Quantum Warrior

Author: John Kehoe
Editor: Zoetic
ISBN: 9780973983036
Size: 19,81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 305

In Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind, John Kehoe combines the most up-to-date scientific discoveries with mystical teachings from our major religions to create a vision of the quantum warrior and the possibilities of our future as a species. Kehoe teaches us the methods for incorporating new visionary techniques into our daily lives. This book is for anyone wanting to learn about the mysteries of life and the vastness of human potential. Original.

Facing Freedom

Author: Eryn Donnalley
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504387120
Size: 11,49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 884

One-way ticket to India. The intentional act of re-becoming. I left broken and came back whole. This is my story. Find out how I incorporated knowledge and wisdom from around the world to find purpose, meaning and happiness. Navigate your own inward journey to emotional freedom with included exercises.

Anishinaabe Ways Of Knowing And Being

Author: Dr Lawrence W Gross
Editor: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472417348
Size: 20,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 917

Very few studies have examined the worldview of the Anishinaabeg from within the culture itself and none have explored the Anishinaabe worldview in relation to their efforts to maintain their culture in the present-day world. Focusing mainly on the Minnesota Anishinaabeg, Gross explores how their worldview works to create a holistic way of living, which the Anishinaabeg call the Good Life. However, as Gross also argues, the Anishinaabeg saw the end of their world early in the 20th century and experienced what he calls 'postapocalypse stress syndrome.'

Road To Digital Divine

Author: Hemant Gupta
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453561713
Size: 13,52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 936

For most of us, our current perspective is deeply rooted in the eighteenth-century science of materialism. The new science of information and quantum computation is bringing a fresh perspective, a new understanding about the true nature of us and our universe. It has profound implications to the way us humans understand ourselves and our universe. Since this newer understanding rests on digital and informational nature of being and has divine-like qualities, I have referred to this as “digital divine.” A road to arrive at “digital divinity” has also been my journey to understand this new nature of us and our universe. From this perch, our universe appears like an informational entity rooted deeply in the nature of silence or zero. Broader laws of information seem to describe its nature and behaviors far better than the classical laws of physics. Our physical universe emerges as a computing platform engaged in grand act of quantum and binary information processing. How does one start from a macro view of our perceptual universe and arrive at the computational nature of matter and mind? How do cosmic, emotional, and rational mind arise from this foundation? How does this view impact the concept of my self that I hold deep with in my psyche? The informational and computational description of our universe provides a framework to naturally explain many such difficult questions. As one realizes that this grand informational and quantum computational entity or digital divine is not only rooted in logic, but it is also rooted in love, oneness, or unity consciousness, one embarks on a new understanding of us, our universe, and our divinity; an incredible bridge between science and spirituality. This is an amazing know-how. We can all benefit from this.

Gospel Of The Open Road

Author: Robert C Gordon, Ph.D.
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1469711532
Size: 11,13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 188

Gospel of the Open Road reclaims Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and Henry David Thoreau as America’s spiritual birthright. It rescues them from literary history, and reveals them in their true light: as democracy’s prophets of the soul. Emerson, Whitman, and Thoreau were religious seers who developed a new form of spirituality, and Gospel of the Open Road explains, in scholarly yet passionate fashion, the deep wisdom that is their enduring legacy. It presents them as a viable spiritual path for those who do not belong, and do not want to belong, to any organized religion.But this book does more. It draws fascinating parallels between the new spirituality taught by Emerson, Whitman, Thoreau and ancient spiritual wisdom as found in shamanism, Goddess worship, Tantra, Taoism, Confucianism, Vajrayana and Zen Buddhism, and Hinduism. This book is an evocative synthesis of humanity’s most venerable spiritual wisdom and the most modern of philosophical, social, psychological, political, scientific, and Humanistic concepts. It traces the New Age spiritual revolution to its source in Emerson, Whitman, and Thoreau, and explains how to apply their spiritual teachings to our everyday life here on Earth.

The Future Of Post Human Martial Arts

Author: Peter Baofu
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Size: 15,62 MB
Format: PDF
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Is it really true that martial arts, in spite of their popularity in this day and age of ours, have, at their deepest level, the promised land of "self-knowledge," "the expression of beauty," or something highly spiritual to be pursued for the human soul? Or, to put it in a different way, what exactly makes martial arts so amazing that, somehow, they will eventually lead the practitioners to the spiritual realm of self-cultivation in its highest depth? Contrary to the conventional wisdom about martial arts as held by many over the ages, this popular view about martial arts has become so legendary that their dark sides have yet to be systematically explored and that the lofty aims of martial arts are neither possible nor desirable to the extent that their proponents would like us to believe. Of course, this is not to say that the very tradition of martial arts is absolutely useless, or that the literature on martial arts hitherto existing in history is spiritually unworthy to be appreciated. Instead, this book constructively offers an alternative (better) way to understand the nature of martial arts, in special relation to the body and spirit of warriors while learning from different views in the literature, without favoring any one of them (nor integrating them, as they are not necessarily compatible with each other), and, in the end, transcending them towards a new horizon not conceived before. This seminal view, if proven valid, will fundamentally change the legendary way that people have thought about martial arts from the combined perspectives of the mind, nature, society, and culture, with enormous implications for the human future and what I originally called its "post-human" fate. _____________________


Author: R. Lataine Townsend
Editor: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452543420
Size: 13,69 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 444

2013: Beginning an Era of Hope and Harmony brings together important information and perspectives about the end of the Mayan Long-count calendar, and how it relates to the astronomy, scientific discoveries, and present-day signs of the coming transition from the end of the Mayan Fourth Sun into the new world era of their Fifth sun. Writers and teachers from many fields are brought together to show how we can help in this process involving the evolution of consciousness, and how our thoughts and attitudes will greatly affect how this world’s age ends, and how the new era begins. 2013 predicts with credible proof that this new-world age, the Mayan Fifth Sun, will begin a Golden era of peace and harmony. To read more about 2013: Beginning an Era of Hope and Harmony see the website: www.2013bylataine.com

The Warrior Culture And The Ecological Crisis

Author: H. E. Blada
Size: 14,39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 598


Author: Richard Coyne
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262531917
Size: 11,44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 903

Technoromanticism pits itself against a hard-headed rationalism, but its most potent antagonists are contemporary pragmatism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, surrealism, and deconstruction--all of which subvert the romantic legacy and provoke new narratives of computing. This book explores the spectrum of romantic narrative that pervades the digital age, from McLuhan's utopian vision of social reintegration by electronic communication to claims that cyberspace creates new realities. Technoromanticism pits itself against a hard-headed rationalism, but its most potent antagonists are contemporary pragmatism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, surrealism, and deconstruction--all of which subvert the romantic legacy and provoke new narratives of computing. Thus the book also serves as an introduction to the application of contemporary theory to information technology, raising issues of representation, space, time, interpretation, identity, and the real. As such, it is a companion to Coyne's Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age: From Method to Metaphor (MIT Press, 1995).

The Warrior S Edge

Author: John B. Alexander
Editor: William Morrow & Co
Size: 15,75 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 611

A training manual for peak performance uses recently revealed military techniques for self-control in order to improve your competitive edge