Preventing Misdiagnosis Of Women

Author: Elizabeth A. Klonoff
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761900474
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Many physical disorders suffered by women have psychiatric symptoms. For example, hyperthyroidism can result in depression and anxiety, and temporal lobe epilepsy can have the same symptoms as bipolar disorder. As a result, women are in danger of being misdiagnosed as having psychiatric problems and receiving completely inappropriate treatment. This volume gives psychotherapists, counsellors and other mental health professionals the foundation for identifying physiological disorders that may be at the root of the mental health problems presented by female clients. Illustrated with detailed cases and supplemented with quick reference guides to symptoms and a glossary, this much-needed book provides information that until now

Black Women S Health

Author: Hope Landrine
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135065047
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In this special issue, top researchers from a diversity of disciplines provide an overview of and insights into the major social, cultural, and structural variables that play a role in Black women's poor health, and differential morbidity and mortality. The articles focus on the major threats to Black women's health such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, violence, and AIDS, and utilize a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods from medicine, psychology, sociology, and feminist analysis. Among the articles are: * An examination of the role of Black women's cultural and ethnomedical beliefs in their use of cancer screening by Laurie Hoffman-Goetz and Sherry Mills of the National Cancer Institute; * An empirical analysis of Black women's utilization of health services entailing more than 18,000 women by Lonnie Snowden and his colleagues at the University of California-Berkeley Center for Mental Health Services Research; * A comprehensive review and empirical analysis of the role of violence in Black women's health by Nancy Felipe Russo (Arizona State University), Mary Koss (University of Arizona), and Gwen Keita (APA Office on Women); * An empirical investigation of the role of social and contextual variables in HIV risk among low-income Black women by Kathleen Sikkema, Timothy Heckman, and Jeffrey Kelly of the Center for AIDS Intervention Research, Medical College of Wisconsin. Other articles include comprehensive and critical analyses and reviews of diabetes, breast cancer risk perceptions, and obesity among Black women, as well as analyses of Black women's exclusion from research in medicine, women's health, health psychology, and behavioral medicine. The first issue of any psychology journal to be devoted to the health of Black women, this special issue is a step in the direction of redressing the long-overdue neglect of Black women's health. It provides a cogent overview of the state of Black women's health, numerous empirical investigations, and clear suggestions for future research.

Clinical Naturopathy

Author: Jon Wardle
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0729579263
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A landmark guide to naturopathic practice in Australia – ideal for naturopaths, naturopathy students and Allied Health and medical practitioners Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice details key treatment protocols and evidence-based complementary medicine interventions for use in naturopathic practice. This valuable naturopathy resource is authored by leading practitioners in the field. Its unique perspective combines clinical experience with evidence-based substantiation from rigorous medical research. Clinical Naturopathy explores key naturopathic treatments – including herbal treatments, nutritional and dietary treatments and lifestyle treatments – for common medical symptoms and conditions encountered in modern practice. Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice outlines an introduction to case-taking methodology and naturopathic diagnostic techniques. It then details treatment protocols and naturopathic prescriptions to treat major health conditions within individual body systems. The textbook also offers special sections on naturopathic treatment throughout the life cycle, including paediatrics, pregnancy and aging, as well as complex health conditions like HIV, cancer and pain management. Comprehensive appendices provide additional clinically important material, such as reference levels for laboratory medical tests, nutrient food values and traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. This one-of-a-kind naturopathic reference makes essential reading for practitioners wishing to enhance practical application of their skills in a clinical setting, and advance their knowledge of evidence-based complementary medicine interventions. • addresses pre-clinical and clinical naturopathy subjects (from third year naturopathy to post-graduate level) • focuses on major medical conditions, and outlines naturopathic and integrative medical treatments • features case studies to contextualise theory into relevant clinical application • includes user-friendly clinical decision trees, tables and figures • is rigorously researched with over 4000 references

The Psychology Of Women

Author: Margaret W. Matlin
Editor: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780534579647
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1. Introduction. 2. Gender Stereotypes and Other Gender Biases. 3. Infancy and Childhood. 4. Adolescence. 5. Cognitive Abilities and Achievement Motivation. 6. Gender Comparisons in Social and Personality Characteristics. 7. Women and Work. 8. Love Relationships. 9. Sexuality. 10. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood. 11. Women and Physical Health. 12. Women and Psychological Disorders. 13. Violence Against Women. 14. Women and Older Adults. 15. Moving Onward.

The Dialects Of Gender

Author: Danielle Christy Valenciano
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Nimhans Journal

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Mother Time

Author: Margaret Urban Walker
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
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Mother Time opens up a novel area of inquiry: the ethical dimension of women's experiences of aging.

Pigeonholing Women S Misery

Author: Hannah Lerman
Editor: Basic Books
Size: 18,39 MB
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In Pigeonholing Women's Misery, Hannah Lerman takes aim at the formal classification systems that have shaped the diagnosis of women in twentieth-century America. She describes the psychodiagnosis of women and shows us how this phenomenon has evolved, changed, and in some instances, remained static. Lerman analyzes the developmental trajectory of the DSM over time, up to the DSM-IV, showing us how a historical perspective is crucial to understanding the contemporary diagnosis of women. Unless we as therapists examine how we approach the assessment of women's mental health problems, we may continue to do harm when our intentions are to help women heal. With a feminist lens, Lerman points to the gap between diagnostic criteria cited in the professional literature and the real-life consequences resulting from particular diagnoses - or misdiagnoses. Lerman's book is a wake-up call to therapists who want to shed outdated professional cloaks and sharpen their assessment tools in ways that will suit the rapidly changing contexts of their clients. The labeling systems we have come to rely on, she convincingly argues, need to be redesigned to accommodate the complexities of gender, culture, and personal context.