Privacy S Blueprint

Author: Woodrow Hartzog
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674976002
Size: 10,19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Woodrow Hartzog develops the underpinning of a new kind of privacy law responsive to the way people actually perceive and use digital technologies. Rather than permit exploitation, it would demand encryption, prohibit malicious interfaces that deceive users and leave them vulnerable, and require safeguards against abuses of biometric surveillance.

Privacy S Blueprint

Author: Woodrow Hartzog
ISBN: 9780674985124
Size: 20,39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Every day, Internet users interact with technologies designed to undermine their privacy. Social media apps, surveillance technologies, and the Internet of things are all built in ways that make it hard to guard personal information. And the law says this is okay because it is up to users to protect themselves--even when the odds are deliberately stacked against them. In Privacy's Blueprint, Woodrow Hartzog pushes back against this state of affairs, arguing that the law should require software and hardware makers to respect privacy in the design of their products. Current legal doctrine treats technology as though it were value-neutral: only the user decides whether it functions for good or ill. But this is not so. As Hartzog explains, popular digital tools are designed to expose people and manipulate users into disclosing personal information. Against the often self-serving optimism of Silicon Valley and the inertia of tech evangelism, Hartzog contends that privacy gains will come from better rules for products, not users. The current model of regulating use fosters exploitation. Privacy's Blueprint aims to correct this by developing the theoretical underpinnings of a new kind of privacy law responsive to the way people actually perceive and use digital technologies. The law can demand encryption. It can prohibit malicious interfaces that deceive users and leave them vulnerable. It can require safeguards against abuses of biometric surveillance. It can, in short, make the technology itself worthy of our trust.--

The Need For Privacy Protections

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
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Revising The Blueprint

Author: Alex Lubin
Editor: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781617030024
Size: 19,70 MB
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Using The Ibm Security Framework And Ibm Security Blueprint To Realize Business Driven Security

Author: Axel Buecker
Editor: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738437891
Size: 17,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Security is a major consideration in the way that business and information technology systems are designed, built, operated, and managed. The need to be able to integrate security into those systems and the discussions with business functions and operations exists more than ever. This IBM® Redbooks® publication explores concerns that characterize security requirements of, and threats to, business and information technology (IT) systems. This book identifies many business drivers that illustrate these concerns, including managing risk and cost, and compliance to business policies and external regulations. This book shows how these drivers can be translated into capabilities and security needs that can be represented in frameworks, such as the IBM Security Blueprint, to better enable enterprise security. To help organizations with their security challenges, IBM created a bridge to address the communication gap between the business and technical perspectives of security to enable simplification of thought and process. The IBM Security Framework can help you translate the business view, and the IBM Security Blueprint describes the technology landscape view. Together, they can help bring together the experiences that we gained from working with many clients to build a comprehensive view of security capabilities and needs. This book is intended to be a valuable resource for business leaders, security officers, and consultants who want to understand and implement enterprise security by considering a set of core security capabilities and services.

Blueprint Affordable

Author: Michelle Kodis
Editor: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 9781586853075
Size: 12,90 MB
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With homes that entail a wide range of cost, style, size, and location, allccompanied by spectacular colour photographs, Blueprint Affordable featureshe clever and sometimes unexpected money saving tricks and techniques thatade it possible for these one of a kind homes to be build as economically ashey were.

Blueprint For Revenge

Author: Martine Jardin
Editor: Devine Destinies
ISBN: 1554870941
Size: 11,29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Johanna is devastated when her beloved grandmother passes away, but shocked to the core when she is left an inheritance she couldn't believe possible. A modern fairytale come true, a girl's dreams fulfilled, especially when she meets the love of her life. But when Tristan enters the picture, doubts invade her heart. Should she listen to her heart, or keep to her commitment? What folly when the mind overrules the heart... The newlyweds travel to Switzerland to investigate her inheritance. Little does Johanna know what awaits her in Europe. And how can she erase Tristan out of her heart?

Summary Blueprint To The Digital Economy

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Editor: Primento
ISBN: 2806222710
Size: 16,48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The must-read summary of Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy and David Ticoll's book: "Blueprint To The Digital Economy: Creating Wealth in the Era of E-Business". This complete summary of the ideas from Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy and David Ticoll's book "Blueprint To The Digital Economy" shows that the digital economy – computers teamed with communication networks – has the potential to transform almost every consumer and business activity. These changes are having the effect of forcing organizations to amend notions and practices about the nature of competition, the process by which wealth is created and even the nature of the firm itself. In short, the digital economy changes every assumption ever made in business. It is also allowing completely new commercial entities – like e-business communities which use the digital economy to conduct commercial transactions and collaborate to create new wealth – to flourish and grow like never before. And it is forcing established firms to enter into partnerships and alliances with entirely different and disparate business entities. Clearly, the digital economy opens enormous possibilities and opportunities. The challenge lies in turning the possible into the probable and then into the actual. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key concepts • Increase your business knowledge To learn more, read "Blueprint to the Digital Economy" and discover the perfect guide to getting acquainted with the rules of the digital economy.


Author: Robert Plomin
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262537982
Size: 17,76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A top behavioral geneticist makes the case that DNA inherited from our parents at the moment of conception can predict our psychological strengths and weaknesses. In Blueprint, behavioral geneticist Robert Plomin describes how the DNA revolution has made DNA personal by giving us the power to predict our psychological strengths and weaknesses from birth. A century of genetic research shows that DNA differences inherited from our parents are the consistent lifelong sources of our psychological individuality—the blueprint that makes us who we are. Plomin reports that genetics explains more about the psychological differences among people than all other factors combined. Nature, not nurture, is what makes us who we are. Plomin explores the implications of these findings, drawing some provocative conclusions—among them that parenting styles don't really affect children's outcomes once genetics is taken into effect. This book offers readers a unique insider's view of the exciting synergies that came from combining genetics and psychology. The paperback edition has a new afterword by the author.

World Government A Blueprint For A Univ

Author: Nicholas Hagger
Editor: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1846946018
Size: 14,18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The dream of world government is becoming a reality. A Universalist blueprint for a philanthropic, democratic supranational World State.