roc places emphasis on connecting and working in harmony with nature spirits. True co-creation with nature, working with rather than against the elemental kingdom, can bring about vital positive change to our endangered eco-system. The elementals are open to working with mankind--the question is, are we humans open to engaging with and respecting them again?

Enlightenment Through Orbs

Author: Diana Cooper
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1844093271
Size: 18,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 276

Intended as an introduction and initiation to a worldwide fascination, this experiential tool draws its conclusions from the careful scrutiny of thousands of digital photographs containing orbs—visible proof of the presence of angels in the form of ghostly spheres. The book answers technical questions and offers practical guidance, such as who the orbs are, what purpose they serve, and how they can help. The dozens of full-color photos included within allow the orbs to enlighten and transform lives with their specific energies as well as provide tools for confidence, love, empowerment, hope, and spiritual expansion. Seekers will find the orbs especially enlightening, whether they are looking to make simple connections to angels and other spirit guides or ultimately to accelerate their own spiritual ascension.

Niv Essentials Of The Christian Faith New Testament Ebook

Author: Zondervan,
Editor: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310443199
Size: 12,98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 692

This inexpensive New Testament Bible is great for outreach and evangelism, featuring text from the world’s most popular modern-English Bible translation, the New International Version. It also includes specially written articles that give an overview of fourteen key tenets of the Christian faith, including: • Why Read the Bible? • Who Is God? • Why Does Sin Separate Us from God? • Who Is Jesus Christ? • Who Is the Holy Spirit? • How Can I Turn My Life Around? • Why Go to Church? • What Is God’s Plan for Me? • How Can I Use My Gifts? • What Is Prayer? • What Is Faith? • Are We Going to be Judged? • What Is God’s Plan for Salvation? • How Can I Share My Faith with Others?

Teaching Green The Elementary Years

Author: Tim Grant
Editor: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865715349
Size: 12,53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A complete resource for teaching green to young people from kindergarten through grade five.

The Sacred History

Author: Mark Booth
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451698585
Size: 12,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 546

This collection of stories and illustrations—all about the wonders of the spiritual realm—takes you on a captivating ride from the great myths of ancient civilization to astounding discoveries of the modern era. Written by the New York Times bestselling author of The Secret History of the World, The Sacred History takes you on a captivating journey through the great myths of ancient civilizations to the astounding discoveries of the modern era. The Sacred History is the epic story of human interaction with angels and other forms of higher intelligence, starting from Creation all the way through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world. What emerges is an alternative history of great men and women, guided by angels or demons, and the connection between modern-day mystics and their ancient counterparts. This spellbinding historical narrative brings together great figures—such as Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Mary and Jesus, and Mohammed—and stories from African, Native American, and Celtic traditions. Woven into this is an amazing array of mystical connections, including the surprising roots not only of astrology and alternative medicine but also of important literary and artistic movements, aspects of mainstream science and religion and a wide range of cultural references that takes in modern cinema, music and literature. This is a book of true stories, but it is also a book about stories. It shows how they can tell us things about the deep structure of the human experience that are sometimes forgotten, revealing mysterious and mystic patterns, and helping us to see the operation of the supernatural in our own lives.