Plain Tales From The Raj

Author: Charles Allen
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0349142149
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The Raj was, for two hundred years, the jewel in the British imperial crown. Although founded on military expansionism and undoubted exploitation, it developed over the centuries into what has been called 'benign autocracy' - the government of many by few, with the active collaboration of most Indians in recognition of a desire for the advancement of their country. Charles Allen's classic oral history of the period that marked the end of British rule was first published a generation ago. Now reissued as the imperial century closes, this brilliantly insightful and bestselling collection of reminiscences illustrates the unique experience of British India: the sadness and luxury for some; the joy and deprivation for others.

Plain Tales From The Raj

Author: India Office Library and Records
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Plain Tales From The British Empire

Author: Charles Allen
Editor: Abacus (UK)
ISBN: 9780349119205
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PLAIN TALES FROM THE BRITISH EMPIRE gathers together Charles Allen's best loved books on the British experience across the Empire: PLAIN TALES FROM THE RAJ, TALES FROM THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS and TALES FROM THE DARK CONTINENT. These vivid stories and recollections give an evocative and unique glimpse into the lost days of the Empire across India, Africa and the territories fringing the South China Sea. 'A hugely valuable record of colonial life in India, Africa and the Far East -- intimate, vivid and immensely enjoyable' Antonia Fraser

Plain Tales From The Hills

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Editor: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1775416151
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Plain Tales from the Hills contains 40 stories written by Rudyard Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book and Kim. Published in 1888, this was the first short story collection by Kipling. With the geographical meaning of "Plain" contrasted with "Hills", the title's pun hints at both the cleverly simple narrative style of the stories, and that many of the them are situated in the Hill Station of Simla, which served as the British Raj's capital during the hot months.

Plain Tales From The Hills Rudyard Kipling Collection 40 Short Stories The Tales Of Life In British India In The Pride Of His Youth The Ot

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Editor: E-Artnow
ISBN: 9788027331895
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Plain Tales from the Hills is the Kipling's first collection of short stories, the tales about India and more noticeably about the British in India. The title refers, by way of a pun on "Plain" as the reverse of "Hills", to the deceptively simple narrative style; and to the fact that many of the stories are set in the Hill Station of Simla-the "summer capital of the British Raj" during the hot weather. The tales include the first appearances, in book form, of Mrs. Hauksbee, the policeman Strickland, and the Soldiers Three (Privates Mulvaney, Ortheris and Learoyd). Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was an English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. He wrote tales and poems of British soldiers in India and stories for children. He is regarded as a major innovator in the art of the short story; his children's books are classics of children's literature; and one critic described his work as exhibiting "a versatile and luminous narrative gift". Contents: Lispeth Three and-an Extra Thrown Away Miss Youghal's Sais 'Yoked with an Unbeliever' False Dawn The Rescue of Pluffles Cupid's Arrows The Three Musketeers His Chance in Life Watches of the Night The Other Man Consequences The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin The Taking of Lungtungpen A Germ-Destroyer Kidnapped The Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly In the House of Suddhoo His Wedded Wife The Broken Link Handicap Beyond the Pale In Error A Bank Fraud Tods' Amendment The Daughter of the Regiment In the Pride of His Youth Pig The Rout of the White Hussars The Bronckhorst Divorce-Case Venus Annodomini The Bisara of Pooree A Friend's Friend The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows The Madness of Private Ortheris The Story of Muhammad Din On the Strength of a Likeness Wressley of the Foreign Office ...

Travelers Tales India

Author: James O'Reilly
Editor: Travelers' Tales
ISBN: 1932361790
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India is among the most difficult—and most rewarding—of places to travel. Some have said India stands for "I’ll Never Do It Again." Many more are drawn back time after time because India is the best show on earth, the best bazaar of human experiences that can be visited in a lifetime. India dissolves ideas about what it means to be alive, and its people give new meaning to compassion, perseverance, ingenuity, and friendship. India—monsoon and marigold, dung and dust, colors and corpses, smoke and ash, snow and endless myth—is a cruel, unrelenting place of ineffable sweetness. Much like life itself. Journey to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, the world’s biggest party, with David Yeadon and take "A Bath for Fifteen Million People"; greet the monsoon with Alexancer Frater where the Indian and Pacific Oceans meet; track the endangered Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros through the jungles of Assam with Larry Habegger; encounter the anguish of the caste system with Steve Coll; discover the eternal power of the "monument of love," the Taj Mahal, with Jonah Blank; and much more.

A Strange Kind Of Paradise

Author: Sam Miller
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 144819220X
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A Strange Kind of Paradise is an exploration of India’s past and present, from the perspective of a foreigner who has lived in India for many years. Sam Miller investigates how the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Europeans and Americans – everyone really, except for Indians themselves – came to imagine India. His account of the engagement between foreigners and India spans the centuries from Alexander the Great to Slumdog Millionaire. It features, among many others, Thomas the Apostle, the Chinese monk Xuanzang, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Vasco da Gama, Babur, Clive of India, several Victorian pornographers, Mark Twain, E. M. Forster, Allen Ginsberg, the Beatles and Steve Jobs. Interspersed between these tales is the story of Sam Miller’s own 25-year-long love affair with India. The result is a spellbinding, 2,500-year-long journey through Indian history, culture and society, in the company of an author who informs, educates and entertains in equal measure, as he travels in the footsteps of foreign chroniclers, exposes some of their fabulous fantasies and overturns long-held stereotypes about race, identity and migration. At once scholarly and thought-provoking, delightfully eccentric and laugh-out-loud funny, this book is destined to become a much-loved classic.

Margery Perham And British Rule In Africa

Author: Mary Bull
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317727576
Size: 15,49 MB
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Margery Perham was an outstanding influence on official and academic thinking on British Colonial rule and decolonization in Africa during the middle part of the century. The book traces how the Second World War transformed her view of colonial rule and of the rate at which it would have to be relinquished.

Creating The Arabian Gulf

Author: Paul John Rich
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780739127056
Size: 13,62 MB
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Whether called 'Arabian' or 'Persian,' the Gulf is one of the most politically important regions of the world, and its history is necessary in understanding the contemporary Middle East. Paul Rich draws on previously closed archives to document the actual heritage of the area and dispel the myths, showing that the influences of Britain and India are far deeper than commonly acknowledged, and that the sheikhs are actually the creation of the British Raj.

The Indian Army 1939 47

Author: Dr Patrick Rose
Editor: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409456536
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The sheer size and influence of the British Indian Army, and its major role in the Allied War effort between 1939 and 1945 on behalf of a country from which it was seeking independence, maintains its fascination as a subject for a wide variety of historians. This volume presents a range of papers examining the Indian Army experience from the outbreak of world war in 1939 to the partition of India in 1947. With contributions from many of those at the forefront of the study of the Indian Army and Commonwealth history, the book focuses upon a period of Indian Army history not well covered by modern scholarship. As such it makes a substantial contribution across a range of subject areas, presenting a compendium of chapters examining Indian Army participation in the Second World War from North Africa to Burma, plus a variety of other topics including the evolution of wartime training, frontier operations, Churchill and the Indian Army, the Army's role in the development of post-war British counterinsurgency practice, and of particular note, several chapters examining aspects of the partition in 1947. As such, the book offers a fascinating insight into one of the most important yet least understood military forces of the twentieth century. It will be of interest not only to those seeking a fuller understanding of past campaigns, but also to those wishing to better understand the development and ethos of the present day military forces of the Indian subcontinent.