The Revenge Of The Baby Sat

Author: Bill Watterson
Editor: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780836218664
Size: 19,24 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 697

The best of the popular comic strip collected in one volume follows the rambunctious adventures of six-year-old Calvin and his tiger Hobbes

The Complete Calvin And Hobbes

Author: Bill Watterson
Editor: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780740748479
Size: 14,97 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 438

Brings together every "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon that has ever appeared in syndication, along with stories and poems from classic collections.

The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes

Author: Phil Growick
Editor: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1780925190
Size: 13,22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 189

In “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes”, all the questions left at the surprise ending in “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson”, will finally be answered.What happened to the Romanov Imperial Family? To Reilly, “Ace of Spies”? To Dr. Watson? But most of all, to Holmes, himself. Historical figures as disparate as King George V, Al Capone, Anastasia, Stalin, Babe Ruth, and Winston Churchill, all play unexpected roles in this most insidious historical mystery. From the infant Soviet Union, to England, New York, the Caribbean and Finland, the world becomes a giant, deadly chessboard. Who will live? Who will die? And why? What terrible mind is behind the deaths and deception? Could it possibly be Sherlock Holmes? And what new questions will arise at the incredible climax of “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes”?

Revenge Of The Cube Dweller

Author: Joanne Fox Phillips
Editor: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 1938416945
Size: 16,69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 397

Corporate sabotage was not in Tanzie’s job description per se, but she proves to be a natural at it—as well as her own little deceits. Tanzie Lewis used to have it all. The stylish wife of a successful oil executive at the top of the Houston social scene, she used to spend her days playing scratch golf or lunching with friends at the club. That was before she was dumped in favor of a beautiful younger woman and the global financial crisis wreaked havoc on her divorce settlement. Now, at 52, Tanzie finds herself depressed and alone in Tulsa, watching her waist size grow and her professional opportunities shrink, working as a minion for clueless bosses in the internal audit department of the Bishop Group. So what’s a “girlie” to do? Snoop! Taking advantage of Bishop Group’s security weaknesses, Tanzie begins to unravel the intricate warp and woof of corporate fraud, manipulation, and a cover-up that enrages her. Avenging the death of innocent Houstonians after a massive pipeline explosion, and uncovering her own hidden talents for sleuthing and cleverly tampering with the system, Tanzie dishes out her own justice to get even—and to get a little something for herself!

Revenge Of The Wedding Planner

Author: Sharon Owens
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141920947
Size: 13,96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 855

A hilarious romantic comedy for fans of Marian Keyes, Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella. Mags and Julie are partners at Dream Weddings, catering for the over-the-top and sometimes downright bizarre requirements of Belfast's brides and grooms to be. They are as different as chalk and cheese: Mags is married to the love of her life, has four kids and a complicated extended family, while Julie is impossibly glamorous, and doesn't remotely believe in love or marriage. But when Julie embarks on a life crisis, running away from her live-in lover and throwing herself in to a hair-raisingly sexy fling with Jay, it is Mags who is left to pick up the pieces. But the real trouble starts when Julie comes back, bringing Jay with her. Add to the mix Dream Weddings' most high-profile celebrity clients yet, and the biggest, most ambitious wedding they have ever organised, and the fireworks really begin... Praise for Sharon Owens: 'Maeve Binchey meets Joanna Trollope . . . Gives you a warm glow like a nice cup of tea' Irish Independent 'It made me refuse nights out in favour of curling up on the couch . . . dreaming of mouth-watering delights the book so vividly describes' Cecelia Ahern 'A lovely heart-warming tale brimming with entertaininng twists and turns' Heat **** 'A real page-turner' Company *****

Revenge Of The Bully

Author: Scott Starkey
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442456795
Size: 11,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 697

Rodney Rathbone must protect his reputation as a reluctant hero when he takes on team sports—and a football bully—in this laugh-out-loud follow-up to How to Beat the Bully Without Really Trying and Call of the Bully. When Rodney Rathbone tries out for his school football team, the outcome is incredible: he isn’t cut! His father is thrilled, but Rodney isn’t. Before long, Rodney starts to wonder, is it more difficult to make the team—or stay on it? Especially since his arch-nemesis is now technically his teammate, and he seems ready to show Rodney who’s boss. And Rodney’s mother is now the restaurant reviewer for one local paper and Rodney has to go along—escargot anyone? Reluctant hero Rodney Rathbone is back in school trying to live up to his fame. Can he?

The Revenge Of Eli Monpress

Author: Rachel Aaron
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405522879
Size: 18,10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 586

Eli Monpress is vain. He's cocky. And he's a thief. But he's a thief who has just seen his bounty topped and he's not happy about it. The bounty topper, as it turns out, is his best friend and master swordsman, Josef. He's been keeping secrets from Eli. Apparently, he's the only prince of a rather feisty country, and he's been ordered to come home to do his duty. This means throwing over personal ambitions like proving he's the greatest swordsman who ever lived. Family drama aside, Eli and Josef have their hands full. The Spirit Court has been usurped by the Council of Thrones and someone calling herself the Immortal Empress is staging a massive invasion. But it's not just politics - the Immortal Empress has a specific target in mind: Eli Monpress, the greatest thief in the world. This omnibus edition contains: THE SPIRIT WAR and SPIRIT'S END

The Revenge Of Little Crow

Author: Steven Merrill Ulmen
ISBN: 0615148840
Size: 16,77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 925

"The Revenge of Little Crow" is the first book of the Toby Ryker trilogy of historical fiction. It focuses on the Great Sioux Uprising in Minnesota, the subsequent war against the Indians, and the execution by hanging of 38 Sioux Indians at Mankato, Minnesota, on December 26, 1862. This was the largest mass excution in the history of the United States.

Ilsa S Revenge

Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468563108
Size: 18,66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 538

Ilsa just wanted a good life. Her being abandoned on the doorsteps of the St. Friedrix Hann Orphanage, in Germany at the frightful age of two, left her with a longing to be loved. The nuns did all they could to find her a good home. Rupert, also abandoned on the orphanage doorsteps, was a gregarious four year old who became Ilsa’s only friend. They became inseparable in their teenage years. Turning eighteen allowed Rupert Ulrich the right to leave the orphanage to seek his fortune. Rupert promised Ilsa he would come back to get her. She yearned to see him. He was her confidant, friend and lover. Two years passed and he never did. Ilsa felt abandoned again. Ilsa becoming of age, left the only home she knew, to go to the closest big city to get a job. This would be a new beginning for her. Ilsa acquired a job in the City Hall of Munich. Ilsa met a young man in the lobby of the building where she worked. That’s how she met and married Reinhardt Werner, the first man who promised to love her, take care of her and most of all, never leave her. Her marriage to Reinhardt, a struggling farmer, convinced Ilsa she had to advance her education in order to get a good job to help pay off their mortgage. Her decision to go to the Stewardess Training School paid off. This lucrative job was to be temporary, to pay off the mortgage on the farm. However, the many temptations Ilsa encounters across the span of Europe, pulls her into some harrowing situations. Her life has gone amuck when two henchmen are sent to kill her. In desperation she seeks the help of the one person she knows, who is somewhere in Berlin, Rupert Ulrich. Over the years Ilsa had heard Rupert had become a con-man. In her current predicament, she felt he would be the one to trust and confide in for assistance. Searching for Rupert puts her in more danger. Now she has four thugs chasing her. Two want her alive, two want her dead. By chance she no longer becomes the hunted. She now is the assassin on a mission. She is nearing the day of her revenge. It is funny how old adages turn up in real life. Ilsa finds her adage to be true, “It’s A Small World After All.”

Sweet Revenge

Author: Nora Roberts
Editor: Bantam
ISBN: 9780307568366
Size: 14,63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 474

At twenty-five, Princess Adrianne lives a life most people would envy. Beautiful and elegant, she spends her days dabbling in charities and her nights floating from one glamorous gala to the next. But her pampered-rich-girl pose is a ruse, a carefully calculated effort to hide a dangerous truth. For ten years Adrianne has lived for revenge. As a child, she could only watch the cruelty hidden behind the facade of her parents' fairy-tale marriage. Now she has the perfect plan to make her famous father pay. She will take possession of the one thing he values above all others--The Sun and the Moon, a fabled necklace beyond price. Yet just as she is poised to take her vengeance, she meets a man who seems to divine her every secret. Clever, charming, and enigmatic, Philip Chamberlain has his own private reasons for getting close to Princess Adrianne. And only when it's too late will she see the hidden she finds herself up against two formidable men--one with the knowledge to take her freedom, the other with the power to take her life. From the Paperback edition.