Poems And Shorter Writings

Author: James Joyce
ISBN: 9780571210985
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This collection brings together all the poems published by James Joyce in his lifetime, most notably Chamber Music and Pomes Penyeach. It also includes a large body of his satiric or humorous occasional verse, much of which is fugitive and little known to the general reader. In addition, the volume provides the text of the surviving prose Epiphanies, Giacomo Joyce - the fascinating Trieste notebook that Joyce compiled while finishing A Portrait of the Artist and beginning Ulysses, in which he first explored the world of his autobiographical novel.

Kafka And The Universal

Author: Arthur Cools
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311045811X
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Kafka’s work has been attributed a universal significance and is often regarded as the ultimate witness of the human condition in the twentieth century. Yet his work is also considered paradigmatic for the expression of the singular that cannot be subsumed under any generalization. This paradox engenders questions not only concerning the meaning of the universal as it manifests itself in (and is transformed by) Kafka’s writings but also about the expression of the singular in literary fiction as it challenges the opposition between the universal and the singular. The contributions in this volume approach these questions from a variety of perspectives. They are structured according to the following issues: ambiguity as a tool of deconstructing the pre-established philosophical meanings of the universal; the concept of the law as a major symbol for the universal meaning of Kafka’s writings; the presence of animals in Kafka’s texts; the modernist mode of writing as challenge of philosophical concepts of the universal; and the meaning and relevance of the universal in contemporary Kafka reception. This volume examines central aspects of the interplay between philosophy and literature.

The Cambridge Companion To James Joyce

Author: Derek Attridge
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521376730
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These eleven essays, by an international team of leading Joyce scholars and teachers, explore the most important aspects of Joyce's life and art. The topics covered include his debt to Irish and European writers and traditions, his life in Paris, and the relation of his work to the "modern" spirit of skeptical relativism. The whole volume is informed by current debates about literature and literary study, and it demonstrates the central place occupied by Joyce's revolutionary achievement in those debates. This Companion, designed primarily as a student's reference work will deepen and extend the enjoyment and understanding of Joyce for the new reader.

The Oxford Handbook Of Modern Irish Poetry

Author: Fran Brearton
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191636746
Size: 14,45 MB
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Forty chapters, written by leading scholars across the world, describe the latest thinking on modern Irish poetry. The Handbook begins with a consideration of Yeats's early work, and the legacy of the 19th century. The broadly chronological areas which follow, covering the period from the 1910s through to the 21st century, allow scope for coverage of key poetic voices in Ireland in their historical and political context. From the experimentalism of Beckett, MacGreevy, and others of the modernist generation, to the refashioning of Yeats's Ireland on the part of poets such as MacNeice, Kavanagh, and Clarke mid-century, through to the controversially titled post-1969 'Northern Renaissance' of poetry, this volume will provide extensive coverage of the key movements of the modern period. The Handbook covers the work of, among others, Paul Durcan, Thomas Kinsella, Brendan Kennelly, Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Michael Longley, Medbh McGuckian, and Ciaran Carson. The thematic sections interspersed throughout - chapters on women's poetry, religion, translation, painting, music, stylistics - allow for comparative studies of poets north and south across the century. Central to the guiding spirit of this project is the Handbook's consideration of poetic forms, and a number of essays explore the generic diversity of poetry in Ireland, its various manipulations, reinventions and sometimes repudiations of traditional forms. The last essays in the book examine the work of a 'new' generation of poets from Ireland, concentrating on work published in the last two decades by Justin Quinn, Leontia Flynn, Sinead Morrissey, David Wheatley, Vona Groarke, and others.

Mortality And Form In Late Modernist Literature

Author: John Whittier-Ferguson
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110706001X
Size: 14,95 MB
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This monograph underscores the way in which mortality functions in the later poetry and prose of major modernist writers.

Joyce And The Science Of Rhythm

Author: W. Martin
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137309458
Size: 16,92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book situates Joyce's critical writings within the context of an emerging discourse on the psychology of rhythm, suggesting that A Portrait of the Artist dramatizes the experience of rhythm as the subject matter of the modernist novel. Including comparative analyses of the lyrical prose of Virginia Woolf and the 'cadences' of the Imagists, Martin outlines a new concept of the 'modern period' that describes the interaction between poetry and prose in the literature of the early twentieth century.

The Cold Of May Day Monday

Author: Robert Anthony Welch
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191510467
Size: 15,80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Cold of May Day Monday offers an indvidual view of the history of Irish literature from its very earliest phases up to the present day, more or less, with discussions of major writers such as Friel, Heaney, Derek Mahon, McGahern, and John Banville. Robert Welch traces the roots of Irish literature in myth and legend and explores ancient and pre-Celtic deposits and remembrances; saga literature, as well as devotional writing; the bardic heritage and the cycles of tales of early Ireland; the importance and survival of folklore; and the later phases of Irish literature, from the seventeenth century onwards. Welch frames his study around themes and clusters rather than chronology, seeking to retain coherence by means of a sustained attention to the thematic strains. Substantial attention is paid to the figure of the Hag in Irish literary culture. The often deeply troubled relations between Ireland and England inevitably call for treatment as well, most notably in chapters examining the Great Famine and its consequences for literature and cultural expression. Yeats is one of the key figures, as are O'Casey and Synge, but the focus is on their literary output, not their political experiences (though these are not overlooked).Robert Welch offers a readable account of a fascinating literary history, providing insights into the connections between Irish legend and literature, and accounts of the some of the best Irish writers of the twentieth century.

Sex Social Purity And Sarah Grand Selected Shorter Writings 1

Author: Sarah Grand
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415214131
Size: 16,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 214

Sarah Grand was one of the most prominent New Women of the 1890s and a notable social purity feminist and suffragist. This collection offers important insights into the full range of her journalistic output and lesser-known fictional writings. It also makes available biographical and autobiographical material, and previously unpublished manuscript sources. The first volume reproduces Grand's articles and the contemporary critical reception of her work. The letters in volume two, written mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, shed light on Grand's genesis as a writer and her interaction with 1890s artistic and feminist circles. The third and fourth volumes contain a selection of short stories from three collections published at and after the turn of the century. These comment on some of the explosive issues of that time: feminism, decadence, eugenics, class, race and war. They also reflect Grand's exploration of the interplay between gender and genre.

Collected Poetry And Prose

Author: Wallace Stevens
Size: 10,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selected works celebrate the writer's poetic response to life

Rock N Roll

Author: Tom Stoppard
Editor: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802143075
Size: 12,81 MB
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A play spans some twenty years in the history of Czechoslavakia, from the Prague Spring of 1968 and over the next two decades, from the double perspective of Prague, where a rock 'n' roll band led by Jan, a Czech-born, Cambridge-educated graduate student, comes to symbolize resistance to the regime, and the British left, represented by a Communist philosopher at Cambridge. Original.