Personhood And Presence

Autore: Ewan Kelly
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567078655
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The greatest asset which people in pastoral care offer in a caring relationship is themselves, or to be more precise, the aspects of self which they have reflected upon. Offering oneself to other people in order to provide companionship along the road of life, especially when the particular stage on the journey is one of anticipated or actual loss, is an act which is both challenging and yet potentially life enhancing for a carer. The purpose of this book is to offer an aid to those who seek to understand themselves better with a view to enhancing the quality of spiritual and pastoral care they offer. Here the reference point for reflexivity is the caring relationship. Yet as we are fundamentally the same beings in personal and professional relationships, readers may also find stimulus to reflect on what they bring to a variety of relationships including that with the Sacred and, indeed, themselves.

Feeling And Personhood

Autore: John Heron
Editore: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446228012
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John Heron presents a radical new theory of the person in which "feeling," differentiated from emotion, becomes the distinctive feature of personhood. The book explores the applications of Heron's ideas to living and learning and includes numerous experiential exercises. Central to Heron's analysis are interrelationships between four basic psychological modes - affective, imaginal, conceptual and practical. In particular, feeling is seen as the ground and potential from which all other aspects of the psyche emerge - emotion, intuition, imaging of all kinds, reason, discrimination, intention and action. The author also shows the fundamental relation of his ideas to theory and practice in transpersonal psychology and philosophy, and examines the implications of his theory for understanding and enhancing both formal and life learning.

Bereavement Narratives

Autore: Christine Valentine
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134049048
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Bereavement is often treated as a psychological condition of the individual with both healthy and pathological forms. However, this empirically-grounded study argues that this is not always the best or only way to help the bereaved. In a radical departure, it emphasises normality and social and cultural diversity in grieving. Exploring the significance of the dying person’s final moments for those who are left behind, this book sheds new light on the variety of ways in which bereaved people maintain their relationship with dead loved ones and how the dead retain a significant social presence in the lives of the living. It draws practical conclusions for professionals in relation to the complex and social nature of grief and the value placed on the right to grieve in one’s own way – supporting and encouraging the bereaved person to articulate their own experience and find their own methods of coping. Based on new empirical research, Bereavement Narratives is an innovative and invaluable read for all students and researchers of death, dying and bereavement.

Communion And Otherness

Autore: John D. Zizioulas
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567360148
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'Communion and otherness: how can these be reconciled?' In this wide-ranging study, the distinguished Orthodox theologian, Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon, seeks to answer that question. In his celebrated book, Being as Communion (1985), he emphasised the importance of communion for life and for unity. In this important companion volume he now explores the complementary fact that communion is the basis for true otherness and identity. With a constant awareness of the deepest existential questions of today, Metropolitan John probes the Christian tradition and highlights the existential concerns that already underlay the writings of the Greek fathers and the definitions of the early ecumenical councils. In a vigorous and challenging way, he defends the freedom to be other as an intrinsic characteristic of personhood, fulfilled only in communion. After a major opening chapter on the ontology of otherness, written specially for this volume, the theme is systematically developed with reference to the Trinity, Christology, anthropology and ecclesiology. Another new chapter defends the idea that the Father is cause of the Trinity, as taught by the Cappadocian fathers, and replies to criticisms of this view. The final chapter responds to the customary separation of ecclesiology from mysticism and strongly favours a mystical understanding of the body of Christ as a whole. Other papers, previously published but some not easily obtainable, are all revised for their inclusion here. This is a further contribution to dialogue on some of the most vital issues for theology and the Church from one of the leading figures in modern ecumenism.

Interpersonal Boundaries In Teaching And Learning

Autore: Harriet L. Schwartz
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118525078
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While issues of interpersonal boundaries between faculty andstudents is not new, more recent influences such as evolvingtechnology and current generational differences have created a newset of dilemmas. How do we set appropriate expectations regardinge-mail response time in a twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-weekInternet-connected culture? How do we maintain our authority with ageneration that views the syllabus as negotiable? Complex questions about power, positionality, connection,distance, and privacy underlie these decision points. Thissourcebook provides an in-depth look at interpersonal boundariesbetween faculty and students, giving consideration to the deepercontextual factors and power dynamics that inform how we set,adjust, and maintain boundaries as educators. This is the 131st volume of this Jossey-Bass highereducation series. New Directions for Teaching andLearning offers a comprehensive range of ideas andtechniques for improving college teaching based on the experienceof seasoned instructors and the latest findings of educational andpsychological researchers.

Agency Culture And Human Personhood

Autore: Jeanne M. Hoeft
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 163087826X
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Agency, Culture and Human Personhood uses feminist theories, process and liberation theologies, psychodynamics and the problem of intimate partner violence to develop a pastoral theology of human agency. The turn to cultural context for understanding what makes human beings who they are and do the things they do, raises significant questions about human agency. To what extent is agency, the human capacity to act, self-determined, and to what extent is it determined by external factors? If we conceive of persons with too little agency we negate the possibility for change but too much agency negates the necessity for resistance movements. Hoeft argues that agency arises ambiguously from and is constituted of culture. She suggests that such a conception of agency enables the church to foster in victims, perpetrators, and congregations more resistance to violence and proposes practices of ministry that can do just that. The book will challenge deeply ingrained notions of personal responsibility and one's capacity to choose change, yet offers concrete proposals for a creating a less violent world.

Transformations In Personhood And Culture After Theory

Autore: Christie McDonald
Editore: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271040202
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Personhood And Health Care

Autore: David C. Thomasma
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401725721
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PERSONHOOD AND HEALTH CARE This book arose as a result of a pre-conference devoted to the topic held June 28, 1999 in Paris, France. The pre-conference preceded the Annual Congress of the International Academy ofLaw and Mental Health. Other chapters were solicited after the conference in order to more completely explore the relation of personhood to health care. The pre conference was held in honor of Yves Pelicier who led so many of our French colleagues in medicine, philosophy, and ethics as Christian Herve notes in his Tribute. As health care is aimed at healing persons, it is important to realize how difficult it is to construct a theory of personhood for health care, and thus, a theory of how healing in health care comes about or ought to occur. The book is divided into four parts, Concepts of the Person, Theories of Personhood in Relation to Health Care and Bioethics, Person and Identity, and Personhood and Hs Relations. Each section explores a critical arena in constructing the relation of personhood to health care. Although no exploration ofthis nature can be exhaustive, every effort was made to present both conflicting and complementary views of personhood from within similar and different philosophical and religious traditions. PART ONE: CONCEPTS OF THE PERSON Tracing the origins of the concept of person from antiquity through present day, Jean Delemeau provides an historical sketch of the development of a wide range of meanings.

Defining Personhood

Autore: Sarah Bishop Merrill
Editore: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042005716
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Many debates in biomedical ethics today involve inconsistencies in defining the key term, person. Both sides of the abortion debate, for instance, beg the question about what constitutes personhood. This book explores the arguments concerning definitions of personhood in the history of modern philosophy, and then constructs a superior model, defined in terms of distinctive features (a theoretical concept borrowed from linguistics). This model is shown to have distinct advantages over the necessary and sufficient condition models of personhood launched by essentialists. Philosophers historically have been correct about what some of the pivotal distinctive features of personhood are, e.q., rationality, communications and self-consciousness, but they have been wrong about the methods of recognizing and asserting personhood, and about the relative importance of feelings. In clinical care, complaints often surface that care is not personal. This book aims to improve care through providing a method of attending to patients as people. Charts in the Appendices show that where physicians attended to personal features important to their patients, sometimes the patients rated the care even higher than the physician did. The book will be useful to health-care providers whose goals include improving quality of care, listening to patients, and preventing malpractice.

The Moral Status Of Persons

Autore: Gerhold K. Becker
Editore: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042012011
Grandezza: 19,13 MB
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The advances in molecular biology and genetics, medicine and neurosciences, in ethology and environmental studies have put the concept of the person firmly on the philosophical agenda. Whereas earlier times seemed to have a clear understanding about the moral implications of personhood and its boundaries, today there is little consensus on such matters. Whether a patient in the last stages of Alzheimer's disease is still a person, or whether a human embryo is already a person are highly contentious issues. This book tackles the issue of personhood and its moral implications head-on. The thirteen essays are representative of the major strands in the current bioethical debate and offer new insights into humanity's moral standing, its foundations, and its implications for social interaction. While most of the essays approach the issue by drawing on the rich intellectual tradition of the West, others offer a cross-cultural perspective and make available for ethical consideration the philosophical resources and the wisdom of the East. The contributors to this book are highly recognized philosophers, ethicists, theologians, and professionals in health care and medicine from East Asia (China, Japan), Europe, and North America. The first part of the book probes the foundations of personhood. Examining critically the main theories on personhood in contemporary philosophy, the authors offer alternatives that better respond to contemporary challenges and their implications for bioethics. The focus of the second part is firmly on the Confucian relational concept of the person and on the social constitution of personhood in traditional Japanese culture. While the essays challenge the individualistic features of personhood in the Western tradition, they lay the foundations for a richer concept that holds great promise for the resolution of moral dilemmas in modern medicine and health care. The third part of the book enters into a dialogue with the Christian tradition and draws on its spiritual heritage in the search for answers to the contemporary challenges to human dignity and value. Its focus is on the Catholic social thought and Lutheran theology. The fourth part addresses the moral status of persons in view of specific issues such as the effects of brain injury, gene therapy, and human cloning on personhood. It extends the scope of research beyond human beings and inquires also into the moral status of animals.

On Not Dying

Autore: Abou Farman
Editore: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 1452961905
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An ethnographic exploration of technoscientific immortality Immortality has long been considered the domain of religion. But immortality projects have gained increasing legitimacy and power in the world of science and technology. With recent rapid advances in biology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, secular immortalists hope for and work toward a future without death. On Not Dying is an anthropological, historical, and philosophical exploration of immortality as a secular and scientific category. Based on an ethnography of immortalist communities—those who believe humans can extend their personal existence indefinitely through technological means—and an examination of other institutions involved at the end of life, Abou Farman argues that secular immortalism is an important site to explore the tensions inherent in secularism: how to accept death but extend life; knowing the future is open but your future is finite; that life has meaning but the universe is meaningless. As secularism denies a soul, an afterlife, and a cosmic purpose, conflicts arise around the relationship of mind and body, individual finitude and the infinity of time and the cosmos, and the purpose of life. Immortalism today, Farman argues, is shaped by these historical and culturally situated tensions. Immortalist projects go beyond extending life, confronting dualism and cosmic alienation by imagining (and producing) informatic selves separate from the biological body but connected to a cosmic unfolding. On Not Dying interrogates the social implications of technoscientific immortalism and raises important political questions. Whose life will be extended? Will these technologies be available to all, or will they reproduce racial and geopolitical hierarchies? As human life on earth is threatened in the Anthropocene, why should life be extended, and what will that prolonged existence look like?

Reconstructionist Confucianism

Autore: Ruiping Fan
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789048131563
Grandezza: 45,39 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contrasting with conventional Neo-Confucian attempts to recast the Confucian heritage in light of modern Western values, this book offers a Reconstructionist Confucian project to reclaim Confucian resources to meet contemporary moral and public policy challenges. Ruiping Fan argues that popular accounts of human goods and social justice within the dominant individualist culture of the West are too insubstantial to direct a life of virtue and a proper structure of society. Instead, he demonstrates that the moral insights of Confucian thought are precisely those needed to fill the moral vacuum developing in post-communist China and to address similar problems in the West. The book has a depth of reflection on the Confucian tradition through a comparative philosophical strategy and a breadth of contemporary issues addressed unrivaled by any other work on these topics. It is the first in English to explore not only the endeavor to revive Confucianism in contemporary China, but also brings such an endeavor to bear upon the important ethical, social, and political difficulties being faced in 21st century China. The book should be of interest to any philosopher working in application of traditional Chinese philosophy to contemporary issues as well as any reader interested in comparative cultural and ethical studies.

Dante S Persons

Autore: Heather Webb
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198733488
Grandezza: 41,45 MB
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Dante's Persons is a study of the concept of personhood in Dante's Comedy. Focusing on the encounters staged in Purgatory and Paradise, the book shows how Dante redefines personhood in his otherworlds as depending on mutual recognition and interpersonal attention. The book argues that Dante fills his text with characters that readers are meant to relate to as persons. He accomplishes this by means of dense corporeal detail, suchas gestures and postures. Building from this possibility of recognizing characters as persons, Dante's text offers readers opportunities to act and to join the community that extends between the living and the dead.

Merenstein Gardner S Handbook Of Neonatal Intensive Care E Book

Autore: Sandra Lee Gardner
Editore: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323081134
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The leading resource for collaborative critical care for newborns, Merenstein & Gardner’s Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care, 7th Edition provides a multidisciplinary approach and a real-world perspective. It focuses on evidenced-based practice, with clinical directions in color for easy retrieval and review. Special features help you prioritize the steps in initial care, and provide a guide to sharing information with parents. With each chapter written jointly by both physicians and nurses, this book is comprehensive enough to suit the needs of the entire team in your neonatal intensive care unit. Unique! A multidisciplinary perspective is provided by an editorial team of two physicians and two nurses, and each chapter is written and reviewed by a physician and nurse team, so information mirrors the real-world experience in a neonatal intensive care unit. Unique! Clinical content is in color, so you can quickly scan through chapters for information that directly affects patient care. Unique! Parent Teaching boxes highlight the relevant information to be shared with a patient’s caregivers. Critical Findings boxes outline symptoms and diagnostic findings that require immediate attention, helping you prioritize assessment data and steps in initial care. Coverage in clinical chapters includes pathophysiology and etiology, prevention, data collection, treatment, complications, outcomes, prognosis, and parent education. Expanded Neonatal Surgery chapter covers all of the most common procedures in neonatal surgery. Follow-up of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Infant chapter is expanded to include coverage of outcomes management and discharge planning. Streamlined references are updated to include only the most current or classic sources.

Jesus Word And Presence

Autore: Peter Crafts Hodgson
Editore: Augsburg Fortress Publishing
Grandezza: 70,84 MB
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In this book, Peter C. Hodgson addresses fundamental questions emerging from the twentieth-century cultural experience. Within the framework of Christology, the author moves through and beyond current interpretations of God's absence, including the death of God movement and the theologies of the future.

Cultivating Personhood

Autore: Stephen Palmquist
Editore: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110226235
Grandezza: 41,76 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 9549

Authors from all over the world unite in an effort to cultivate dialogue between Asian and Western philosophy. The papers forge a new, East-West comparative path on the whole range of issues in Kant studies. The concept of personhood, crucial for both traditions, serves as a springboard to address issues such as knowledge acquisition and education, ethics and self-identity, religious/political community building, and cross-cultural understanding. Edited by Stephen Palmquist, founder of the Hong Kong Philosophy Cafe and well known for both his Kant expertise and his devotion to fostering philosophical dialogue, the book presents selected and reworked papers from the first ever Kant Congress in Hong Kong, held in May 2009. Among others the contributors are Patricia Kitcher (New York City, USA), Gunther Wohlfahrt (Wuppertal, Germany), Cheng Chung-ying (Hawaii, USA), Sammy Xie Xia-ling (Shanghai, China), Lau Chong-fuk (Hong Kong), Anita Ho (Vancouver/Kelowna, Canada), Ellen Zhang (Hong Kong), Pong Wen-berng (Taipei, Taiwan), Simon Xie Shengjian (Melbourne, Australia), Makoto Suzuki (Aichi, Japan), Kiyoshi Himi (Mie, Japan), Park Chan-Goo (Seoul, South Korea), Chong Chaeh-yun (Seoul, South Korea), Mohammad Raayat Jahromi (Tehran, Iran), Mohsen Abhari Javadi (Qom, Iran), Soraj Hongladarom (Bangkok, Thailand), Ruchira Majumdar (Kolkata, India), A.T. Nuyen (Singapore), Stephen Palmquist (Hong Kong), Christian Wenzel (Taipei, Taiwan), Mario Wenning (Macau). "

The Call To Personhood

Autore: Alistair I. McFadyen
Grandezza: 29,95 MB
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Moral Personhood

Autore: G. E. Scott
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791403228
Grandezza: 44,17 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 5906

This book presents a theory of personhood and moral personhood using results from recent work on intentionality in the philosophy of mind. An account of intentional kinds, causation, and explanation is provided to resolve some current issues in moral and legal theory, and to examine questions raised in law and medicine where it is necessary to deal with human individuals at the boundaries of their lives. Topics discussed include abortion, death, euthanasia, personal identity, rights — including the right to privacy and the right to die — servility, and suicide.

Retrofitting Blade Runner

Autore: Judith Kerman
Editore: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879725105
Grandezza: 22,69 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 9139

This book of essays looks at the multitude of texts and influences which converge in Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner, especially the film's relationship to its source novel, Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The film's implications as a thought experiment provide a starting point for important thinking about the moral issues implicit in a hypertechnological society. Yet its importance in the history of science fiction and science fiction film rests equally on it mythically and psychologically resonant creation of compelling characters and an exciting story within a credible science fiction setting. These essays consider political, moral and technological issues raised by the film, as well as literary, filmic, technical and aesthetic questions. Contributors discuss the film's psychological and mythic patterns, important political issues and the roots of the film in Paradise Lost, Frankenstein, detective fiction, and previous science fiction cinema.

The Archaeology Of Personhood

Autore: Chris Fowler
Editore: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415317221
Grandezza: 52,89 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 3711

The Archaeology of Personhood discusses what it means to be human and, by drawing on examples from European prehistory, discusses the implications that contemporary understandings of personhood have on archaeological interpretation.