Perry S Lake Erie Fleet

Author: David Frew
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1614238243
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Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's defeat of the British at the Battle of Lake Erie was a defining moment both in the War of 1812 and American naval history. Yet the story of Perry's fleet did not end there. Come aboard as author David Frew chronicles the years and decades after Perry's victory. Heroic acts and bitter defeats unfold as Frew details the lives of fleet surgeon Usher Parsons, shipwright Daniel Dobbins and fleet commander Oliver Hazard Perry and his successors. The adventure moves from the tribulations of Misery Bay and a crafty British victory in the Lake Huron Campaign to the closing of the naval base in Erie and the raising of the Niagara in the twentieth century. Navigate the treacherous waters of Lake Erie, Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay to discover the fates of Perry and his fleet.

Pennsylvania Lighthouses On Lake Erie

Author: Eugene H. Ware
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625856032
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Four lighthouses remain in Pennsylvania, and Lake Erie is home to three. In 1818, Old Presque Isle Light became the first United States lighthouse built on the lake’s shore. But a need for even more navigational assistance gave birth to the North Pierhead Lighthouse forty years later. The Presque Isle Light Station first shined on Lake Erie in July 1873. Thanks to the guidance from these landmarks, Erie’s port is one of the busiest in the Great Lakes. Author Eugene Ware offers an edifying history of Erie Harbor lights.

Shipwrecks Of Lake Erie

Author: David Frew
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625850859
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The great lakes have seen many ships meet their end, but none so much as Lake Erie. As the shallowest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is prone to sudden waves and wildly shifting sandbars. The steamer Atlantic succumbed to these conditions when, in 1852, a late night collision brought 68 of its weary immigrant passengers to watery graves. The 1916 Black Friday Storm sank four ships -- including the "unsinkable" James B. Colgate -- in the course of its 20-hour tantrum over the lake. In 1954, a difficult fishing season sent the Richard R into troubled waters in the hopes of catching a few more fish. One of the lake's sudden storms drowned the boat and three man crew. At just 50 miles wide and 200 miles long, Lake Erie has claimed more ships per square mile than any other body of freshwater. Author David Frew dives deep to discover the mysteries of some of Lake Erie's most notorious wrecks.

Artillery Of The Napoleonic Wars Artillery In Siege Fortress And Navy 1792 1815

Author: Kevin F. Kiley
Editor: Frontline Books
ISBN: 1473848741
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Napoleon was an artilleryman before he was an emperor. He understood the power and effectiveness of cannon and their ability to pulverise defences, reduce fortresses and destroy attacks. In return, the guns won Napoleon battles. This impressive study chronicles the story of the guns and men during the twenty-three years of almost continuous warfare from 17921815: from the battlefields of continental Europe to the almost primitive terrain of North America and of the seas, lakes and rivers that connected them. Detailed technical information is accompanied by vivid descriptions which allow the reader to imagine what it must have been liked to manoeuvre and man the guns in a variety of situations whether on the march or on the battlefield. Based on years of research into regulations of the period, eyewitness accounts of artillerymen and material culled from official reports, the scope and depth of material will satisfy the serious researcher, while the lively narrative will appeal to the casual reader.

Battle Of Lake Erie A Discourse Delivered Before The Rhode Island Historical Society Feb 16 1852

Author: Usher PARSONS
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The Papers Of James Madison

Author: James Madison
Editor: Papers of George Washington: P
ISBN: 9780813936949
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Volume 8 of the Presidential Series covers the suspense-filled final months of the War of 1812, as Madison awaited the outcome of peace negotiations at Ghent while defending the country against British invasion, warding off government bankruptcy, and preparing to meet armed resistance in New England. The British burned the Capitol, the President's House, and other buildings in Washington and occupied eastern Maine in the following months, but American forces thwarted attacks on Baltimore, Plattsburgh, and New Orleans. Along with Alexander J. Dallas, Madison's new secretary of the Treasury, Madison crafted a defense of the American position designed to promote U.S. alliances and fundraising in Europe and to rally support at home. The volume closes with Madison receiving a copy of the Treaty of Ghent on 14 February 1815 and delivering the peace proclamation to an astounded and joyous nation. Access to people, places, and events of the period is facilitated by detailed annotation and a comprehensive index.

Oliver Hazard Perry

Author: David Skaggs
Editor: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1612514391
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Hailed for his decisive victory over a Royal Navy squadron on Lake Erie in September 1813 and best known for his after-action report proclamation We have met the enemy and they are ours, Oliver Hazard Perry was one the early U.S. Navy s most famous heroes. In this modern, scholarly reassessment of the man and his career, Professor David Skaggs emphasizes Perry s place in naval history as an embodiment of the code of honor, an exemplar of combat courage, and a symbol of patriotism to his fellow officers and the American public. It is the first biography of Perry to be published in more than a quarter of a century and the first to offer an even-handed analysis of his career. After completing a thorough examination of primary sources, Skaggs traces Perry s development from a midshipman to commodore where he personified the best in seamanship, calmness in times of stress, and diplomatic skills. But this work is not a hagiographic treatment, for it offers a candid analysis of Perry s character flaws, particularly his short temper and his sometimes ineffective command and control procedures during the battle of Lake Erie. Skaggs also explains how Perry s short but dramatic naval career epitomized the emerging naval professionalism of the young republic, and he demonstrates how the Hero of Lake Erie fits into the most recent scholarship concerning the role of post-revolutionary generation in the development of American national identity. Finally, Skaggs explores in greater detail than anyone before the controversy over the conduct of his Lake Erie second, Jesse Duncan Elliott, that raged on for over a quarter century after Perry's death in 1819.