Passionate Desire

Author: Marie Tuhart
ISBN: 9781943407231
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Unleashing Victoria's desire challenges bad boy Joe Bradshaw.

God S Passionate Desire

Author: William A. Barry
Editor: Loyola Press
ISBN: 0829429778
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God is waiting. Our hearts are wanting. What must we do? F?r. William Barry, SJ, believes that God wants an intimate relationship with each one of us—and that the deepest desire of our own hearts is to have an intimate relationship with God. Yet while we pursue this desire and long for its satisfaction, we also resist it—which can lead to a painful stagnancy. How can we move forward? In God’s Passionate Desire, Fr. Barry serves as our spiritual director, leading us on a series of brief “retreats” to help us understand the foundations of our relationship with God, what threatens it, and how we can continuously move forward into a closer and more meaningful relationship with God. In his warm, conversational style, Barry offers meditations, poses questions, and gently encourages us to respond to God’s immeasurable love by following what is truly in each of our hearts—a longing to love him in return.

God S Passionate Desire For Unity In The Church

Author: Paul Bersche
ISBN: 9781625095664
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The Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is the ultimate expression and example of unity. In the beginning "unity stood on the precipice of nothingness in the overshadowing cloud of His Presence and simultaneously conceived and created all things by the word of His mouth." This unity-oneness "just as we are one..." continues to be established through God's Covenant Love and... Cross-like sacrifice. It's purpose is God's divine plan for: World-wide evangelism and... Preparation of a mature Bride-Church for Himself! God's most difficult problem is the strong will of man's flesh. Because of our own self-interest, The Church has desperately sinned against Almighty God. We have treated His divine imperative as our option, and to cover our sin, we have created our own optional hybrid of unity in The Church. TO THE CHURCH, UNITY IS AN OPTION! TO GOD, IT IS A DIVINE IMPERATIVE!

The Passionate Camera

Author: Deborah Bright
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415145824
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This book brings together over 50 artists, scholars and critics to address a broad range of issues in photography and sexuality. Among the issues addressed by the contributors is the use and abuse of photographs in political campaigns and direct activism.

Love Lust And Passionate Desires

Author: C. Millison
ISBN: 9780692532386
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A passion so hot, it scorches the heart and alters the thought process. Paul and Gale both describe it as a intense pounding in their chest, similar to a jackhammer breaking up cement on a sidewalk. "Our hearts could not possibly beat any faster or they would explode into a million tiny particles. At times, we even become sexually excited just standing near each other." Paul pounced on Gale, like a wolf that just captured his prey. I see the wild lustful excitement gleaming from his eyes. Paul's tongue enters her mouth as though they are making passionate love. Within seconds Paul is rubbing Gale's inner mid-thighs as she begins to squeal. Is Gales' need for him more than she can resist? Her aphrodisiac aroma is literally driving Paul crazy-wild with sexual desire.

Dictionary Of Deities And Demons In The Bible

Author: Karel van der Toorn
Editor: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802824912
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The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (DDD) is the single major reference work on the gods, angels, demons, spirits, and semidivine heroes whose names occur in the biblical books. Book jacket.

God Of Desire

Author: Catherine Benton
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791465660
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Presents Kamadeva, the Hindu god of desire, in tales, art, and ritual. Also covers Kamadeva's appearance in Buddhist lore.

Philo Of Alexandria S Exposition Of The Tenth Commandment

Author: Hans Svebakken
Editor: Society of Biblical Lit
ISBN: 1589836197
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In his comprehensive exposition of the Tenth Commandment (Spec. 4.79–131), Philo considers the prohibition “You shall not desire”: what sort of desire it prohibits (and why) and how the Mosaic dietary laws collectively enforce that prohibition. This volume offers the first complete study of Philo’s exposition, beginning with an overview of its content, context, and place in previous research. In-depth studies of Philo’s concept of desire and his concept of self-control provide background and demonstrate Philo’s fundamental agreement with contemporary Middle-Platonic moral psychology, especially in his theory of emotion (pathos). A new translation of the exposition, with commentary, offers a definitive explanation of Philo’s view of the Tenth Commandment, including precisely the sort of excessive desire it targets and how the dietary laws work as practical exercises for training the soul in self-control.

The Passionate Mind Revisited

Author: Joel Kramer
Editor: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583948147
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The Passionate Mind Revisited takes readers on a liberating inner journey into the workings of their mind that can transform the way people look at themselves and the world. This expanded inquiry reflects the authors’ own and the world’s evolution since The Passionate Mind came out in 1974. The original book focusing on the individual is now extended to social and philosophical spheres and global challenges, exploring how the world’s life-threatening dramas are largely a function of people’s genetic and cultural conditioning, worldviews, beliefs, and values. Kramer and Alstad assert that humanity is on an evolutionary cusp requiring further awareness and conscious social evolution. Worldviews can create rigid beliefs and narrow identities that are destructive in a world of global impact. While acknowledging the fallibility of any mental construction, the book offers an evolutionary worldview deemed more likely than traditional worldviews or scientific materialism. In exploring what it is to be a human social animal, The Passionate Mind Revisited offers fresh vantage points on life’s core issues: the nature of thought, authority and belief, pleasure and pain, desire and fear, identity, love and care, freedom, power, gender, time, meditation, violence, and evolution. By demonstrating how to inwardly see and break through one’s conditioning, the authors delve deeply into the nature and processes of the mind, including how subjectivity filters perception. This approach to self-inquiry can help free people from mechanical responses that develop from unexamined beliefs and habits. Dysfunctional worldviews and their values inhibit the creative solutions much needed in a perilous world of runaway change. This book, through its discussion and methodology, fosters curiosity and truth-seeking. Kramer and Alstad offer new insights on personal and global issues that can facilitate a necessary shift to conscious social evolution.

Passionate Love Letters

Author: Michelle Lovric
ISBN: 9781573355346
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Facsimile reproductions of actual love letters include the correspondence of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton, Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, and other famous couples. 100,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo. IP.

Passion Desire Contemplation

Author: James T. DeShay
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329148207
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James T. DeShay As I enter my second phase of life it has become important for me to fully understand my world. There is so much to describe and put into meaningful thoughts. This book is my attempt to put life into a readable format. It is my desire to prove to the world that men are deeper than just the surface of a woman. Given the opportunity and freedom we can share our deepest emotions. We also seek to experience love and romance to a level that was promised by our Creator. Men as well women are blessed with the ability to allow people to reach into their internal spirit and spend quality time. I am asking you to spend some time with me.

A Tired Woman S Guide To Passionate Sex

Author: Laurie B Mintz
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440504369
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"Honey, I'm too tired" may sound like just another excuse—but for millions of American women, it's simply the truth. They may settle for no sex at all or the obligatory "I'd better do this for my marriage" sex—often to the detriment of their relationships. In this guide, Dr. Laurie B. Mintz shows women how to bring their libido back to life—and put the passion back into their lives. Mintz, a psychologist and sex expert, has been there, both personally and professionally. She shares her own story, as well as the stories of her many clients, as she puts forward her foolproof five-step plan designed to excite and energize even the weariest of stressed-out women. Complete with case studies and exercises, this sex-cure-in-a-book is all readers need to feel strong, sexy, and sensual again!

Desire Love And Passion

Author: Lesia Reid
ISBN: 1300592931
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The Power And Passion Of M Carey Thomas

Author: Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
Editor: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252068119
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Best known as the second president and primary architect of Bryn Mawr College, M Carey Thomas was also a leader in the women's suffrage movement. This book captures the life and personality of this influential woman, and details her accomplishments as an educator and feminist and her relationships with women, her racism, and her anti-Semitism.

The Power Of Divine Eros

Author: A. H. Almaas
Editor: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834829134
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What do desire and passion have to do with our spiritual journey? According to A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, they are an essential part of it. Conventional wisdom cautions that desire and passion are opposed to the spiritual path—that engaging in desire will take you more into the world, into egoic life. And for most people, that is exactly what happens. We naturally tend to experience wanting in a self-centered way. The Power of Divine Eros challenges the view that the divine and the erotic are separate. When we open to the energy, aliveness, spontaneity, and zest of erotic love, we will find it inseparable from the realm of the holy and sacred. When this is understood, desire and passion become a gateway to wholeness and to realizing our full potential. The authors reveal how our relationships become opportunities on the spiritual journey to express ourselves authentically, to relate with openness, and to discover dynamic inner realms with another person. Through embodying the energy of eros, each of us can learn to be fully real and alive in all of our interactions.

Romancing The Market

Author: Stephen Brown
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134669739
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Romancing the Market is a radical rethinking of marketing understanding. Marketing and consumer research are dominated by the neo-classical ideals of the Enlightenment such as rigour, dispassion and the search for scientific 'truth'. In a series of provocative essays, the contributors challenge these assumptions with reference to the individuality, innovation and imagination of the Romantic movement. The book contains essays by an international selection of the most creative contemporary marketing scholars, including Elizabeth Hirschman, Russell Belk, Craig Thompson and Robin Wensley. Illuminating, controversial and cutting edge, this is an essential work for all those interested in new directions in marketing and consumer research.

Desire For Revenge A Debt Paid In Passion

Author: Penny Jordan
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488081018
File Size: 52,46 MB
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Desire for Revenge & A Debt Paid in Passion by Penny Jordan released on Sep 11, 2017 is available now for purchase.

Of Desire And Passion A Comparison Between Beyond The Horizon And Desire Under The Elms

Author: Nadine Kröschel
Editor: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638513459
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Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 2,0, University of Marburg (FB 10: Fremdsprachliche Philologien), course: Procincetown Players, 7 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: In 1918, Eugene O’Neill advocated a life within reality. Living outside reality, he sees as destructive. With this in mind, he wrote Beyond the Horizon. One of his later plays, Desire under the Elms, reverts in character to Beyond the Horizon, though it exhibits a fine progress in solidity and finish. Desire under the Elms is the last of O’Neill’s naturalistic plays and the first in which he re-created the starkness of Greek tragedy. The play involves O’Neill’s own family conflicts and Freudian treatment of sexual themes.Beyond the Horizon is O’Neill’s first major statement of the theme of self-deception, pipe dreams and life-lies, resulting out of passion and desire. At this point of his career, O’Neill believed that one must engage in the quest to find the ultimate meaning of life, to discover the mysterious behind-life force that lies just beyond the horizon. To his mind this was in fact the pursuit of a goal. Further in his career as a playwright, he begins to believe that just having a dream that can survive through time is more important than having a dream that is attainable or the pursuit of a dream. In Beyond the Horizon, Eugene O’Neill dramatizes the conflict of the opposing ideals of adventure and security, emotion and ratio, embodied in the two brothers, Robert and Andrew. O’Neill identifies himself with the lead character, Robert Mayo whereas he compares Roberts brother Andrew to his brother Jamie. Both brothers represent two parts, the poetic, emotional dreamer and the rational down-to-earth farmer. During the play, both brothers give up their desires and passions; one of them flees into materialism, the other into a world of pipe dreams. When O’Neill wrote Beyond the Horizon, he was only able to see and to tolerate the emotional level of behaving and acting; in other words: rationalism. That is, in his point of view, something negative, which must be prevented. But his opinion changes: in 1924, he tolerates that motif although he still neither likes it nor considers it as a good value. The emotional way of behaving still overweighs in Desire under the Elms but there can also be found a profound way of rationalism in the behaviour of his protagonists. This change of O’Neill’s opinion comes out clearly in the characterisation of Abbie Putnam, who changes from rationalism to emotionalism. The fact that O’Neill changes his point of view made him a child of his time. [...]

Motivation And The Moral Sense In Francis Hutcheson S Ethical Theory

Author: Henning Jensen
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401029717
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Although the works of Francis Hutcheson are unfamiliar to most students of philosophy, it cannot be said that he has been entirely ignored. To be sure, most of the recent writers who deal with Hutcheson's philosophy do so in the course of writing about Hutcheson's famous contemporary, David Hume. This is true, for example, of Norman Kemp Smith, whose book entitled The Philosophy of David Hume 1 includes much detailed information concerning Hume's indebtedness to Hutcheson. But others have written about Hutcheson on his own account. William R. Scott's Francis Hutcheson,2 although mainly biographical and historical, is well worth reading. In his article "Some Reflections on Moral-Sense Theories in Ethics," 3 C. D. Broad presents a sustained analysis of the sort of theory held by Hutcheson. D. Daiches Raphael's The Moral Sense 4 is competent, interesting, and especially valuable in its treatment of epistemological issues surrounding the moral sense theory. William K. Frankena's article entitled "Hutcheson's Moral Sense Theory" Ji is search ing and profound. And, most recent of all, a book by William T. Black stone has appeared entitled Francis Hutcheson and Contemporary Ethi cal Theory. 6 One of the difficulties encountered in presenting a study of Hutcheson is that all of his books are extremely rare. Fortunately, L. A. Selby-Bigge'l) 1 Nonnan Kemp Smith, The Philosophy of David Hume (London: Macmillan and Co. , Limited, 1949). Ii William Robert Scott, Francis Hutcheson (Cambridge, Eng. : Cambridge Uni venity Press, 1900).

Passionate Deliberation

Author: M.F. Carr
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401005915
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Despite the modem recovery of virtue theory in ethics, conceptions of temperance remain largely unexamined. In this study I offer an examination ofcertain interpretive threads oftemperance as a virtue beginning in classical philosophy and moving through early to medieval Christian conceptions. I find contemporary notions oftemperance to be sorely lacking when compared and contrasted to these historical conceptions. Aristotelian and Thomistic accounts of temperance are particularly important to the normative statement of temperance I offer here. To fully understand temperance one must recognize its place among the moral virtues, in particular phronesis or practical judgment. Though I place temperance within practical judgment, this study stops short ofoffering a full account of virtue theory and how it mayor may not relate to other theories ofthe moral life. While contemporary views of temperance occasionally note its general relevance to the experience of emotion, I elaborate upon the work of temperance as an essential part of the effort to include emotion in the moral life. In present-day studies of the psychology of emotion, cognitive theories have reasserted the classical conception of emotion as consisting of both physiological and psychological elements ofhuman personhood. Temperance is the primary virtue in the moral agent's effort to appropriately include the entirety ofthe emotional experience in moral deliberation. I find it relevant to a moral response to both the physiological and psychological elements of emotion.