Nuove Prospettive Nella Ricerca Verdiana

Author: Istituto di studi verdiani
Editor: EDT srl
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Serenata And Festa Teatrale In 18th Century Europe

Author: Iskrena Yordanova
Editor: Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag
ISBN: 3990125214
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This volume is dedicated to "Serenata and Festa Teatrale in 18th Century Europe", especially to the production of this music-dramatic genre at the courts on the Iberian Peninsula, in Italy, and the Holy Roman Empire where it was an integral part of court ceremonials and a privileged ritual of repraesentatio maiestatis. The 16 studies on patrons and artists, exceptional events and local traditions, reveal highly interesting material for the research on these up to now largely neglected genre. Any approach to these works full of metaphors, symbols and allusions has to take into account the context of the celebration and the resulting multiplicity of aspects: choice of themes, dramaturgical forms, textual and musical structures, vocal and instrumental ensembles, and the various options regarding the stage apparatus. "Serenata and Festa Teatrale in 18th Century Europe", edited by Iskrena Yordanova (Lisbon) and Paologiovanni Maione (Naples), inaugurates the series "Cadernos de Queluz", a subseries of "Specula Spectacula" by Don Juan Archiv Wien.

Storia Identit E Canoni Letterari

Author: Ioana Both
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D Une Sc Ne L Autre Vol 2

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Aspects Of The Secular Cantata In Late Baroque Italy

Author: Michael Talbot
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351575163
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As shown by the ever-increasing volume of recordings, editions and performances of the vast repertory of secular cantatas for solo voice produced, primarily in Italy, in the second half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century, this long neglected genre has at last 'come of age'. However, scholarly interest is currently lagging behind musical practice: incredibly, there has been no general study of the Baroque cantata since Eugen Schmitz's handbook of 1914, and although many academic theses have examined microscopically the cantatas of individual composers, there has been little opportunity to view these against the broader canvas of the genre as a whole. The contributors in this volume choose aspects of the cantata relevant to their special interests in order to say new things about the works, whether historical, analytical, bibliographical, discographical or performance-based. The prime focus is on Italian-born composers working between 1650 and 1750 (thus not Handel), but the opportunity is also taken in one chapter (by Graham Sadler) to compare the French cantata tradition with its Italian parent in association with a startling new claim regarding the intended instrumentation. Many key figures are considered, among them Tomaso Albinoni, Giovanni Bononcini, Giovanni Legrenzi, Benedetto Marcello, Alessandro Scarlatti, Alessandro Stradella, Leonardo Vinci and Antonio Vivaldi. The poetic texts of the cantatas, all too often treated as being of little intrinsic interest, are given their due weight. Space is also found for discussions of the history of Baroque solo cantatas on disc and of the realization of the continuo in cantata arias - a topic more complex and contentious than may at first be apparent. The book aims to stimulate interest in, and to win converts to, this genre, which in its day equalled the instrumental sonata in importance, and in which more than a few composers invested a major part of their creativity.

Antropologia Della Musica Nelle Culture Mediterranee

Author: Philip Vilas Bohlman
ISBN: 9788849131666
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Antropologia della musica nelle culture Mediterranee è dedicato alla memoria di Tullia Magrini, Professore di Etnomusicologia e di Antropologia della musica presso il Corso di laurea in "Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo" (DAMS) e il Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo dell'Università di Bologna, venuta a mancare nel 2005. Il volume presenta caratteri particolari. Oltre a quello immediatamente visibile di contenere tanto contributi in lingua italiana che in lingua inglese, si noterà che esso è realmente dedicato a Tullia in ogni sua parte, perché i saggi che contiene fanno riferimento diretto al suo lavoro e ai suoi interessi di studio e ricerca. Tullia Magrini fondò nel 1992 lo Study Group su "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" dell'International Council for Traditional Music (UNESCO) e, nel 1996, la pionieristica rivista elettronica Music and Anthropology. I contributi al volume non provengono solo da etnomusicologi, dal momento che Tullia riteneva che negli studi mediterranei la dimensione storica fosse altrettanto importante di quella antropologica. Questo Gedenkschrift, o volume In Memoriam, è dunque mirato al Mediterraneo, un nodo di interazioni culturali e musicali nel quale ogni sorta di processo antropologico possibile e immaginabile è visibilmente presente.

The New Grove Dictionary Of Music And Musicians

Author: Stanley Sadie
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Includes bibliographies.