Paris Snow

Author: Denise Martine
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434385779
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What began as a 50th Birthday gift turned into a magical journey of self discovery in the city of love and lights. After 27 years of marriage, I found myself divorced on a Thursday and whisked across the Atlantic to Paris the following Tuesday. This impromptu vacation became a search for my soul, my smile, and the strong desire to live in the moment. When children and a husband define your life for so long, how do you regain your own sense of identity? When every room in your home holds memories too painful to bear, where can you go to allow your spirit to heal? Along the banks of the River Seine and in the cobblestone streets, churches and cafes of Montmartre I found a renewed strength inspired by the simplicity of French life. A new chapter of my life began when on a cold February evening Jon Webster a very tall and handsome American living in Paris walked into a wine bar in Montmartre. The sparkle that had been absent from my eyes was about to return and a pilgrimage to reconnect with the simplicity of life became a possibility. Faced with scenarios I had only dreamed of I took a leap of faith that altered my life. I conquered living in the moment and made my way through a city of strangers only to realize we all possessed the same desires; to be loved, appreciated, and in the end, grateful to be alive.

Paris In The Dark

Author: Robert Olen Butler
Editor: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802146465
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With Paris in the Dark, Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler returns to his lauded Christopher Marlowe Cobb series and proves once again that he can craft “a ripping good yarn” (Wall Street Journal) with unmistakably literary underpinnings. Autumn 1915. World War I is raging across Europe but Woodrow Wilson has kept Americans out of the trenches—though that hasn’t stopped young men and women from crossing the Atlantic to volunteer at the front. Christopher “Kit” Cobb, a Chicago reporter with a second job as undercover agent for the U.S. government, is officially in Paris doing a story on American ambulance drivers, but his intelligence handler, James Polk Trask, soon broadens his mission. City-dwelling civilians are meeting death by dynamite in a new string of bombings, and the German-speaking Kit seems just the man to figure out who is behind them—possibly a German operative who has snuck in with the waves of refugees coming in from the provinces and across the border in Belgium. But there are elements in this pursuit that will test Kit Cobb, in all his roles, to the very limits of his principles, wits, and talents for survival. Fleetly plotted but engaging with political and cultural issues that deeply resonate today, Paris in the Dark is this series’ best novel yet.

Serial Killer In Paris

Author: Thomas Donahue
Editor: PerfectWave Publishing
ISBN: 0991361814
Size: 13,59 MB
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Serial Killer in Paris Best selling authors, Thomas Donahue and Karen Donahue, take us on a special trip to Paris in this adventure that is filled with deadly twists and turns. The top of the Eiffel Tower is the perfect spot for John Hunter to propose marriage to Marin Ryan. After all, it’s Christmas Eve in Paris! Draped in newly fallen snow, the City of Light is decorated for the festive season, but Parisians are not in the spirit. A string of serial murders of young women sends violent tremors throughout the city. The police appear no closer to catching “the Christmas killer.” ReaderReview: “. . .a bit of romance, a bit of humor, and a bit of murder. . .what more could you ask for!” Reader Review: “An in depth investigation into the mind and degradation of a serial killer. . .”

Letters From Paris

Author: John Crawley
ISBN: 1304617521
Size: 16,17 MB
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The Collected Writings Of Michael Snow

Author: Michael Snow
Editor: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554587891
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Writing, for Michael Snow, is as much a form of “art-making” as the broad range of visual art activities for which he is renowned, including the “Walking Woman” series and the film Wavelength. Conversely, many of the texts included in this anthology are as significant visually as they are at the level of content — they are meant to be looked at as well as read. Situated somewhere between a repository of contemporary thought by one of our leading Canadian artists and a history book as it brings to light some important moments in the cultural life of Canada since the 1950s, these texts tell their own story, marking the passage of time, ideas and attitudes. The works included here, ranging from essays and interviews and record album cover notes to filmscripts and speeches (which, in Snow’s hands, often fall into the category of performance art), are not only “built for browsing,” they offer insights into both the professional and the private Snow. Together, they expand the context of Snow’s work and show the evolution of a great Canadian artist, beginning with his early attempts at defining art, to his emergence and recognition on the international art scene. This book is one of four books that are part of the Michael Snow Project. Initiated by the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Power Plant Gallery, the project also includes four exhibitions of his visual art and music.

The Publishers Circular

Author: Sampson Low
Size: 11,80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Paris Herald

Author: James Oliver Goldsborough
Editor: Easton Studio Press, LLC
ISBN: 1935212311
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Any American traveling in the world today will come across the Paris Herald somewhere, though it now goes under the name the International New York Times. Never mind, at heart it is still the Paris Herald and traces its roots to Paris at the beginning of the 20th Century when it was as familiar in the kiosks of the Left Bank and the Champs Elysées as the latest article in l’Aurore by Zola or newest installment by Proust in his never ending search for lost time. The Paris Herald, narrative historical fiction, tells the story of the world’s most famous newspaper, focusing on the key years of the 1960s, when the fates of the newspaper and of the regime of Charles de Gaulle became curiously intertwined. The story centers on intrigue and rivalry among the New York Herald Tribune, New York Times and Washington Post. When the Herald Tribune ceased operations in New York in 1966, the Times, which had started its own European Edition in 1960, expected the Paris Herald to close, too, giving the Times victory in Paris as well as New York. But Herald Tribuneowner Jock Whitney wouldn’t sell to the Times, preferring to join with Katharine Graham, who’d taken charge at the Post after her husband’s death. Within months, the Times came, hat-in-hand, offering to close its European edition and asking to buy into the new Herald/Post partnership. The Times neither forgave nor forgot its humiliation. The Paris Herald is the story of many people: of Frank Draper, who fought in the Lincoln Brigade; Byron Hallsberg, who joined the Hungarian uprising; Dennis Klein, researching the Nazi occupation of Paris; Suzy de Granville, searching for family roots; Wayne Murray, escaping homophobia; of Steve and Molly Fleming, living the high life; Sonny Stein and Al Lodge and Connie Marshall and Ben Swart and Eddie Jones, paperboy, all finding themselves at the Paris Herald for their own reasons and ending up in the fight to keep the newspaper alive. The 1960s was a tumultuous decade. The conflict in America over race and the Vietnam War spread to Europe, setting off terrorism, riots and revolt across the continent and threatening already shaky regimes. Nowhere was the risk of collapse greater than in France, where the revolt of 1968 nearly toppled the government and led to the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle the following year. Throughout those difficult times, the Paris Herald was at the center of events Since being founded in 1887 by James Gordon Bennett, Jr., the Paris Herald has been essential to American expatriate life in Europe. In France, many Americans put down roots, married into French families and became permanent expatriates, in some cases exiles, like Bennett himself. The tense events of the 1960s touched the lives of every American in Paris, including many well-known artistic exiles: James Baldwin, Art Buchwald, William Saroyan, James Jones, Bud Powell, Dexter Gordon, Kenny Clarke, Joe Turner, Memphis Slim. As the crisis deepened, one shadowy man became the link between de Gaulle and the troika of newspaper owners, Whitney, Graham and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. This man, Henri de Saint-Gaudens, a high French official in the Elysée Palace, understood the Herald’s historical importance to Paris. The Paris Herald, a novel, is riveting historical drama, as relevant today as yesterday. It is a story never before told.

A Peasant In Paris

Author: Jan Grevstad
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466942290
Size: 13,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jan Grevstad's second collection of nine short stories has, above all, the ambition to amuse its reader. Amid a dash of satire, his stories reflect British type of humour at its best. Mostly stories of fiction, they have strong roots in real life with compassion for the human condition and human fate. The "Edelweiss Saga" is based on an old tale and has an ecological touch, while "The New Shooting Range" is a fantasy developed from a real experience of cultural clashes in the Alps. "Don't Queue" is based on the true story of a Royal Norwegian visit to Geneva, and "A Peasant in Paris" is entirely autobiographical.