Reiki And Christ Based Healing

Author: Rhonda J. McClenton
ISBN: 9780983306801
File Size: 78,22 MB
Format: PDF
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After three years in the field with Reiki practitioners and recipients of Christ-based healing, McClenton presents a fascinating and well-researched book that will catapult readers into experiences that defy the five senses and challenge the understanding of healing. Open-minded readers will leave enlightened and informed.

Spirits Of The Lesser Gods

Author: Rhonda McClenton
Editor: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 1581123442
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Reiki is an emerging adjunctive therapy that claims to provide physical and psychological healing as well as an experience of spiritual connection. It is increasingly employed in counseling centers, hospitals, and even churches. Reiki is believed by many to be a safe, non-invasive healing intervention that draws individuals towards God. Reiki practitioners maintain that they imitate Jesus' laying on of hands and claim that their praxis is essentially the same as the healing used by Jesus as well as by Buddha. An ethnographic multi-case study was performed comparing the experiences of nine individuals, four who received Reiki therapy and five who received Christ-based hands-on healing. The long interview format was employed. The transcribed data were coded and analyzed for similar and distinct themes. In addition, a brief survey was utilized to determine the spiritual interests and involvement of each participant and the spiritual consequences of their healing experiences. The findings indicate that Reiki healing is distinct from that which is depicted in the Bible. Reiki appears to open up individuals to an "energy-based" healing modality that is spiritual in nature but is not specifically Christian. As reported by Reiki practitioners, it is a spirituality which welcomes shamanism, psychic healing, clairvoyance, spirit guides, and a host of other metaphysical practices as individuals become more intimately involved. In addition, the research demonstrates that Reiki therapy, over time, can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual harm. The writer contends that biblical healing, which at its core is soteriological and dependent upon the ministry of the Holy Spirit, heals mind, body, and spirit without harmful consequences.

Reiki Healing Touch

Author: Bruce G. Epperly
Editor: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781896836751
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One of the first books to offer a broadened understanding of the spiritual depth of Reiki healing touch by examining it in the light of one of the world's enduring religions! Explore the origins of Reiki and the Hebraic roots of Jesus' own healing ministry, and discover the use of Reiki in church, hospital, and hospice settings, as well as in the context of the treatment of cancer, chronic and terminal illness, and death and bereavement. Bruce and Katherine Gould Epperly also provide healing rituals and spiritual practices that will help practitioners consciously integrate the inner and outer healing journey.

Aquatic Reiki Christ Consciousness Healing

Author: Katrina Emoto
ISBN: 9781432752873
File Size: 40,25 MB
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You are about to embark upon a wonderful journey of discovery into true healing. Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness Healing is a mystical treasure and an undeniable leap towards healing-with the new golden energy of 2012 and beyond. This new healing modality introduces the revolutionary work of Katrina Emoto, accompanied by the new Christ Consciousness sacred geometrical symbols and spirit channelings from Jesus. Emoto's teachings focus on personal and collective advancement into the I AM Christ Consciousness blueprint of Divine healing and Divine being. Mrs. Emoto's teachings have gained international attention because healing with sacred water and the Christ Consciousness-puts you into the realm of miracles. The Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness sacred geometrical symbols taught here in this book are the most comprehensive new golden age tools for your healing journey. These sacred symbols work with crystalline structures of both the physical and spiritual world to transform and heal at the deepest level of human DNA. These timeless teachings of Mrs. Emoto's will help you: Utilize the Christ Consciousness for healing on all levels including the soul Unlock your sacred vault of wisdom-and unleash your divine healing abilities and your sacred God given gifts Rise above all limitations-and dwell in the loving, living presence of the Christ Consciousness Strengthen your practice as an extraordinary healer and aid in your enlightenment As you harness your healing potential, you transform-opening yourself up to greater depths of healing through the Divine consciousness of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, PEACE, JOY, INTUITION and EMPOWERMENT. Allow this book, to be a foundation for your spiritual growth as a healer. As you spiritually awaken and heal, you assist others in awakening and healing occurs for the collective consciousness. "Aquatic Reiki, Ms. Emoto's revolutionary new healing method, teaches energy healing practitioner how to incorporate the emerging 5th Dimension Christ Consciousness energies into their healing invaluable addition to any healer's modalities!" Rita Milios, Psychotherapist, Author, Healer "This type of healing brings forth the highest consciousness for healing-Christ Consciousness, which amplifies all other types of Reiki and can be used with other healing modalities. Her Jesus channelings bring forth divine wisdom and much useful universal truths for living." Shawn Randall, Channeler, Usui Reiki Master

Reiki And Spiritual Growth

Author: John Christian
ISBN: 9781432714222
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Healing over distance through time and other key information revealed. My wife and I learned of Reiki while attending a seminar in New York city years ago. I had been told by several people that I was a healer. Later that year I was introduced to the healing modality, Reiki and shortly afterwards we both were attuned. After practicing and learning to give Reiki we followed up the first attunement with others and became Reiki Master/teachers and Karuna Reiki Masters. We have co-conspired to teach Reiki courses and practice in Florida as Hospice volunteers. In Pennsylvania we have meetings where we share Reiki with other Reiki practitioners. This book was a very natural, almost compelling adventure for me to begin writing about 'hands on' healing and spirituality. It has been a meaningful learning experience for me. I sincerely hope it will be for you as well. While it will not enable you as a Reiki practitioner, it will give you a head start on the learning process. I have started another book which will include additional examples of healing work and techniques.

Christian Healing

Author: Mark Pearson
Editor: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1591856299
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Why are some people not healed? What's the relationship between sin and sickness? Is it possible to heal memories? Active in healing ministry for many years, Mark Pearson offers thorough and balanced biblical teaching concerning physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in Christ. A priest in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, Pearson brings together the basic truths about healing from three streams of Christianity: sacramental, evangelical, and charismatic/Pentecostal. Christian Healing will help you understand: * Why the ministry of healing is downplayed or rejected by some in the church today* The devil's role in illness* The four ways God works healing* The deception and dangers of New Age* How to introduce a healing ministry in your church Written in a plain, user-friendly, and understandable manner, this book will enable you to fully grasp God as the Healer. Are you ready for this revelation? "Whatever your religious background, you will find Christian Healing an excellent introduction to the healing ministry if you are just getting started, or an important addition to your library even if you have been praying for the sick for many years."-Francis MacNutt, Director, Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, Florida About the author: Mark Pearson, an Oxford graduate and clergyman for more than thirty years, Mark Pearson id the cofounder of New Creation Healing Center in Plaistow, New Hampshire, which combines medicine, biblical counseling, and prayer to minister to body, soul, and spirit. A leader of teaching and healing conferences around the world, Pearson is the president and cofounder of the Institute for Christian Renewal, which seeks to help bring a balanced spiritual renewal to churches and individuals.

Are Yoga Reiki Healing Evil

Author: Danny Frigulti
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781727253719
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This book uses information primarily from information-packed Yoga and Reiki healing websites to show the reader exactly what these two controversial topics believe and teach. The provided information will surprise most readers, because these two subjects are considered by many to be healthy and not spiritually evil in any way. However, when you have finished reading the information about these two topics, you will know that they are in direct opposition to the teachings of the Bible and the Lord Jesus. Reiki healers are not empowered by the Holy Spirit for their healing. And it will be shown that Yoga has a direct connection with Hindu gods from the Hindu religion. Also, it will be shown that their is no such Biblical exercise as "Christian Yoga."

The Healing Gods

Author: Candy Gunther Brown
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199985804
File Size: 11,33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2000

The question typically asked about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is whether it works. However, an issue of equal or greater significance is why it is supposed to work. The Healing Gods: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Christian America explains how and why CAM entered the American biomedical mainstream and won cultural acceptance, even among evangelical and other theologically conservative Christians, despite its ties to non-Christian religions and the lack of scientific evidence of its efficacy and safety. Before the 1960s, most of the practices Candy Gunther Brown considers-yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, meditation, martial arts, homeopathy, anticancer diets-were dismissed as medically and religiously questionable. These once-suspect health practices gained approval as they were re-categorized as non-religious (though generically spiritual) health-care, fitness, or scientific techniques. Although CAM claims are similar to religious claims, CAM gained cultural legitimacy because people interpret it as science instead of religion. Holistic health care raises ethical and legal questions of informed consent, consumer protection, and religious establishment at the center of biomedical ethics, tort law, and constitutional law. The Healing Gods confronts these issues, getting to the heart of values such as personal autonomy, self-determination, religious equality, and religious voluntarism.

Healing Like Jesus

Author: Bruce Reid
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146916664X
File Size: 60,48 MB
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Jesus is the great healer. Nothing or no one heals like Him, not even our modern medical practitioners. Jesus is the only one who can heal in an instant, or heal from a distance. He is the only one who can raise the dead. He is the only one who can drive out demons. Jesus is the only one who has a cure for all our health problems.

God S Touch

Author: Bruce Gordon Epperly
Editor: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664222819
File Size: 16,91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The mounting evidence of the interconnectedness of spirituality, health, and medicine suggests giving new attention to the healing ministry of Jesus. Through a fresh reading of the Gospel narratives, Bruce Epperly reveals the centrality of whole-person healing within Jesus' mission as teacher and social reformer and stresses that churches should seek to recover a healing ministry that touches both the spirit and the body. God's Touch traces the links between Jesus' approach to wholeness of mind, body, spirit, and relationships, and the practices of complementary and alternative medicine today.

The Energy Of Love

Author: Bruce G Epperly
Editor: Energion Publications
ISBN: 1631994409
File Size: 75,98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal. A growing body of evidence shows that spiritual healing practices have a positive impact, both on healing and on the quality of life that people experience while under medical care. Dr. Bruce Epperly calls on Christians to embrace these varied resources. He crosses both the boundaries between formal scientific medical practice and spiritual healing, and the boundaries between healing practices that come from a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. He then incorporates these into a distinctly Christian theology of healing practice. Where healing takes place, he sees God at work. Healing characterized the ministry of Jesus, and Epperly believes that it should characterize the life and ministry of Christians in all times and places. This is a balanced call that doesn't pit one tradition against another and also does not place spiritual healing practices in opposition to medical science. This is about embracing what heals. Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal.

Forgiveness Reiki

Author: Michael S. Van Hecke
Editor: Bookbaby
ISBN: 9781543912951
File Size: 52,80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Forgiveness Reiki is an entertaining narrative of the author's spiritual journey that includes instruction in both hands-on healing and forgiveness. When the author's sixteen year old son, Maurice, took his own life, the author led his church congregation in chanting "I love you Maurice and I forgive you." Many told him afterwards how they felt a spiritual shift from the experience. Van Hecke was encouraged to write about how he could have done this at such a vulnerable moment. He explains how it was his practice of The Jesus Healing System and Forgiveness Reiki that empowered him to do so. This book includes attunements to Forgiveness Reiki and The Jesus Healing System. The author provides practical tools for Forgiveness Reiki practitioners such as JHS Forgiveness Prayers, the JHS Loving Emotions (healing symbols), and The Physical Manifestation of UnLove (a list of symptoms and conditions). A long-time Reiki master and an active member of his local Methodist church, the author nudges both spiritual communities to look in the mirror. Both Christians and non-Christians alike will find much food for thought in the insights of this healing practitioner. The author explores how to utilize prayer and distance healing to expand the crown chakra and how this might impact society. He discusses Blessing when one does not know if healing is desired. He shares how Reiki opened him spiritually so that he could experience the love of Christ. One of the JHS Prayers includes forgiving self-imposed judgements of the Church. He encourages Reiki practitioners to find a church community, start healing circles and help re-shape the church of tomorrow to be more like the ancient church of The Way.

Usui Reiki Level 1

Author: Love Inspiration
Editor: Love Inspiration
File Size: 32,30 MB
Format: PDF
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Learn everything you need to know about the first level of Usui Reiki with this free online course. This free Reiki ebook offers a complete step by step guide to learning Reiki and includes all of the information that you would normally receive in an in-person workshop; including Reiki basics, receiving the attunement, completing the self healing practices and doing Reiki healing sessions for others. The ebook also includes links to video tutorials, a free certificate and much more. We wish you well on your Usui Reiki journey and may you feel much love, light and happiness in your life!

Healing Arts A Gift From God

Author: Stan Gardner
ISBN: 9780988435414
File Size: 67,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4159

A mother's search to help her ill daughter leads to astonishing answers on alternative healing. Principles of integrative, energy healing methods (Healing Arts) are explained from a Christian and LDS view. The universal energy of science and a life-giving subtle energy are compared to the light of Christ, which governs and gives life to all creation. This remarkable book introduces "major groundbreaking insights into the whole field of energy medicine." Thirty four pages of personal stories are followed by 82 full-color pages filled with nearly 500 beautiful illustrations comparing secular quotes with similar quotes from religious sources.Scientists, scholars and scripture describe a similar universal energy while using their own unique terminology. Quantum physics refers to the zero point field, and healing arts refer to life-force energy (Chi), while LDS teachings refer to "intelligence" in the Light of Christ as the subtle governing energy which fills all space and also manifests as consciousness. Healing principles of subtle energy, found in Biophoton Physics and the field of Energy Medicine, are discovered in scripture. Universal life-force energy and chakras are referenced in the Bible. Premises such as auras, hands-on healing, inheriting generational issues, distance healing, and nature's tools (oils, crystals...) are discussed. Little-known variables affecting health are revealed: the energy of thought, energy blocks and interrupters, stored trapped emotions and the influence of evil spirits. The healing power of higher consciousness is taught: love, forgiveness, gratitude and praise. This book is for anyone who wonders how Healing Arts' subtle energy healing methods fit with Christian belief.

An Lds Approach To Energy Healing

Author: Tamara Laing
ISBN: 9780988435421
File Size: 13,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2606

Deep Emotion Release (DER) is a spiritual technology. Tamara Laing shares step by step directions on how to do Deep Emotion Release to clear trapped trauma, unprocessed emotions and generational patterns. This scripture-based modality of energy healing is done after making an energy connection while gazing deeply into the eyes with specific intention using higher consciousness principles such as forgiveness, gratitude and praise in all things. It is an elegant self-help process. Many stories and examples are shared along with testimonials of seeing 'faces' of deceased ancestors while doing Generational Clearing. A plethora of quotations relating to Generational Healing, covenant curses, and "visiting iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation" (Exodus 20:5) are shared from the Bible, LDS (Mormon) prophets and apostles and other authors. Latter-day Saint views on universal life force energy or intelligence in the Light of Christ are touched on. The author shares unique lists to help cast out evil spirits and devices found in scripture. Included are LDS references from church general authorities on spiritual gifts and charity. Mental illness is addressed as well as women healing, priesthood power, proxy healing work and long-distance healing. This book offers integrative help and new perceptions for life's challenges. This is a wonderful alternative medicine "how-to book" that follows the author's first offering of Healing Arts - A Gift from God (LDS Insight on the Light of Christ and Energy Medicine).


Author: Joyce J. Morris
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578631186
File Size: 24,34 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This introduction to Reiki outlines its history and the authors' lineage to its tradition and principles. Also covered are legal and ethical aspects of the treatment and examples of Reiki healing miracles. Hand placements and before-and-after effects are illustrated.


Author: Eileen Curteis
Editor: CCB Publishing
ISBN: 1926918363
File Size: 42,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 7046

After seventeen years as a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, Sister Eileen has been astonished by the sheer number of people who have continued to stream through the door. People of all ages and traditions have come seeking their healing and finding it as Eileen did when she first embarked on this foreign road that soon became home to her. Eileen has come to recognize through her many years of practice that there is an inherent healing power within each of us and that the gift of Reiki is able to activate it. In her training manual, Eileen brings with her a core community of Reiki practitioners from different traditions and backgrounds that journey alongside her and recognize, as she does, the simplicity, wonder and beauty of God's universal gift for our time. The healing stories are too numerous to count but she does include specific testimonials within her training manual that speak for the thousands of others who have been healed through the doorway of Reiki. In this way, Eileen's Level I and II training manual, becomes a living testimony as she thoroughly covers all the information required to be a successful and competent Reiki practitioner. Written with inspiration and clarity, Eileen takes the reader on an amazing journey into the dynamic world of the inner self. Like a fresh current of air, she presents her material in an appealing and easily digestible manner. The uniqueness of Eileen's Reiki training manual lies in her ability to weave the Christ conscious healing dimension into it just as an alchemist would when producing gold. In this way, Eileen shows how the revered eastern practice of Reiki discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in the early 20th century can blend perfectly with a Christian heritage of healing where the one enhances the other. At the same time, she shows how this simple, profound method of healing transcends cultural and religious boundaries in a way that makes this universal gift of Life Force Energy accessible to anyone. Often people who encounter Reiki for the first time experience an inner bliss and harmony which leads them to explore the gift more fully. Others go away from the treatment or training feeling restored, refreshed and renewed. Reiki, the universal Life Force Energy of God, is not a new invention or modern day fad. Its roots are planted deep in ancient history. In the Old Testament, Life Force Energy was spoken about eloquently and has been pulsating through the whole of creation from the beginning of time. Even science and the world of medicine are looking at this complementary form of healing called "Reiki" with fresh new eyes. Its worldwide impact can no longer go unnoticed. About the Author: Eileen Curteis, a Sister of Saint Ann, is a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, who has taught and treated thousands of people over the last seventeen years at Queenswood, a former retreat and spirituality centre in Victoria, British Columbia. Preceding this, Eileen was a teacher, principal and educator for twenty-seven years. Her greatest passion lies in the literary arts. She has authored ten books to date and through the years has become an accomplished poet, artist, writer, as well as being a producer of six CDs and three films.

Alternative Medicine

Author: Donal O'Mathuna
Editor: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310861004
File Size: 61,98 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1203

The most complete resource of its kind on alternative medicine• Herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and alternative therapiesTheir specific usesWhich ones really work (and which ones don’t)What to watch out for• Christian versus non-Christian approaches to holistic health• Clinically proven treatments versus unproven or quack treatments• Truths and fallacies about supernatural healing• Ancient medical lore: the historical, cultural, and scientific facts• And much, much moreAlternative Medicine is the first comprehensive guidebook to nontraditional medicine written from a distinctively Christian perspective. Keeping pace with the latest developments and research in alternative medicine, this thoroughly revised edition combines the most current information with an easy-to-use format. University lecturer and researcher Dónal O’Mathúna, PhD, and national medical authority Walt Larimore, MD, provide detailed and balanced answers to your most pressing questions about alternative medicine—and to other questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask.Also includesTwo alphabetical reference sections:Alternative therapiesHerbal remedies, vitamins, and dietary supplementsA description of each therapy and remedy, an analysis of claims, results of actual studies, cautions, recommendations, and further resourcesHandy cross-references linking health problems with various alternative therapies and herbal remedies reviewed in the book


File Size: 27,97 MB
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Author: Walter Lubeck
Editor: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 9788120816213
File Size: 11,26 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4024